Blackmoore by Julianne Donaldson Read: August 14 – 15, Published: September 9, by Shadow Mountain Source: April – you’re. Series By Julianne Donaldson; Books By Julianne Donaldson. Most Popular Similar Authors To Julianne Donaldson Edenbrooke / Heir to Edenbrooke. From the desk of Katie Patchell: In Julianne Donaldson published her debut novel, the highly successful Regency romance Edenbrooke.

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Open Preview See a Problem? Thanks for telling us about the problem. Return to Book Page. Preview — Blackmoore by Julianne Donaldson. Blackmoore by Julianne Donaldson Goodreads Author. Kate Worthington knows her heart and she knows she will never marry.

Her plan is to travel to India instead—if only to find peace for her restless spirit and to escape the family she abhors.

She makes a bargain with Kate: India, yes, but only after Kate has secured—and rejected—three marriage proposals.

Kate journeys to the stat Kate Worthington knows her heart and she knows she will never marry. Kate journeys to the stately manor of Blackmoore determined to fulfill her end of the bargain and enlists the help of her dearest childhood friend, Henry Delafield.

But when it comes to matters of love, bargains are meaningless and plans are changeable. There on the wild lands of Blackmoore, Kate must face the truth that has kept her heart captive. Will the proposal she is determined to reject actually be the one thing that will set her heart free?

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Set in Northern England inBlackmoore is a Regency romance that tells the story of a young woman struggling to learn how to follow her heart. It is Wuthering Heights meets Little Women with a delicious must-read twist. Paperbackpages.

Kate WorthingtonHenry Delafield. To see what your friends thought of this book, please donaldsin up. To ask other readers questions about Blackmooreplease sign up.

Blackmoore by Julianne Donaldson

Is this book worth reading? Tami I usually turn into a pumpkin at donalvson Had to force myself to go to bed at 1: It is THAT good!! The Hawk and the Jewel is my favorite! I think you’ll either love it or hate it – no in-between: I was going to get a book by Sarah M. Eden a Regency author that I hear is similar to Julianne.


You might want to check her out too. See all 7 questions about Blackmoore…. Lists with This Book. Jun 23, Khanh, first of her name, mother of bunnies rated it it was ok Shelves: Word count of “Bird” within this book: The main character is so insufferably uptight you’d think she had a stick permanently up her ass on which a bird has perched. There is not a single instance of true female friendship in this book.

All the other women in this book are stupid, slutty, or bitches. Even the heroine’s own mother and sister. It is a fucking travesty. There are characters of intelligence in Little Women. There is sisterly love in Little Women. There is a beloved mother willing to work hard for the children she loves in Little Women. There is no hatred of other women just because you don’t fucking like them. This book bills itself as a “proper romance, and it is that.

It is pure, unadulterated moonlit fantasy romance. It is the sort over which that a young lady in the 19th century would swoon while reading Wuthering Heightsonly there is no Heathcliff. There is no wounded, tortured lover.

In his stead is a man whose balls have been solidly relegated into his lover’s hand since the day they met as children. It is a dreamlike fairy tale, complete with a gothic castle on a moor and a lover willing to go the distance to win his beloved’s handnever mind that he has long been promised to someone else; apparently, almost-cheating is acceptable when it is done in the name of true love.

There is not a bit of depth in this book’s characters. Do not let yourself be fooled by Katherine’s very human appearance. Katherine thinks she is a clucking bird. I felt like a bird who had wandered into some strange flock, surrounded by a different species. She is in a cage. There is using an imagery to reach an effect, and then there is taking that imagery and beating the reader to death with it.

This book does the latter. There is such an abuse of imagery. I feel like I am this bird, trapped and stifled and caged, and I keep looking for a way to escape, but I am barred at every turn.

She loves their beauty. She loves their birdsong. The result of this bird fetish is the criminal overuse of bird-related imagery in this book. I may be off by a few, I mean, I did count the number by hand. Even her fucking eyebrows are foulI mean, fowl.


They look like the wing of a bird in flight. How the fuck do they focus, living so close to nature in the wild moors of England?

I held my breath as I watched it and felt a connection with this dark, wild bird that I could not explain. Even a fucking house looks like a bloody bird. Katherine wants to be called Kate.

Kitty is being unkind again! Please don’t forget it. Seriously, it is KATE. Do NOT call her that! Don’t you blackmokre forget it. As you can see, I did not care for Kate one bit. She gets overwrought with histrionics and overdramatic gestures over nothing. She throws hissy fits whenever she is in a panic. She is the opposite of level-headed.

At all points, she whines and complains that she is caged. At every possibility I faced another cage. I could be caged by my own betrayal of my feelings, or I could be caged by an unwanted marriage, or I could be caged by going nowhere and realizing none of my dreams.

Understandable, yes, since there are so few options open to her. But there’s the thing. I’m supposed to sympathize with her. A Waste of Air: Katherine has no serious goals in life. The book paints her mother out to be a slag, a bitch, a whore, but for once, I sympathize with her mother and her despair towards Katherine.

The stupid girl simply has no goals in life other than to spend it blithely playing Mozart and visiting her childhood friend’s home: I stood, my music gripped to my chest, my face hot. Oh, my, that is rich. She stopped in front of me, her hands on her hips. To waste precious resources? Is this why I have invested in you? To gain nothing in return but a silly girl who cares only for Blackmoore and Mozart? Katherine does not have a single fucking plan for life except to spend it doing whatever she pleases.

She shirks responsibility, she has no true goal in life juliane to avoid love and marriage. And her reasons for avoiding love blackmore marriage is utterly stupid and simple, juvenile.

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