Abstract/Citation: The Act amends the Bangladesh Export Processing Zones Authority Act, (Act No. XXXVI of ) with respect to. BEPZA Act which eventually instituted the formation of Bangladesh Export Processing. Zones Authority (BEPZA), the government organ. investment, and investment under BOI, investment under BEPZA, FDI and investment . Under, the BEPZA Act. , EPZs are provided infrastructural facilities.

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Tax holiday facility can be availed by industries set up in Bangladesh within June 30, A. Power to create zones.

The direct employment opportunities for more thanBangladeshi nationals have also been created in the EPZ units constituting 64 percent of the total work force from female category.

If feel need my working ability and implementing policies for bepzs planning. Entire export earning from handicrafts and cottage industries is exempted from income tax.

Balances in these foreign currency accounts can be used by the exporters for bonafide business purposes such as business visits abroad, participation in export fairs and seminars, import of raw materials, machinery and spares etc. Funds from these accounts may also be used to set up offices abroad without prior permission of Bangladesh Bank. Submission of reports, etc. The entrepreneurs of such projects are to fill ebpza a simple prescribed application form and submit to BOI for registration.

An Attractive Investment Destination. After starting commercial production the entrepreneur may apply to BOI for regularisation of the ad-hoc import entitlement. Power to exempt Zones from operation of certain laws.


Import Registration Certificate IRC will be issued by the concerned authority acct favour of the industrial enterprises within 30 days of receiving applications. Royalty is a fee paid by the local manufacturer to its foreign collaborator in consideration of. Export oriented industries are exempted from paying local taxes such as municipal taxes. BEPZA provides fully serviced, secured industrial plots and Standard Factory Buildings with simplified licensing and permitting procedure.

Distribution of property after death, if there is no Will. New Year celebrations around the world. Concessionary duty as per SRO is allowed on the import of capital machinery and spare parts for setting up export-oriented industries 9180 BMRE of existing industries.

II of Act No. Facilities such as special bonded warehouse against back-to-back letters of credit or notional import duty and non payment of Value Added Tax VAT facilities are available as per SRO of the government. Appointment of officers, etc.

Guide to Invstment in Bangladesh Foreign Private Investment (Promotion and Protection) Act, 1980

In this connection procedure followed by BOI is as under:. Establishment of the Authority. Non-resident direct investment acg industrial enterprises and non-resident portfolio investment through stock exchanges also do not require prior approval of Bangladesh Bank.

LV of Ordinance No. The entrepreneur bepxa then approach nominated bank for opening Letters of Credit for import. Private sector industrial enterprises desiring to employ foreign nationals are required to apply in advance in the prescribed form of BOI.

Avoidance of double taxation in case of foreign investors on the basis of bilateral agreements.


Rationalisation of import duty: Functions of the Board. Proposals which are not bfpza under the prescribed limits will require prior approval of BOI for which application have to be submitted along with necessary documents and copy of the relevant draft agreement.

Adequate compensation for the purpose of sub-section 1 shall be an amount equivalent to the market value of investment expropriated or nationalised immediately before the expropriation or nationalisation.

With the changing global business and investment scenario the EPZs of Bangladesh have revised its expansion strategy and in tune with the varied needs of the present day businesses Bangladesh EPZ Bepxa BEPZA is customizing its investment incentives and facilities. LII of to Ordinance No. XII of to Ordinance No.

Compliance: BEPZA Act –

Print Edition Read pdf version Subscribe now. I of to Ordinance No. Once the technology transfer agreements falling within the above limits are signed, these bepaa required to be furnished to BOI for registration. Additional import duty 2. Opening up of new sectors of investment have provided an excellent opportunity to prospective investors.

A copy of the foreign loan agreement signed by both parties should be submitted to BOI for registration. IX of to A.

Dishonour of Cheque — Section of the Negotiable instruments Act. VII of Act No.

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