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Nitin Sochpaul, i do apologize as accidently all the comments got removed but i answer your comment. We publish a blog only racidas thorough research of the topic. Your ignorance about guru of Guru Nanak is clearly reflects from your comment. Guru Nanak was himself called Jagat guru and it could be proved from his visit to Mecca where he stayed for many years too.

Our mission to enlighten the ignorant and we are glad to do this Pantthik sewa which we are doing successfully.

Bani Bhagat Ravidas ji

Here too your ignorance about guru of Guru Nanak reflects from your comment, to which we have tried our best to enlighten you. You are requested to come out of your bhatat thoughts and see the facts in gurbani and from life of Guru Nanak Dev ji.

Meeting of Gurus may not be in physical plane but it may happen in spiritual and subtle plane. There are many stories created by unknown sources, some of them are nearly true and some are not.

Blaming one community simply because it is considered as a lower caste is Certainly not teaching of Gurus. Poonam ji, In Sikh religion we are taught of equality so we do not consider anyone lower caste or bhaagat caste. This post is a reply to scholars of Ravidas community who made all efforts to lower the status of Guru Nanak ji.

One shouldn’t forget that the respect you people get in modern society is blessing of Sikh gurus. Once you give it up, the Brahmins and high class hindu community is waiting there to show you your previous place. So please give honor and be thankful to Sikh gurus and Sikh religion which has given you high and equal status like us to enjoy in life.

Guru Nanak Dev ji & Ravidas: Guru Nanak Dev ji & Bhagat Ravidas

I tried my best to prove with historical facts and by Gurbani couplets. Dovven hi rab vallon bheje Prophets si, jivein ki abrahamic religions like Mohammad,Jesus,Moses prophets vi rab valon dharti utte bheje si taanki dharti utte insaaniyat kaayam ho sake Dovve hi spiritual masters si.

Es saab naal taan Shri Guru Ravidass Maharaaj ji ne v apne saathi mittran ton gyan prapt keeta, fer es hisaab naal taan Shri Guru Ravidass Maharaaj ji de sathi vi Ravidass maharaaj ji de guru hoye. Gyaan prapt karan da mtlb ki spiritual discussions karna,spiritual inspirations dena Je tuhanu apne Guru te shaq hai taan te Singh likhna chadd hi dio satnam singh ji. Waheguru ji ka khalsa waheguru ji ki fateh! Satnam Singh you said it rightly What Sikh princess has written is merely all her own figment of imagination.

She doesn’t know what raviads she talking about?

It is kms away from Punjab. Baba Nanak went to see a Chamar Saint in Varansi for a reason.

He also met Satguru Kabir Sahib there. This person has showed no respect and has nothing but ill-will in mind. Satguru Kabir sahib respected Satguru Ravidass Ji.


Despite her superfluous claims, she should know that even three hundred years after Satguru Ravidass Ji’s death, his portraits were made inside courts of Mughals with respect along with other Saints of the times. This was his popularity. Sikhs unfortunately relegated him to just a status of Bhagat and this person doesn’t even have decency to address Ravidass as Bhagat.

She forgets in a moment that her own Gurus addressed Guru Ravidass ji as Bhagat with respect and reverence and mentioned “Ravidass Thakur bann ayi” i. And this writer if she has any calibre to be a writer at alldoesn’t even address Satguru Ravidass properly.

This should show her intentions. I don’t understand how people write the hearsay stories in the name of history? Guru Nanak ji never met Bhagat Ravidas or Kabir ji in his life.

So this blame is ridiculous and only to show frustration by Sunil Raju. Te jehde lok putha-siddha bolde ne ohna nu boli jaan davvo Whoever write this blog is certainly a ill minded or probably a mentally disabled person. Whoever u r first of all no one told u to write such a blog especially in such a hatred way, this only reflect your unrespectfull perspective towards the guru of other religion.

U might forget that Sikhism is originated from Hinduism or muslims. And as u stated what guru can’t feed himself or his followers, I ask u what guru can’t protect his children’s or followers. Mukesh your observation is right on the spot. Sikh Princess is merely showing her disdain and hatred for others who address Ravidass as Guru. This clearly shows how much Sikhism she has learned and how much she has actually not understood Guru Nanak’s philosophy.

Internet forms can teach the writer so much. And you have asked right question which writer has no answer for. Writer does seem to be mentally disturbed person. It’s only because of people like u that violence between different religion is growing.

If u can’t respectfully name the gurus better not to.

The names of Gurus are always taken with due respect but Ravidas was not any Guru, he is a Bhagat or devotee bhwgat 14 others whose baani was added in Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji. Your community has given this status of Guru to him only after assassination of Ramanand of Dera Ballan in Viena, Austria who needed to be taught the same but he ignored bhaagat advice.

Read Guru Granth Sahib, your master himself write that his ancestors and his family used to carry dead animals in the street of Benaras. It was the Sikh Gurus who gave you the honor and ban but you now refuse it. Soon your community will be in traps of Bahmnism Hinduism and then there will ne one to get you releived from their clutches. They are waiting the opportunity. Your’s is a sect, you may fall in Hinduism or Sikhism but shall remain a sect.

This is the reality. And i do my home work before writing any blog. All the contents of this blog are taken only after deep research and answered to the literate scholars of your community who tried to set Ravidas as master of guru Nanak ji, you forget if it had been so, the ravidas would have not included in 15 Bhagats. This is a bitter truth.

Only we Sikhs regard you and love your people. We do not differentiate among you or we Sikhs. Recognize the truth ravjdas you can. In Sikhism all is doing on the name of the casteism.


So equality lies in only in Sikh scriptures not in practical. The vast majority of the Untouchables class really fed up all so called religion so they are trying to find make their own identity. They do not need any religion for solace. Baaki agge meinu dassan di lod nahi Poori duniya nu Bahgat Guru Ravidass Maharaaj ji di power da andaaja haiga hi aa.

Survey kar lio saare mil ke. I liked your views but i dont think peoples are ready to listen. Still i appreciate your courage to bring the facts to the light. I hope that critics on this blog might ravidxs understand that their propaganda is not based on any research but only on hearsay or by soma biased fake historians who just write to get fame easily. I agree with you that it’s very difficult to change mentality of people. Whatever they read and if once believed, that sticks to their memory as truth, may it be false but hard to remove that falsehood.

Thanks for your visit on the blog, reading it and commenting here. Jai babaji kiJai ho siromoney guru ravidass maharaj ji kiSikh princess aap Kiya jante ho babaji ke baare meaapko kuch nahi pta! Aap pehle read Kro guru ravidass Maharaj ke baare me.!

Tab koi decision Lena par bhatat khuch nahi jaante to hani bolna nahi.! Sikh Princess – surely if you have done your ‘homework’ you would have a better understanding of the truth!

More than likely rafidas have sat there reading raivdas forums and twisted bias blogs such as the above! Guru Ravidass Ji has been seen as a Guru by the Ravidassia community way before this happen. For you to say he has been given the status after a vicious hate related attack on the Ravidassia community rvidas shows you lack of knowledge! Understand what Guru actually means firstly. You will often her music raidas calling their music teacher Guru Ji.

Does that offend you also? The Sikh Guru were teachers, teachers of the Lords knowledge, teacher of how to live a righteous life!

In the Granth, there are other scholars who also had the same view if not all!! For you to say it was the Sikh Guru which gave you equality is disrespectful to not only the Granth but all who have ever fort for equality. AND again you poor quote thats ‘Soon your community will be in traps of Bahmnism Hinduism ‘ Err i think you miss the point of what Guru Ravidass Ji was preaching about. Please do pick up a book and read. Maybe read some of his teaching and his views on such subjects, you may learn jo

Bani Bhagat Ravidas Ji Teeka

Equality and the caste system is still practised today and is one of the biggest problems within the India community. We can pick and blame each other as much as bhavat like but it doesnt help resolve the issue. It has been injected into the UK the UK is now infected with lame peoples mindset bout caste – who they can marry, who is higher, who they can talk to.

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