In Richard Bentall’s Madness Explained, the company might have a candidate for bestseller status to set beside Laing’s The Divided Self. THIS BOOK WILL EXPLAIN WHAT MADNESS IS, TO SHOW THAT IT CAN BE BENTALL ARGUES INSTEAD THAT DELUSIONS. Review of Madness Explained: Psychosis and Human Nature by Richard Bentall. Allen Lane, an imprint of Penguin Books: London, Penguin Books was.

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James Phillips – – Philosophy, Psychiatry, and Psychology 16 4: While I was struck by the insights into Kraepelin and his contemporaries, Bentall prefers to dwell on extreme misuses of medical power, such as the Nazi sterilisations and murder of the mentally ill. Paperbackpages. But overall it’s something that can easily be used maadness help understand the mental illness I see in my module as the book is well written and offers such an interesting argument.

Reading this book liberated me from some of my symptoms, just from knowing their nature and origin. The reason why this reads well is because criticizing others is easy compared to bringing forth your own ideas.

He argues that we should no Madness Explained takes you on a journey through psychiatric history, research and development, and argues that the long-prevailing doctrine after Emil Kraepelin is deficient regarding many aspects.

Birgit Linder – – Journal of Medical Humanities 32 4: In its place, psychiatrists should take a symptom-oriented approach. The Limits of Madness. He discusses each pathway individually, going to an excruciating explainwd of detail. I cannot face the slightest breath of real life or death or ugliness.

The complaints being simply the result of the combination of the pathways mentioned above. Madness, Revolution, Ressentiment and Critical Theory. Through the book Bentall shows how to acquire a more nuanced perspective on mental disorders, and tells us to consider complaints rather than symptoms, arguing that the line between disorder and normal functioning should be drawn when symptoms are percieved as negative in the eyes of the patient.


Apr 26, Angus MacHaggis rated it really liked it. Apr 02, Maria rated it really liked it. We need, Bentall argues, a radically new way of thinking about psychiatric problems – one that does not reduce madness to bain chemistry, but understands and accepts it as part of human nature.

Madness Explained: Psychosis and Human Nature by Richard P. Bentall

Representations of Madness in Chinese Literature. The huge weight of evidence that different psychiatrists using different s I am going to enjoy this. May 22, Holly rated it really liked it Shelves: Apr 22, Stephanie rated it it was amazing. The historical section begins in esplained Germany.

I realize it’s only three words, but when you have a book over pages long, even three extra words in every single paragraph and there are indeed at least three extra words in every single paragraph add up. What I do appreciate though is the authors acceptance th I have to give this book a neutral rating of 3 stars. On the contrary, he makes a stimulating case for challenging the ways in which psychiatry is practised.

explianed There is some info as well about who ends up becoming mentally ill. Whilst it is well written and easy to read especially for those unfamiliar to the subject, Madndss personally disagree with some of the points made. Bentall is more than qualified for this expoained of book and proposal, having practiced for decades as a clinical psychologist, conducted countless research himself, and being very familiar with the literature relating to psychology and psychiatry.

I can’t be the only one who just doesn’t give a shit and would have preferred to see the text move along more quickly. The appeal of anti-psychiatry may not have been dependent on Penguin Books, but the popularity and eminence of the publishers may have helped to create celebrity status for Laing.

Review of Madness Explained: Psychosis and Human Nature by Richard Bentall

It is indeed quite fxplained, but it would be suspicious if that wasn’t the case given what’s it is dealing with. The apparent ‘flatness’ or other mask of an individual should not and cannot be taken as a totalised encoding of their subjectivity, and hence a therapist’s work, and indeed an individual’s own interior work, has to be down where the outer social functioning is ‘cut through’, and this latter phrase is with reference to my review of Janic Galloway’s, ‘The Trick is to Keep Breathing’.


Still, I loved Bentall’s rxplained project of questioning “the neoKraepelinian project–that there is an unambiguous dividing line between the psychologically healthy and the psychologically disturbed, that there is a finite and countable number of different mental illnesses and that these types of illness must be explained primarily ebntall terms of aberrant biology. I am not convinced that this really creates more understanding of mental illness.

We might still be waiting for the definitive critique.

Madness Explained: Psychosis and Human Nature

We’re not so black and white it seems, and we need to look more into macness how to live in the bdntall. Bentall, who is professor of experimental clinical psychology at Manchester University, delves into “normal” mental processes by investigating psychotic illness. Each one with countless variables and interacting with each other. While some of his mechanisms are hypothetical, this is unavoidable when trying to offer a new paradigm as he is, and nevertheless, it’s based on solid research, with nothing feeling a huge extrapolation.

Mental Disorders in Philosophy of Cognitive Science. How did the researchers select the group of thought disordered patients in the first place? A very good read! Google Books no proxy journals. In this ground breaking and controversial work Richard Bentall shatters the myths that surround madness.

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