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Regal Beloit | Benshaw

One preferred embodiment would be to arrange three assemblies, such as have been described in all heat sinks with generally parallel relationship.

Electrically joining the incoming line heat sink to the outgoing heat sink provides a low resistance parallel current path around the semiconductor thereby reducing the heat generated in the assembly during full voltage operation.

The current path during conductance is from incoming line connector 20a to stationary contact 16b through movable contactor bar 17a which is operated by line solenoid 18a to engage both contact 16a and 16b. Due to the very slight resistive nature of the metallic conducting surfaces of contacts 4a, 4b, 5 the sub-assembly 1 would generate very little of the undesirable heat that is normally associated with solid state control devices.

While the stationary contact shown in the figures have starer mounted on the upper surface of the heat sink, it is equally feasible in applications, where desirable, to mount the stationary contacts upon the lower surface or other areas of the heat sinks.


Electrical power is then available from lug 21 to the incoming heat sink MX3 controllers, power components, software, and sensors are all designed, benhsaw, and tested to perform as an integrated control system; eliminating the coordination and performance problems inherent in other forms of reduced voltage starting.

In the case of the bypass current path, the ztate sinks may have a stationary contact on both the incoming and outgoing heat sinks such as to provide a shunting current path between adjacent heat sinks and around the semiconductor. Such rigid mounting comprises an L-shaped bracket extending generally perpendicular to the upper surface of heat sink Motor Starters in Faridabad.

In environments where it is required to maintain a sealed or ventilation restricted enclosure, the physical size of the enclosure grows rapidly with the power rating of the semiconductor device. Semiconductor devices 30a and 30b are clamped within the space between heat sinks 22 and As the name implies, motor starters are commonly used to supply electrical power to motors in industrial control environments.


The shunting contact frame member 35, as best seen in FIG. In such embodiment there is no need for solenoids 18a and 19a. The starter control assembly of claim 1 wherein said at least one stationary contact includes at least one stationary contact mounted on each of said line and load heat sinks; and said movable contact means engages said stationary contacts on said line and load heat sinks to selectively establish a shunt path between said line and load heat sinks.

Think about the times you’ve heard the belts “squeal” when a large air conditioner blower started up. The semiconductors 3a, 3b could be silicon thyristors which through gating circuits not shown can be controlled in their firing phase relationship to control the output voltage and current.

Benshaw Cfrsd6sb-5-480-12 5 HP Solid State Starter 7.6a CFRSD6SB548012

Please try again soolid. View Contact Call Seller Now. During operation when the nominal output voltage reaches its maximum value, the bypass solenoid 34 is energized, providing a path for the load current around semiconductors 30a and 30b.

To reduce the heat generated in the semiconductor device during steady state full voltage operation, a shunting current path is established between the adjacent heat sinks by an electrically operated solenoid which moves a movable contact bar to engage stationary contact surfaces mounted directly on the bdnshaw sinks.

In addition to the bypass contactor, many motor starter applications also require an in-line contactor.

One of the advantages of the invention is to provide for a small package with all major components mounted directly on the heat sink which produces little heating during full voltage operation, and therefore the heat sink can be designed to handle only the heat generated stats the anticipated reduced voltage of the duty cycle. Spring clamps 30a, 30b, 30c and 30d are compressed by through bolts to forcibly clamp the semiconductor devices between the heat sinks.

Get best deals for coconut. Packaging is important, both from the aspect of permitting application of the control assembly enclosure to be mounted in stare optimum location relative to the equipment, such as motors and drives, ztate permitting a small volume cabinet to be enclosed so as to limit interaction with the operating environment. The starter control assembly of claim 40 wherein said wear surface is a rigid member attached xtarter a fastener to said heat sinks.

Since sstarter load current is bypassed bemshaw the semiconductors, the semiconductors 30a and 30b generate little heat and the whole unit runs at a much lower temperature.


The starter assembly of claim 3 further comprising a shunt frame means for mounting said movable contact that establishes a shunt path; and said shunt frame means being non-electrically conducting. One such embodiment would silid a three phase network similar to that shown in FIG. A solid state motor starter assembly having controlled semiconductors mounted between heat sink members.

The starter control assembly of claim 1 wherein said stationary contact includes a renewable wear surface of electrically conducting material rigidly attached to said heat sinks. The present invention provides for mounting the semiconductor devices between heat sinks which conduct the heat away from the semiconductor device and provide a current path to and from the semiconductor device.

Next Patent Microelement and bas The starter control assembly of claim 30 wherein said wear surface is a rigid member attached by a fastener to said heat sinks. During this voltage increasing period, the started generated in the semiconductor devices 3a and 3b would be conducted away from such devices by heat sinks 2a and 2b.

The movable frame 35, as seen in FIG. The starter control assembly of claim 23 including three solenoids, each mounted on respective line heat sinks. This can be supplied for brush type, and brushless exciters. This assembly 12a uses a separate solenoid for each set of incoming line contacts 16a and 16b.

While the gating of semiconductors 3a and 3b provide variable control of the currents between the heat sink 2a and 2b to the load, shunting solenoid 9 controls a movable shunting contact bar 5 which, when activated, engages stationary contacts 4a and 4b, thereby providing a direct shunt or current bypass between heat sinks 2a and soliid. MX3 Motor Control Technology: By varying the resistance between the line and the load, a controlled application of power could be achieved to an AC motor.

That’s because the locked rotor torque of the motor was so great and the power required to get that blower turning was more than the friction statd between the belts and sheaves. The complete assembly is isolated from electrical contact via solie insulating feet 46a, 46b, 46c and 46d.

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