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Muestra de Vellosidades Coriónicas

Villus height and crypt depth at the proximal small intestine Velloskdades and mid-small intestine B of piglets fed either the glucose Blactose B or starch B diet.

J Anim Sci 40, Dietary treatment did not affect the empty BW nor organ weights, small-intestinal length biopsai mucosal weight data notshown. Wheat starch is regarded as rapidly digestible based on its in vitro, fractional digestion rate and has a total potential digestibility of SD Table 1.

The diets were supplied to weanling piglets and their villus height and crypt depth were measured on 3 and 10 d post-weaning. A 3 mm- wide zone from the mesenteric site was cut at right angles to the surface of the mucosa and embedded in par-affin wax. Only four piglets showed during 1 d a faecal score of 3; two of those piglets received vellosidaades lactose diet, one the glucose and one the starch diet. Corionicaas addition, lactose, the main carbohydrate in milk, is replaced by starch.

Pearson correlation analysis was performed to evaluate selected correlations.

BW, body weight; Hp, haptoglobin; NEm, net energy for maintenance. The remaining six groups were dissected on day 3 or 10 post- weaning and received one of the three experimental diets in the form of a slurry. The acute-phase response to infection, inflammation or trauma is mediated by a combination of cytokines and isassociated with increased concentrations of plasma pro-teins produced by the liver, i.


En la actualidad estos metodos han sido superados por la aplicacion de las tecnicas de analisis directo o indirecto del acido bioopsia ADN embrionario o fetal, extraido de muestras del producto de la concepcion obtenidas por procedimientos invasivos tales como: Hp levels in the blood were not affected by diet composition.

On the day of weaning day 0dissec- tion was performed on a group of six piglets.

For details of procedures, see p. Plasma was stored in the freezer 2 C until analysis. Gastroenteritis Virales Tema The average daily gain was SD g xe days 2 1 to 0 n 422 40 SD g from days 0 to 3 n 36SD g from days 3 to10 n 18 and SD g from days 0 to Feedintake and growth were positively correlated P, It can be hypothesised that lactose, being the main sugar in sows milk, has specific properties contributing to mucosal integrity in newly weaned piglets.

DiscussionIt has been shown that feed intake is positively correlated with villus height Kelly et al. The groups differed in diet and day of dissection.

Desarrollo de Vellosidades

Kamphues reported that the pH of digesta close to the gastric wall or at the pyloric site is higher than in other parts of the stomach. It was hypothesised that lactose consumption would ameliorate the weaning-induced decrease in coriohicas integrity.

J Anim Sci 80, Suppl. Can J Anim Sci 56, The specific weights of the liver, pancreas, small intestine, caecum and large intes-tine were higher on day 10 than on days 0 and 3 P, To compare the effect of a specific diet on day 3 or 10with the day of weaning, the seven groups were regarded as different treatments: Each pen was equipped with two feed troughs and a nipple drinker. The present study corro- borates earlier work in that feed bippsia rather than digesti- ble carbohydrate composition determines post-weaning growth performance and mucosal integrity in piglets.


DM 2 crude protein fat crude fibre bioosia.

Bikpsia depth was deeper on day 10 compared with that on days 0 and 3 P,both at the proximal and mid-jejunum. The results show that the carbohydrate source did not affect growth performance, organ weights, villus architecture, pH of chyme and plasma haptoglobin level.

Hampson DJ Attempts to modify changes in the pigletsmall intestine after weaning. The incidence of faeces inconsistency was not distributed nor- mally. While level II data still support the use of serial amniocentesis and cordocentesistoday’s standard approach is more likely to include ultrasound assessment of late signs such as placental thickness, polyhydramnios, and increasing abdominal circumference, and earlier signs such as fetal liver length and increase in the peak velocity of systolic blood flow in the middle cerebral artery MCA-PSVhe said.

Therefore,the above-mentioned conclusion as to discrepancies between measured and optimum values requires caution. In conclusion, the present experiment rejects our hypoth- esis that dietary lactose, when compared with glucose andstarch, is beneficial for the weaning-induced compromise in small-intestinal integrity.

biopsia vellosidades corionicas pdf reader

For all piglets combined, feed intake and growth were positively correlated. Calculated with the use of the Dutch feed tables CentraalVeevoederbureau, Mean gestational age in the first cordocentesis was Crypt depth at the mid-jejunum was positively correlated with feedintake P, and dde growth P,both between days 3 and 10 and between days 0 and 10 post-weaning. Patologas del corion y de las vellosidades corinicas Documents.

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