BEGA K4 LED Recessed Light K Lumen W Graphite [Energy Class A+]. by BEGA · Be the first to review this item. BEGA Light Directional Recessed Graphite LED W K Lumen: : Kitchen & Home. Discontinued model 1 pc. in stock *Shielded recessed wall luminaire with directed light providing glarefree light to illuminate ground surfaces.

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On account of the climatic conditions in such facilities, only luminaires Efficiency and service life are already convincing and still improving. In such cases, the degree of illuminance can be reduced to a suitable level by means of a light control system.

LED recessed luminaires for walls and stairs · BEGA

As such, they provide the nega with information about possible options for installation and application while illustrating the effects of our products in their respective applications.

The installation dimensions of these new luminaires are identical to those of the previous luminaires. Van Ham Art Auctions, Cologne. Siloah Clinic, Hannover Learn more. About light and illumination As manufacturers of luminaires, we would like to give you an insight into beha exciting world of lighting design, lighting technology, electrical engineering and, in particular, light control, and share our enthusiasm for light with you.

You can edit the product quantities on the project list. For example, begw often recommend larger models if a structure has large dimensions — even if smaller luminaires with lower output would be enough.

The materials provided for download by BEGA are not intended for use as advertising materials. Once the plastering work is finished, the plaster frame remains as a closing edge in the wall. The materials provided for download by BEGA are merely examples of how our products can be used and representations of 23882 illumination features.


Lighting technology BEGA luminaires are available with different lighting parameters to provide efficient solutions for demanding lighting applications in a wide range of architectural situations. They are therefore not suitable for the promotion of our products for the purpose of resale by the user. Accordingly, BEGA gives the user the right to duplicate these materials only for the above-mentioned purposes.

For us, the aesthetics of light and a high level of visual comfort are important criteria for such decisions. It goes without saying that all technical lighting standards are complied with. You must agree to our terms and conditions of use in order to download this file The materials provided for download by BEGA are merely examples of how our products can be used and representations of their illumination features. The slim yet screwless luminaire frames of this new series are design-defining.

Depending on their size, the luminaires can be installed in staircase risers and in walls both indoors and out. No usage rights will be granted in this regard.

We use the superiority of LED in bdga development of new luminaires, but also in the technical perfection of existing luminaire series. Any use extending beyond this purpose must be licenced in writing by BEGA.

LED recessed luminaires for walls and stairs

At the same hega, the form and the size of the luminaires must fit into the architectural surroundings. In doing so, we go well beyond the applications normally expected on the market.

Santa Monica Public Library. Installation You can choose between two installation housings and two plaster frames for the various installation situations.

In a spa zone, the illumination makes a significant contribution towards the well-being of the guests. Contact form send enquiry. BEGA luminaires are available with different 3282 parameters to provide efficient solutions for demanding lighting applications in a wide range of architectural situations.


Type A Installation housing When making the recessed opening in masonry or concrete walls, it may be practical to use an installation housing.

22372K3 Recessed LED wall luminaire, graphite

In particular, it is prohibited to make the materials publicly accessible in any form e. LED technology LED technology has redefined acquired standards and assessment criteria and created undreamt-of possibilities for designing with light. We do this responsibly, competently and with a sense of proportion — but above all reliably. On our website you will find data sheets with information on each luminaire concerning not only the current values but also the LED service life and the luminous flux in relation to the respective colour temperature.

Museum of the Forming Arts, Leipzig. At the same time, the lighting system must be able to illuminate the rooms clearly for cleaning purposes. Alternating zones with dimmed light and zones accentuated with illumination are ideal for the relaxation of the guests. Planning examples On the basis of our empirical values and the suggestions of architects and planners, we have compiled room situations for which lighting design is frequently required.

The luminaires can be surface-mounted as usual or they can be flush-mounted in plastered walls. By continuing beag visit our website you consent to the use of cookies. This product is already on the project list. In some cases, the degree of illuminance proposed by us may even exceed the standard.

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