The Tyranids are an extragalactic alien race, whose sole purpose is the consumption of all forms of genetic and biological material in order to evolve and . Tyranid Hive Ship. Bio-ships are the living spacecraft making up the Tyranid Hive Fleets. Although bio-ships take on 14; Battlefleet Gothic Armada, pgs. Steam Workshop: Tabletop Simulator. “An alien threat has risen from beyond the abyss, a swarm so vast that it blots out the stars. This horror.

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Gothlc View Profile View Posts. I was thinking there would be a lot of potential to give them unique strengths and weaknesses: Orders also start on cool down at the beginning of the battle.

Last edited by Panfilo ; Oct 10, Showing 1 gohtic 15 of 18 comments. The way i see Nids: I always tough mark of Nurgle damage over should have gohhic a Nid mechanic but hey Outrageous amount of boarding crafts, make them the worse in the game but the sheer amount of them on screen should be able to fry a GPU their fleet block the sun so make it happen!

Also melee combat, maybe not proper melee but the nids tend to latch on and then nom nom nom the ship hull they actually hook to not to mention the boarding from said ship internal nids jumping in the gaps of the target armor. Ranged combat should be garbage of very, very close quarters indeed.

Last thing, no hive ship!

Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2

That thing is supposed to be big enough to gather all bio mass and most of a planet’s sea water by itself: Necrons i pretty much agree on everything you said except for the speed, Necrons are slow by tyranlds so at least for balance reasons, same should apply to their ships. Troop rating should remain the same, reading fluff wiki and such, Necrons only real weakness if tyranidds boarding defense, in BFG, nothing like eldar ships to flank around the Necrons and then board them from behind, that was brutal and rather annoying but very effective tactic.


I think this should reflect in the game. Tram View Profile View Posts. Originally posted by kazaddum:.

Sorry by ‘hive ship’ I meant synapse ship. Necrons I’m fine with them being fast and maneuverable but this would be balanced by my idea that their systems take a while to fully power up. So they might start with 10 troops and seconds cool down on orders.

Every 3 seconds their troop rating goes up by 1 until after seconds it tops out at 70 spending crew points on troops applies the bonus 9 troop value to both the minimum and maximum, sj it would be troop rating over seconds. This would be a unique weakness. You have a better chance of winning by rushing gotihc necron player early on because he’s vulnerable to boarding and can’t use orders yet.

On data recovery, assassination, and breakthrough Necrons would be at a disadvantage. Kadaeux View Profile View Posts. Oh and I suppose I should address this too.

You didn’t have the Troop Rating to board the Necron ships. You had no defences at all against their main massed weapons I was too busy spamming nova canons with my cruisers from the back of the map and missing with them. But i will admit i do not have the details or the knowledge to explain how it is done, i simply know that few battlerleet found a good staregy agaisnt the necrons.


Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2

Also considering batttlefleet world assimilation, i can understand a capital organism preparing the planet for consumption. Bqttlefleet the hive ships we see in medias like game; even tho are visualy impressive are nowhere capable of ingesting all the bio mass and sea water on teir own, 12k of ship can store only a certain ammount. Now if the Hivenids we know of so far were actually only preparing the planet for the arrival of a colossal “harvester” organism that would dodge any contact with the imperium at all then that whole Tyranids planet assimilation would make sense.

Thats the beef i have with the tyranid lore, yes they are numberless but the assimilation part doesnt make sense. Also of note, i know nids dont have cruisers or battleships but they battlefeet probably be nids categorized this way so yeah, lets keep talking with the system already in place.

Daliena View Profile View Posts. Also Necrons are just way too OP. Originally posted by VestedGamr:.

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