Buy Bosch DMF 10 Zoom Professional Metal Detector, LED Display . Browse our latest cable-metal-stud-detectors offers. Free Next Day Delivery. manual// Just make sure you get the professional blue model (DMF 10 zoom) not the similar looking.

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Switching On and Off B Before switching the measuring tool on, make sure that the sensor area 9 is not moist.

Bosch DMF 10 Zoom Operating Instructions Manual (Page 11 of )

After 100 brief self-check, the measuring zopm is ready for operation. Nach einem kurzen Selbsttest ist das Messwerkzeug betriebsbereit. When the calibration process was successful, the measuring tool will start over after a few seconds and is then ready for operation. Deposite el aparato de medida sobre la superficie a explorar.

En caso de no activarse ninguna tecla del aparato de medida durante aprox. After moving over the same area several times, the wooden object can be indicated quite accurately: The measuring indicator f has the greatest amplitude over the centre of the wooden object. To continue searching for wooden objects, switch back to the detecting-wood function.

Batteries no longer suitable for use can be directly returned at: Introduire la pile fournie. Pour ce faire, sortir le crayon 11 de l’appareil de mesure et effectuer un mesurage comme habituellement. Do you already have an account?


MurdochOct 20, The “Zoom” measuring indicator e is inactive manua scanning for wooden objects. The first thing I generally do is try it out above my light switches in home. The “Zoom” measuring indicator e has the greatest amplitude over the centre of the metal object.

Ist das Messwerkzeug sehr nahe an der Leitung vier bzw.

Bosch DMF 10 Zoom Operating Instructions Manual Page 11

Last edited by a moderator: Achten Sie dabei auf die richtige Polung entsprechend der Darstellung auf der Innenseite des Batteriefachs. For this, remove the pencil 11 from the measuring tool and carry out the scan as usual.

Bei abgeschaltetem Signalton erscheint im Display die Anzeige j. I look after my gear and it doesn’t get thrown around, so not sure of what’s going on.

For this, press the metaldetection button 6 and the wood-detection button 5 at the same time.

Store and transport the measuring tool only in the supplied protective case. Operating temperature Storage maual Battery Rechargeable battery Operating lifetime alkali-manganese batteries approx. RockingitOct 8, This seems no better than the cheap ones that don’t work Now the illuminated ring 1 lights up green, the “AutoCal” calibration indicator g is displayed again, the “Zoom” function indicator d as well as the arrow below it go out.

Bosch DMF 10 Zoom Operating Instructions Manual (Page of )

If none of the measuring tool buttons are pressed for approx. Sie erkennen diese Bereiche in der Dfm Metallsuche. I played with one ELEX it’s the dogs bits, like hand held penetrating radar, but the cost is hard to justify.

  AFPD 91-2 PDF

Observe only the “Zoom” measuring indicator e for the scan. Then press the “ZOOM” button 4 and keep it pressed. Pdf file can be able to view any time also in “offline state” without internet connection. MarkieSparkieOct 20, Do not remove the felt pads 8 on the back side of the measuring tool. Share This Page Tweet.

Bosch DMF 10 Zoom Operating Instructions Manual Page 180

I find the spec a little ambiguous: When the battery indication k flashes, measuring is still possible for approx. Lighting in old conduit drops? Do not dispose of measuring tools into household waste!

It says copper detected at a depth of up to 80mm, but then the user manual says live cables at a depth up to 50mm less if they’re not liveso how large does the copper need to be in order to detect it at a depth of 80mm?

Product Features The numbering of the product features shown refers to the illustration of the measuring tool on the graphic page. In this case, press the “ZOOM” button 4 and keep it pressed while continuing to move the measuring tool over the area.

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