A barrel reclaimer has a drum member with axially extending series of openings provided with buckets for taking material from a stockpile. Bridge-type bucket wheel reclaimers and drum reclaimers. High-performance and robust systems are needed for the high performance handling and blending of. Barrel Reclaimer for Base mix. TRF’s Barrel Reclaimers are operation at major steel plants in India. The reclaim capacity of TRF Barrel Reclaimer is. TPH.

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The latter feature contrasts with previous practice in which there are gaps in some of the axial series of bucket openings in order to arrange the buckets of each circumferential row at a relatively uniform angular spacing. Material collected in the buckets is discharged in a layered stream onto a belt conveyor contained within the barrel, and is then delivered to a downstream conveyor running alongside the stockpile. A number of further configurations are also able to be specified, ranging from the number of mounted bucket-wheel trolleys to the manner in which they are arranged.

In regions with extremely low temperatures, rakes can even be equipped with hardened tines that are able to break frozen surfaces.

It also appears that the arrangement of each series of bucket openings as an unbroken row assists this effect further. We have now found that the brarel resistance of a barrel reclaimer drum provided with axial series of openings for admitting material into the drum, can be significantly increased by arranging that auxiliary openings of tapered form are provided at the ends of the series of openings.

Up to buckets can be arranged in 6 to 8 parallel rows with these symmetrical buckets swiveling automatically in the pre-selected working direction.

In the case of parallel pile arrangements, a transfer car is provided, running in a pit across the open end of the stockpiles, to enable the reclaimer to be positioned on any pile. The buckets continuously remove thin layers of material from the entire cross-section of the stockpile and discharge this onto a belt conveyor bartel within the drum.

Bridge-type bucket wheel reclaimers and drum reclaimers

The reclaimer is designed with cell redlaimer bucket wheel and hydraulic bucket wheel drive. Barrell flow and trickling of material on the escarpment across the entire stockpile width Simultaneous reclaiming of thin layers of material over the entire stockpile cross-section Overlapping discharge of material onto the cross-belt conveyor Our typical machines cover the following flow rates and sizes: A SumoBrain Solutions Company.


A variety of different machine types can be employed to reclaim stacked material from stockpiles.

We’re also able to provide bridge bucket-wheel reclaimers for one or two directional reclaiming and all our machines are automated. Integral hydraulic jacks are provided to raise the machine for slewing the bogies. Because it is supported only at its ends, the drum of rclaimer barrel reclaimer is subject to beam loading and as it rotates the structure of the drum is therefore subjected to cyclic fluctuating loads.

This bi-directional reclaimer is equipped with two bucket wheels. It has an automatic GPS positioning system. A drum member according to claim 1, wherein the or each tapered auxiliary opening has a narrower end with a width which is not substantially more than half the width of the openings of the associated series of openings.

Barrel reclaimer – Metso

A drum member according to claim 1 wherein said opposed sides of the or each auxiliary opening are mutually inclined within a range having one limit at which straight-line projections of the opposed sides are substantially tangential to the adjacent end opening of the associated series of openings, and an opposite limit at which an adjacent end opening of the associated series of openings has opposed sides from which straight-line projections extend substantially tangentially to the nearer ends of said opposed sides of the auxiliary opening.

A trolley speed controller, developed in-house by TAKRAF, is then employed as this increases interaction efficiency between the two bucket-wheel trolleys. In applications where reclaiming in two different directions is required, machines are equipped with two rakes, one on each side, which are activated automatically according to the rotational direction of the drum. This barrel is fitted with a large number of reclaiming buckets arranged along its length and around it circumference, which pick up the material that has been fed to the base of the pile by means of a harrow which traverses across the pile face.

Our machines are all specifically designed to our client’s requirements and incorporate various solutions according to their specific application – our machines can be designed for one or two working directions. Our machines can be specified as fully automated and thus work in the absence of an operator through a variety of sensors and are controlled from a central control point.


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Bulk ports and terminals Coal-fired electric power stations Cogeneration plants Cement plants Sulphur and phosphate terminals Fertilizer plants Woodyards Transfer facilities Any facility where efficient stockpile management reclamier reclaiming of raw materials is essential. Typical machines range from bridge-type bucket-wheel reclaimers to boom-type bucket-wheel reclaimers and drum reclaimers. An embodiment of the invention will be described by way of example with reference to the accompanying drawings.

TAKRAF bridge-type bucket-wheel reclaimers are primarily employed in applications where bulk material is to be homogenized with high required material flow rates. Drum reclaimers are particularly suited to the homogenization eeclaimer blending of bulk material for sophisticated downstream processes, especially for iron ore or coal processing. Drum or Barrel Reclaimer Predestined recllaimer homogenizing of bulk materials for downstream processes.

Machines employing two bucket-wheel trolleys are able to achieve a higher reclamation rate, whilst also achieving greater homogenization at lower flow rate fluctuations.

A drum member according to claim 2 wherein each auxiliary opening is similarly spaced from the end opening of the associated series of openings adjacent to it. All contact information Send a message. Two reclaimers of the same type are working on the same rail track.

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This invention relates to barrel reclaimers for bulk materials, and in particular to the drums of such reclaimers. When installing two bucket-wheel trolleys, the trolleys can be mechanically linked so that they both share a common trolley drive system. Metso global website Products Reclaimers Barrel reclaimer. The shell is reinforced by box-section stiffening rings 6 at intervals along its interior wall. The illustrated barrel reclaimer drum reclqimer has a welded steel structure comprising a cylindrical shell 4, the plate from which the shell is constructed having a greater thickness in the central region of the drum to counter the increased bending loads there.

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