The decision in Biogen v Medeva was handed down by the House of Lords on the night of Halloween , more than 20 years ago. The case is a landmark. That decision was based on the so-called ‘Biogen insufficiency’ principles, set down by Lord Hoffmann in Biogen v Medeva and neatly noted. Honble Shri S. Chandrasekaran, Technical Member This is an original application for revocation filed under section 64 read with section D of the Patents Act.

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A Patent is granted for a single invention only. This involves the following steps: Sometimes, it is the idea of using established techniques to do something which no one had previously thought of doing. For the lack of inventive step in the invention claimed when it is obvious to a person skilled in the art having regard to the state of the art at the priority date of the patent application, that patent will become invalid.

We, therefore submit that the UK decision cannot be the deciding factor of the present revocation proceeding before the Board.

Only if this question receives an affirmative answer would it be necessary to go on to consider whether the invention satisfies the prescribed conditions for being “patentable.

Care must be taken regarding the point on wave that capacitors are switched to avoid transients and damage to the capacitors which means that rapid switching is not possible.

It is said to consist in attempting something which a man less skilled in the art might have regarded as obvious, but which the expert would have thought so beset by obstacles as not to be worth trying.

Mehra has no locus or authority to sign the revocation applications on the strength of the resolution dated The earlier publication must, for this purpose, be interpreted as at the date of its publication, having regard to the surrounding circumstances which then existed, and without regard to subsequent events. The next question is whether, given that Biogen 1 disclosed what would at the time have been a patentable invention, it “supports” the invention actually claimed in the patent in suit.

The requirement of sufficiency was therefore regarded as serving a narrower purpose.

More than the patentee deserves? No problem – The IPKat

When a product claim satisfies the requirements of section 1 of the Act, the technical contribution to the art is the product and not the process by which it was made, even if that process was the only inventive step”.

Login Register Follow on Twitter Search. Meeeva, the scope of claimed method does not change because, the method steps staying connected without emitting power are executed only when voltage value goes beyond Umax and below Umin, which is true for granted as well as proposed claims. The judge heard a good deal of evidence on how the skilled person might set about trying to resolve citalopram. It says that depending upon the structure of the HBV DNA used and the means used to cleave it, the fragment may contain DNA which codes for one or more different antigens.


Thus if the patentee has hit upon a new product which has a beneficial effect but cannot demonstrate that there is a common principle by which that effect will be shared by other products of the same class, he will be entitled to a patent for that product but not for the class, even though some may subsequently turn out to have the same beneficial effect: Claims 1 and 3 are invalid boogen insufficiency because they claim the enantiomer made by any method, but the specification discloses only two ways of making it.

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There was considerable uncertainty about the coding capacity of the viral DNA. This is done so that fall in voltage does not let the current rise above the rated current levels, thereby causing damage to the wind turbine.

He would have been inclined, but for Medeva’s counsel’s lack of enthusiasm for the point, to hold that it was not an invention at all. In order to anticipate a patent, the prior art must disclose the claimed invention and together with common general knowledge enable the ordinary skilled person to perform it. Thus, the power of the turbine must be reduced or capped which is called de-rating. Can anybody offer a Problem and Solution analysis on the Lundbeck’s claim 1, and to a claim on the other enantiomer?

Noshir Sorabji Pochkhanawalla And Anr. The power emitted to the network is less than the available generator power for network protection iv.

Citalopram is sold in the United Kingdom under the brand name Cipramil; other serotonin inhibitors are fluoxetine sold as Prozac and paroxetine Seroxat. For the purpose of the present case, only Indian specification has to be considered which is insufficient.

I come therefore to the question of whether Biogen 1 contained an enabling disclosure which supported the claims in the patent in suit.

Figure 3 shows how this voltage level depends on the consumer load level at the grid. By a series of complex chemical reactions, the sequence of bases is “translated” in its groups of three or codons into a defined sequence of amino-acids in a protein.

Section 59 states that “not in substance disclosed or shown in the specification”. The law is very clear, that nondisclosure of the details of the invention or alternatively, maximum information about the invention which would make the skilled person in the art to find it difficult to perform the invention without any trial and experiments would amount to insufficient or unfair description as per section 64 1 h of the Act.


Scottish Court of Session10 Apr It is fundamental to the validity of a patent that it not merely discloses a novel product or process, but that the disclosure is “enabling”. Mehra by virtue of the resolution dated Therefore we find the respondents contention that US patent is directed to internal control but not the control of network voltage is not acceptable.

The inventive step, as I have said, was the idea of trying to express unsequenced eukaryotic DNA in a prokaryotic host. The applicant also pointed the claim 2 is not clearly and sufficiently supported by a necessary description, whereas claim 2 talks about the reduction in power emitted when the network voltage falls below a predefined value or predetermined voltage level.

The relevant common general knowledge of that person must be such as the knowledge of electrical engineering with a broad specialisation in power regulation, voltage monitoring and power electronics with requisite exposure and experience in the wind power technology. A method for operating a wind power system having an electrical generator, which can be driven by a rotor, for emitting electrical power to an electrical network 6in particular to loads 8 which are connected to this network, characterized in that the power which is emitted from the generator, to this network 6 is controlled as a function of an electrical voltage which is present at the network 6in that an amount of power which is less than the available generator power from the wind power system is emitted for network protection, and in that the amount of power which is emitted is reduced even before reaching a defined minimum network voltage value Umin.

But the disappearance of “lack of fair basis” as an express ground for revocation does not in my view mean that general principle which it expressed has been abandoned. Then the counsel submitted his arguments as follows: The inventive idea would be the way of achieving the goal.

The subject matter of the Patent stand anticipated [section 64 1 e ]; and b. P proposing amendments to the claims in the granted patent. P was signed on an earlier date and has also been notarised, but the same was not submitted till the commencement of the hearing.

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