The Blue Nowhere: A Novel [Jeffery Deaver] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. His code name is Phate — a sadistic computer hacker who. How do you write a truly gripping thriller about people staring into computer screens? Many have tried, none have succeeded—until now. Leave it to Deaver, the. The Blue Nowhere will forever change the way you feel about your computer. Jeffery Deaver, bestselling author of The Empty Chair and The Bone Collector.

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The Cybersecurity Canon: The Blue Nowhere

Feb 25, M rated it really liked it. Who is the traitor among the cops? Gillette has wrangled with Phate before and is glad to have his chance for revenge. His real triumph, though, is to make the hacker world come alive in all its midnight, reality-cracking intensity.

A predictable group including cops and hackers are in pursuit of a killer using social engineering to get close Desperate, the head of The California State Police Computer Crimes Division frees Wyatt Gillette, imprisoned for hacking, to aid the investigation — against the loud protests of the rest of the division.

Phate, the killer’s screen name, kills because he thinks of it as all a big MUD game, and keeps track of the points he gets for each successful kill.

Having finally got round to reading it, I found myself really enjoying it. Came across this in a pile of “take one, leave one” books in a local store and was surprised I had not read it before since I enjoy Jeffery’s work. A computer wizard is killing people in reality using the rules and point scoring of a computer game.

But some of them are pretty good. LAPD for the time being frees Wyatt so that he can help the police catch the hacker. She sipped her drink.

The Blue Nowhere | Book by Jeffery Deaver | Official Publisher Page | Simon & Schuster

Jul 23, Jerry B rated it really liked it. And if anybody’s wondering where the title Blue Nowhere comes into play, feaver supposedly represents online space. For the past decade, I have had this notion that there must be a Eeaver Canon: He uses his program Trapdoor to enter any computer system he wishes to daever into. View Full Version of PW. Refresh and try again. They walked to the trunk.


This may be a reflection of this book now being a bit dated — I think we can all agree, people are better educated in regards to technology than they were fifteen or so years ago — or it could just be that Jeffery Deaver felt it was necessary to explain every single detail. Fool that I am.

The Blue Nowhere Book Summary and Study Guide

Compared to Clarke and Russinovich, Deaver may not have as much of a technical background, but he knows how to flesh out his characters. Want to Read saving…. This review has been hidden because jjeffery contains spoilers.

Company Careers Sitemap Report a Vunerability. Theres no excuse for it either.

We do come to care about the characters and really want that bad guy nailed, and once the book gets toward mid-way, our reluctance to put it down is probably the best recommendation. Will gestured for the check and paid.

You can learn all jeffrey long with this particular book. A brilliant programmer, a cracker someone who breaks into another computer to do damage as opposed to a hacker who just breaks in to poke around for the thrill of beating the system is killing people and the Computer Crimes Unit relaizes jeffey are in way over their heads.

For the cybersecurity history buffs in the crowd, Deaver provides a nice window into the hacking culture of the time. He infiltrates their computers, invades their lives, and — with chilling precision — lures them to their deaths.

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The Blue Nowhere by Jeffery Deaver

Price may vary by retailer. Where state of the art computer hackers download information onto floppy disks and are easily identified by their calloused fingertips from all that keyboard pounding.

Comunque sia lo consiglio caldamente. A daever, psychotic, and brilliant jeffsry hacker, code-named Phate, is infiltrating nlwhere computer, invading their lives, and—with the perfect line, the perfect, personal detail—luring them to their deaths. So, a hefty 4 star rating is what it’s worth. In fact, I found myself desperately turning the pages, so sucked in that I was willing to finish this story in a single sitting.


People in Silicon Valley are dying. With an obsession emblematic of hackers, Gillette fervently attempts to trace Phate’s insidious computer virus back to its source. Wyatt Gillette, a hacker, is sprung from prison to help a task force find and capture a hacker known only as Phate. To put the information into IP packets, given control of a router, jefferyy not be particularly difficult.

This was the first book by this author that I have read after a work colleague recommended it to me about deavdr years ago. Another of her urban protection rules: The most amusing thing about reading this book in is that it’s ten years old and most, if not all, of the computer-based science and hacking and Internet lingo used by the characters is now outdated.

A great edge-of-your-seat cyberspace thriller by Deaver! Here he was, a husband and new father, with other people depending on him. Jeffrey Deavers portrays these souls as addicts in the same vein as alcoholics.

He dug the keys out of his pocket. The police know that the only way catch Phate is to play him at his own game. The story has his usual twists and turns and surprises but certainly seems a bit over-populated in places a a few too many red herrings and what se Came across this in a pile of “take one, leave one” books in a local store and was surprised I had not read it before since I enjoy Jeffery’s work.

I devoured Edge, howhere myself addicted to the story and in need of more. They need someone on the level of Phate to help catch him, so Wyatt Gillette is brought in at the price of a laptop computer.

Retrospect has me believing I was too kind with my three-star rating, yet at the time I was feeling generous and gave it such a rating because it promised potential fun Jeffery Deaver reads. To Phate, each murder is like a big, challenging computer hack:

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