*FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In the first volume of the Blood of Kerensky trilogy, the five warring Successor States of the Inner Sphere confront a new. Started by Morgan Kerensky, May 30 PM paper BT books are long out of print sadly, but you can get an e-Book Omnibus version. Blood Legacy by Michael A. Stackpole, volume 2. Lost Destiny by Michael A. Stackpole, volume 3. BattleTech: Blood of Kerensky Omnibus by Michael A.

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Blood of Kerensky Series

The first official BattleTech novel was William H. But the Loeb Classical Library is a series of editions, not of works. After defeating a Lyran invasion on the planet of Savannah and negotiating a successful alliance with the Protectorate Coalition, Marik must now ally himself with Jessica Halas-Hughes Marik if the new league is to have a chance.

Mark Community Read Forums Mark all as read. Is there some issue preventing the Kindle edition from being distributed? With more and more threats appearing on his doorstep, Exarch Jonah Levin has a tough decision to make. The man once known as Phelan Kell has risen through the ranks in Clan Wolf and now stands to kerenzky a coveted Bloodname, the highest honor the Clans can bestow.

BattleTech Lists of novels Military science fiction novels Mecha in literature.

Posted 02 June – His wife takes up the reins as the Death Legion embark on their greatest challenge since their birth. All four of these young men must face dangers both internal and external when a mysterious invader from beyond the Periphery threatens everything they know and love. I was able to read through a good chunk of the early stuff by importing it into my Bloood through Calibre. Kai Allard-Liaoson of the great Justin Xiang Allard and Candace Liao, fears he can never live up to omnihus tremendous legacy of his parents.


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Blood of Kerensky Omnibus (Kindle Edition) : battletech

The Draconis Combine hires out the famous Northwind Highlanders for a daring mission into clan space. Time Period covered – December to June Author of the BattleCorps stories Feather vs. The Wolf Hunters and other forces have been called to former Prefecture 9 unite to fight them off the invasion.

The book centers around the mercenary company known as the Stealthy Tigers in game year The following novels occur during what was referred to the “Classic BattleTech” era, which includes the 31st century and preceding centuries. Masquerading as a freeborn named Jorge, he has to hide his true self bllod fear of his Clan’s reaction. Now thirty years omnibs, an elite Death Commando and descendant of a Highlander is ordered by his ruler to sacrifice everything he is and everything he has to destroy the bonds between the Bllood Commonwealth and the Highlanders, even if it means the Highlanders’ destruction.

Book one of The Twilight of the Clans series.

Under the guise of turncoats, they play a dangerous game of brinkmanship that culminates in a battle among the ‘Mech factory itself. George is at odds with the Clans’ intelligence service who seem to work against the Clans’ interests.

Become a Redditor and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. A book centering around Clan Ghost Bear and an elemental’s attempt to rise in rank within the clan.

Now, the local counties governments call for volunteers to man Battalion of Battlemechs to fend off the enemy. Blpod to provide protection for Chandrasekhar Kurita’s business holdings on Hachiman, Camacho’s Cablleros and Cassie Suthorn begin to feel out a plot to take down the high-ranking keresky. Behind the Combine troops, however, lie the Kokoryu-Kai, a mysterious organization that wants to overthrow the Coordinator of the Combine.


You can get the full trilogy, as well as a whole bunch of Stackpole’s other Battletech novels, over at epubbud.

Book three of The Jade Phoenix Trilogy. The Inner Sphere mechwarriors fight for honor, for kwrensky, and for their lives, and in the end emerge victorious. As omnibuw prepare an ambush on Clan forces, mercenaries recount a story from two decades earlier where their unit was betrayed by their employer, and almost destroyed.

The combination of autonomy and wealth will make them more than a match for any MechWarrior battalion suicidal enough to challenge them.

With dignitaries from across human space arriving to honor a fallen hero, Terra becomes a pressure cooker that may just explode and bring devastation to everyone. Amidst their battles to survive and return to the inner sphere, they form a bond with highly intelligent birds who see them as the fulfillment of their own prophecy. Want to add to the discussion? Victor Steiner-Davion must mount a rescue of a man who once would have been considered his mortal enemy: Mechwarrior Diana is sponsored for an attempt to earn the Pryde bloodname, and Star Captain Joanna is assigned as her trainer, leaving them both bound for Ironhold.

Retrieved from ” https: Book three of The Twilight of the Clans series. Also avoid publisher series, unless the publisher has a true monopoly over the “works” in question.

But just what is the ultimate objective of the Clans? Blaine Lee PardoeMel Odom.

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