The Evolution of Technology by George Basalla (Cambridge University Press ) pp. viii , $, ISBN 0 I Pbk. The Evolution of Technology has ratings and 8 reviews. Richard said: Humans are the most sophisticated toolmakers in the family of life. We’ve gone f. The Evolution of Technology (Cambridge Studies in the History of Science) [ George Basalla] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Presents an.

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It’s definitely an historical account, but I think there’s more philosophy in here than Basalla admits.

One of the most thought provoking books I’ve ever read Henry Ford referred to his monster child as a quadracycle. Yechnology ask other readers questions about The Evolution of Technologyplease sign up.

Gma rated it it was amazing Mar 30, This book presents an evolutionary theory of technological change based upon recent scholarship in the history of technology and upon relevant material drawn from economic history and anthropology.

These communities stay in balance fhe their land, and are content. At the same time as he reassures us that this is an historical account of how technology develops, he dispels any misapprehension that this will be a chronological look at technology from fire through Stone Age hammers teechnology the way to the atomic bomb.

This is not true for artificial selection as practiced by animal and plant breeders. Jared Kingry rated it really liked it Jul 12, By treading so carefully, Basalla avoids overreaching and weakening his argument.

Basalla claims that The Evolution of Technology is an historical look at technology, and teh a philosophy of science textbook. The Evolution of Technology works because Basalla articulates his thesis so clearly and precisely that his entire argument is, if not convincing, at least admirable. It is important to understand that for almost the entire hominid journey, our ancestors enjoyed a relatively sustainable way of life, and that this era corresponds exactly with the long, long era when technological evolution was essentially in a coma.


Nationalism also played a part in the 19th Century Account Options Sign in. And the third theme is technological evolution: Our complex labyrinth of technology herds us through a chute. The first is diversity: For most of the hominid journey, our artifacts were little more than sticks and stones, and their evolution happened very slowly.

Overall, three quotes about the use of the evolutionary metaphor are important for our investigation of artifacts evolution:. To him the difference is the following:.

Saurabh rated it it was amazing Mar 24, Alper Coplugil rated it really liked it Oct 19, The industrial civilizations of Europe and America have extensively used wheels in their artifacts.

Variant artifacts do not arise from the chance recombination of certain crucial constituent parts but are the result of a conscious process in technollgy human taste and judgment are exercised in the pursuit of some biological, technological, evolutikn, social, economical, or cultural goal.

Novelty This chapter aimed at understanding how to account for differences and diversity in technological artifacts. They have no need for it, and experimenting with it could permanently destroy them.

The Evolution of Technology – George Basalla – Google Books

The second theme is necessity: Therefore, the book’s argument is shaped by analogies taken selectively from the theory of organic evolution, and not from the theory and practice of political revolution. He just mentions how closed the Muslims against the sc It is a well-written examination of the scientific and technical development history of the human ttechnology. Want to Read Currently Reading Read. This yields a perfect segue into the next oof chapters, which are all about novelty.

Therefore, the popular but illusory concept of technological progress should be discarded. China invented the compass, gunpowder, and printing, and put them to practical use. Technological evolution has nothing comparable to the mass extinctions that are of interest to evolutionary biologists.

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One of the most thought provoking books I’ve ever read A state of the art stone hammer might be no different from a hammer usedyears earlier. Therefore, the book’s arguement is shaped by analogies taken selectively from the theory of organic evolution, and not from the theory and practice of political revolution.

The Evolution of Technology

Critics of the biological theory, however proposed a number of strong counterarguments. Mar 25, Richard Reese rated it it was amazing.

The Evolution of Technology. There are no discussion topics on this book yet. Why do I blog this?

G.Basalla: The Evolution of Technology

Of the two books I’m reading for this class the other is Introduction to the Philosophy of Scienceby Robert Klee baswlla, I liked this one better. To the mainstream mind, these messages constitute shocking, obscene heresies.

Basalla makes a convincing case for why novelty emerged as a very individualist, Western concept while China and the Middle East did not embrace novelty as the mother of invention. But the messages contain the medicine we need to blow the locks off our minds, so we can escape, go home, and heal.

His first task was to demonstrate that innovation did, in fact, evolve basalal by synthesizing or altering existing innovations. Return to Book Page. It challenges the popular notion that technology advances by the efforts of a few heroic individuals who produce a series of revolutionary inventions owing little or nothing to the technological past.

The myth of the heroic inventor is just years old. The vast Chinese civilization was stable and conservative. The loss or concealment of crucial antecedents:

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