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BBS takes part in numerous szakdlogozat projects – either as a consortium leader or consortium partner. If you have questions please do not hesitate to contact us: Relations based on student, teacher and staff mobility within the framework of Erasmus and Ceepus programmes. Production of energy carriers by using biomass, among them the biofuels, has come recently into highlight mainly based upon the consequences of surveys that forecasting limited availability of fossil energy sources and, on the other hand, as a result of efforts aiming at decreasing environmental load causing climate change.

In addition to dual award programmes, there are three szakvolgozat programmes running in a foreign language: BindingRoot cannot be null.

The objective of BBS is to develop new relations and to strengthen the already existing ones. Despite of its apparent simplicity, the decision making on involving biomass into the distributed energy generation process or any other energy systems that might open up new vistas requires great number of factors szakfolgozat be considered for the sake of economic feasibility.

Graduates of this programme are also awarded a French degree. The mission of the New Europe Business Forum is to help participants lead more e!


World Skills verseny XI. Szakdoglozat aim to gather a mix of movers and shakers from around the world, ranging from business executives and scientists to pop artists and students who are each shaping their respective business, intellectual, and cultural landscapes. Types of international cooperation can fall into sazkdolgozat following categories of relations: The New Europe Business Forum NEBF is an interdisciplinary event, organized by the Zagreb School of Economics and Management, which aims to gather leaders from various fields business, politics, sports, arts, science once a year in Croatia to discuss bff debate on various topics ranging from entrepreneurship, leadership and scientific innovation to macro-economic trends and geo-political events.

It is, however, difficult to understand the reason why get logistics aspects still almost negligible weight among the main decision factors.

Budapesti Gazdasági Egyetem – Objective function analysis of biomass processing plants location

At present we have exchange agreements with institutions of higher education in 26 countries and we have a wide range of Finnish, French, German, and Spanish connections within szskdolgozat framework of Erasmus programmes. Challenge the Status Quo. The Zagreb School of Economics and Management will organize an international.

Bilateral educational, research and scientific cooperation outside the scope of Erasmus and Ceepus programmes.

bgf szakdolgozat pdf download

There are academic programmes in international cooperation at several levels at BBS. In addition to providing a platform aimed at generating, conceptualizing and promoting innovative ideas, the New Europe Business Forum will also be an inspirational and transformational learning experience for its participants.


It has active connections with foreign higher education institutions in 43 countries on five continents. We are confident that, regardless of your background, you will find something. We look forward to seeing you in Zagreb in May.

BBS International Office international bgf. College of Commerce, Catering and Tourism: It is easy to understand that among these factors the investment costs, as well as the market prices of fossil energy carriers and electricity, the expenses of distribution and sale, etc. One of the most unique aspects of the NEBF will be its audience.

The aim of the current study is to draw the attention to the importance of the topic. The model can be suitable both for determination of location sites of processing and service plants based on logistics aspects and for planning the biomass supply system.

Objective function analysis of biomass processing plants location CERS, Due to our excellent connections with Hagen University of Distance Learning certain subjects taken in the Hungarian programme are recognised by the German university.

The methodology proposed might help decision makers in szakdolgoozat analysis of biomass as a feedstock supply system and in appraisal of efficiency and effectiveness of the entire supply chain.

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