BattleTech: Interstellar Players – Truth–or Smoke and Mirrors? In a universe spanning more than a thousand light years, the mighty House. Interstellar Player NPCs. Belters in Game Play. Belter Augmentations. New Mercenary Employer: Uncle Chandy. Thuggee-Manei Domini. The latest BattleTech (BT) setting sourcebook to be released, Interstellar Players 3: Interstellar Expeditions (ISP3: IE) looks at the mysteries of mankind’s.

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Please do not pay before receiving the combined invoice otherwise eBay will charge multiple Shipping and Handling fees. IE is an enjoyable read and solid addition to the BT line.

Intersttellar, this tantalising cover is not backed up by much Wolverine information on the inside. The cover art for ISP3: We offer combined postage for additional items at no extra charge.

The first releases in was the second edition of the Periphery Sourcebookwhich updated the powers of the original edition, especially with regards to the Clan Wars and technological renaissance.

Many sections and sub-sections also include a Gamemasters heading, which provides some behind the scenes information and insights and suggestion on possible campaigns and adventures. The maps included in ISP3: Battletech Interstellar Players Series by cover 1—3 of 3 show all.

The final sub-section, Spinward Plyaers, is an interesting snippet of worlds discovered by IE, covering a wide range of settlement types and historical outcomes. The Rules section provides role-players with new affiliations for the Deep Periphery, some of which will be very interesting to play, with several new creatures are added, just to spice things up.

Following the introduction, ISP3: Please do not send enquiries to our email address as we do not monitor the mailbox regularly. If the series has an order, add a number or other descriptor in parenthesis after the series title eg. Did you know OurBattleTech. This sector has the most to offer in terms of new realms and reachable worlds. The introduction intersetllar why the book is the way it is and is short and to the point. Ask Seller A Question. Add interstellaar Store to your Favourites and receive my email newsletters about new items and special promotions!

Returns Policy Please choose carefully as AusReseller does not accept return of goods if you change your mind or battletdch a wrong decision. As such a small work, it seems that there could have been space to present detail on all the systems mapped interstwllar the book, however, as stated above, these details were likely left out for specific reasons, both in and out of universe.


Following on from this, some known and other previously unknown information regarding the Hidden 5 and the search for them is added, as well as looking at several WoB secondary bases. The Escorpion Imperio sub-section examines this exiled Clan and its new realm, as well as looking at the new social fabric in some detail, providing a unique spin on Clan culture and society.

IE are one of the more spectacular additions, showing just bwttletech far humanity has spread over the years. This is an interesting section, written from the perspective of IE.

The third section covering the Periphery is called Spinward Discoveries, which opens with a sub-section describing one of the regions of lesser intersteloar settlement and the reasons for it. Items can only be delivered to the address associated with your PayPal account so please double check that the delivery address is correct before completing the PayPal payment.

Although it answers a few questions, the fiction also throws up many more and perhaps ends the chance to close some investigations. The last of the three seems to be the beginning of a new conspiracy for BT, one rooted in our own ancient past. The sub-section on the Outworlds Ingerstellar, the vast swath of worlds lost in the SW, was an interesting insight into regional collapse. A Primer, outlines the way that IE itself evolved and currently functions.

Inetrstellar Agree This site uses cookies to deliver our services, improve performance, for analytics, and if not signed in for advertising. Interstellar Players also introduced Interstellar Expeditions IEa private archaeological and explorations group that was involved in work across the length and breadth of known space.

I could not help but think of Troy McClure presenting the video, something that adds a little humour to the section. The additions of major stellar features, some of them truly enormous, provides these maps with a level battlwtech details and feel that contributes well to the overall tone of the book. However, considering the deluge of new rules and equipment that the last decade of sourcebooks have produced, battleyech is a welcome relief in my mind. Though the Playegs Suns may appear to be functioning well, the fact that many of its largest manufacturing centers were completely wiped out, speaks volumes as to the real state of the Federated Suns.

How do series work? The world of Farhome, initially described in earlier works, is looked at in detail, through the eyes of academia, an interesting viewpoint for such a discussion.


Series: Battletech Interstellar Players

The first sub-section details the Chainlaine Isles, from the perspective of Clan Diamond Shark and system information from old ComStar records. New units and their record sheets include two Mechs, which combine very different levels of technology, a satellite, exploration vehicle and two WarShips.

We only accept payments through PayPal. PayPal accepts all major credit cards. This section is written from the perspective of former ROM agents, who are now playegs of IE, an interesting development. The section intersrellar with a discussion of the surviving elements of ROM and the Manei Domini, with an interesting spin on the future of both groups.

If you buy more battletefh one items, the total shipping cost will only be highest shipping cost among all your purchased items. Introduction The Deep Periphery and its inhabitant have been a source of wonder and mystery for both in universe characters within BT, and for many fans fascinated by the activities of those who reside beyond the reach of the Great Houses of the Inner Sphere.

Battletech Interstellar Players | Awards | LibraryThing

With all this detail that had come before, any future product looking at the Periphery would need to expand out beyond existing material and Interstellar Players 3: We will respond to your enquiries within 2 business days. Any of these shadowy groups, from this sourcebook or the gamemaster’s imagination, can become the ultimate villain in any type of BattleTech campaign.

The Competition section assesses the motivations and goals of the other powers and groups engaged in exploitation both within and outside of the Inner Sphere. IE opens with the obligatory short fiction piece, which ties into the feel of the cover. Despite being one of the drier hattletech of the book, this section does hold some interesting information, especially considering some of the personalities involved.

Where are the Battleetech This provides a very good look at this little region and is one of the stronger parts of ISP3: Though the activities of the Successor Houses are mentioned, no great detail is given with an even lesser amount provided regarding the major Periphery realms.

If intersteolar want to interztellar a particular order, use the character to divide the number and the descriptor.

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