Lyrics to ‘Bidrohi (Recitation)’ by Kazi Nazrul Islam. Album: Bidrohi (Recitation); Artist: Kazi Sabyasachi; Lyricist: Kazi Nazrul Islam. 3. Nomo Nomo Nomo Bangladesh Momo. Album: Bidrohi (Kazi Nozrul Islam Er. Interpretation & Summary of Bidrohi by Kazi Nazrul Islam. Bidrohi Bol beer – bol unnato koro sheer! Sheer nehari amari,noto sheer oe shikhor himdreer!.

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Ami tai kore tai jokhon chahe mon ja, Kori sotrur sathe galagoli dhori mrityur sathe panja, Ami unmad, ami jhonja! He joined the British Indian Army in He thinks himself as if he bicrohi the cyclone, the symbol of destruction.

Nazrul Islam did what no other Muslim poet in modern Bengal had dared to do. His nationalist activism in Indian independence movement led to his frequent imprisonment by the colonial British authorities. The most colorful personality among the Bengali poets, a vagrant, a soldier, a political fighter, a musician; born a Muslim, married to a Hindu, loved by the younger generation like a god, he lost his voice before iwlam became fifty in an unrecoverable disease.

Jhilimili Putuler Biye Madhumala Shilpi. He wrote that the Prophets had become property like cattle but they should instead be treated like light that is for all men. Bol beer — Bol maha bishwoor mahaakash fhari Chondro soorjho ghroho tara chari Bhulok dulokh golok bhedia Khodar asoon chedia Uthiya chi chiro bismoy ami bishwo bidhatri Momo lolate rudra bagoban jole raj-rajtika dipto joyoshri!

Born in a Bengali Muslim Kazi family, Nazrul Islam received religious education and as a young man worked as a muezzin at a local mosque. Venkataraman Ardeshir Ruttonji Wadia. He was born into a Muslim Taluqdar family and was the nazrull of three sons and a daughter. Archived from the original on 26 November National Encyclopedia of Bangladesh Second ed. But he thinks himself unstoppable and can smash everything into pieces.


Nazrul’s works for children have won acclaim for his use of rich language, imagination, enthusiasm, and an ability to fascinate young readers. Ami indrani srudh hate chad bhale surjo momo ek hate aka basher bashri ar hate rono bojro.

It caused Nazrul’s health to decline steadily and forced kzzi to live in islaj in India. He is ready to give the indication of starting war. Nazrul’s mother died inand his second son, Bulbul, died of smallpox the following year. As the god Shiva is the signal of power so the poet raised the degree of motivation through this stanza.

Retrieved 4 July These lines say to be proud and talk or act. He is so arrogant that he can crush under his feet all the bonds, rules and disciplines and does not bidrihi to obey any laws he has the ability to sing a cargo laden boat into the sea. However, Nazrul’s poems strongly emphasised the confluence of the roles of both sexes and their equal importance to life.

Annay, ami ulka, ami shoni Dhunketu jala,bisodhar kal phoni!

Perhaps you were suckled by someone as chaste as Seeta. Bidrohii krishno konthe monthon bish piya batha baridher! Ami kheyali bidhir islamm kobir bhinno. Archived from the original on 24 April The poet wrote about the emotional part of man in first line and then changed the mood. In Januaryhe was accorded the citizenship of Bangladesh. Please take care when editing, especially if using automated editing software. List of things named after Kazi Nazrul Islam.


Bidrohi (poem) – Wikipedia

They cite his ability to defy God yet maintain an inner, humble devotion to him. Retrieved from ” https: Posthumous conferral — — — — — — — He later worked as the muezzin at the mosque.

The rebel and the romantic”. The government of Bangladesh conferred upon him the status of “national poet” in Nazrul’s use of Persian vocabulary was controversial, but it increased the range of his work. Chinechi amare, ajika amar khulia giyache sob badha. His Islamic songs are popular during Ramadan in Bangladesh.

Svabhabakabi Gobindadasera jibani o sahitya bicara in Bengali. Ami jhonjha, ami ghurni Ami path sommukhe jaha pae jae churne Ami nerto pagol chondo, Ami apnar tale neche jae, ami mukto jibonanondo.

The poet himself thinks as the terminator of all reigns of terror and full of burning restlessness.


From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. I don’t see any difference Between a man and woman Whatever great or benevolent achievements That are in this world Half of that was by woman, The ialam half by man. He underwent medical treatment under homeopathy as well as Ayurvedabut little progress was achieved before mental dysfunction intensified and he was admitted to a mental asylum in The poet bidroni stop this destruction when the cruel class and enemies of India will stop their brutal acts.

Bengali Hindustani Persian Arabic. Archived from the original on 8 February

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