Manuals and User Guides for Brother IntelliFax We have 2 Brother IntelliFax manuals available for free PDF download: User Manual, Quick Setup. Office Manuals and free pdf instructions. Find the office and computer equipment manual you need at ManualsOnline. Brother Fax Machine User Manual. User’s guide, Fax • Read online or download PDF • Brother IntelliFAX User Manual.

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Register your product on-line at http: Your registration with Brother: Telephone Service for Australia Printing Reports Fax reports Important Information for Some Countries General Information Using intellfiax documentation Thank you for buying a Brother machine! Reading the documentation will help you make the most of your machine.

Symbols and conventions used in the documentation The following symbols and conventions are used throughout the documentation. Also, Puts the current phone call on hold.

Chapter 1 7 Menu keys: Menu Lets you access the menu to program your settings in the machine. Volume keys In Fax mode, you can press these keys to adjust the ring volume. Loading documents and paper Loading documents You can send a fax and make copies from the ADF automatic document feeder.

You can use plain paper only. To get the best print quality, we suggest using Brother paper. If Brother paper is brogher available in your country, we recommend testing various papers before purchasing large quantities.

Avoid touching the printed surface of the paper immediately after printing; Loading paper How to load paper If the paper support flap 1 is open, close it, and then pull the paper tray completely out of the manal. Open the out put tray cover 2.

Press and hold the universal guide release button 1 as you slide out the front of the paper tray to match the paper size you are using. Chapter 2 Gently adjust the paper side guides with both hands and the paper length guide to fit the paper. Make sure that the paper guides touch the edges of the paper. Note Be careful that you do not push the paper in too far; Printable Area The figure below shows the unprintable areas on cut sheet paper.

The machine cannot print in the shaded areas.

Loading documents and paper Bottom 2 Left 3 3 mm 0. You can still receive telephone calls in Power Save mode. For further information on receiving faxes in the power save condition, please see the table on page Mode Timer The machine has two temporary mode keys on the control panel: You can change the amount of time the machine takes after the last Copy operation before it returns to Fax mode default.

If you choose Off, the machine stays in the mode you used last. Setting Daylight Saving Time You can set the machine to change manually for daylight savings time. If you select On, it will reset the time forward one hour and if you select Off, it will reset the time backward one hour. Setting up the password Press Menu, 2, 0, 1. Enter the 4-digit number for the password. Press a or b to choose Set TX Lock. Enter the registered 4-digit password. Sending a fax Entering Fax mode To enter fax mode, press the key will glow green.


Dial the fax number. The machine starts scanning the document. If more than one page has been scanned, press Start to send the portion that is in the memory.

Cancelling a Broadcast in progress Press Menu, 2, 6. The LCD will show the fax number being dialled. Chapter 5 Press a or b to choose Auto, Light or Dark. Note Even if you choose Light or Dark, the machine will send the fax using the Auto setting if you choose Photo as the fax resolution.

Changing Fax Resolution The quality of a fax can be improved by changing the fax resolution. Real time transmission When you are sending a fax, the machine will scan the documents into the memory before sending.

Then, as soon as the phone line is free, the machine will start dialling and sending. If the memory is full, the machine will send the document 136 real time even if Real Time TX is set to Off. Chapter 5 Delayed Faxing During the day you can store up to 50 faxes in the memory to be sent kanual 24 hours.

These faxes will be sent at the time mznual day you enter in step d. Make sure you are in Fax mode Load your document. Sending a fax manually Manual transmission lets you hear the dialling, ringing and fax-receiving tones while sending a fax. Receiving a Fax Receive modes You must choose the receive mode the external devices and telephone services you have on your line.

Choosing the Receive Mode By default, your machine will automatically receive any faxes that are sent to it. The diagram below will help you choose the correct mode. You may want to change the ring delay before using these modes. See Ring Delay on page Fax only The Fax Only mode will automatically answer every call as a fax call.

If the call is a fax your machine will receive it. Press Menu, 2, 1, 1. Press a or b to choose how many times the line rings before the machine answers for Australia, for New Zealand, for some Chapter 6 If Memory Receive is Off: The machine will carry on receiving the current fax, with the remaining pages being stored in memory, if enough memory is available.

Brother 1360 Fax Machine User Manual

Further incoming faxes will not be stored in memory. The machine will then stop automatically answering calls until fresh paper is put in the paper tray. Telephone and External devices Voice Operations Voice calls can be made either with the handset, an extension or external telephone, and bbrother dialling manually or by using Quick- Dial numbers.

Making a telephone call Pick up the handset. When the voice call comes in, all phones extension and external and the fax machine will ring to alert you to pick it up. If a fax call comes in, the fax machine will answer automatically The fax machine will ring on the third ring with a standard ring pattern.


All external and the extension phones will continue to ring, until you or a telephone answering device can answer the voice number. It is a fast way 136 screen your calls. You can respond quickly to calls you missed, because Caller IDs are received and stored in your machine memory.

And the people who call to talk on your main number will not have to talk to your fax machine.

Basically, it gives you two independent numbers without the higher cost of a second Extension phones will ring as usual. If the fax machine recognizes the ring pattern, all ringing will stop and the fax machine will answer and automatically receive the fax message.

Brother IntelliFAX 1360 User Manual

Otherwise, you will hear the extension phones and the fax machine continue to ring. Businesses that provide mail order services, money-lending services or provide confidential information, can protect themselves from false orders or acceptance of false identification. At Home Residential customers can protect themselves from unwanted calls. Chapter 7 Telephone Service for Some Countries Distinctive Ring For Singapore and Hong Kong This machine feature lets you use the Distinctive Ring subscriber service offered by some telephone companies, which allows you to have several telephone numbers on one phone line.

Each phone number has its own Distinctive Ring pattern, so you will know which phone number is ringing. Call your telephone company for details. This service provides you, by means of the screen display, the telephone number or name of your caller as the line rings.

Chapter 7 Connecting an external TAD telephone answering device You may choose to connect an external answering device. Brother does not recommend the use of a PABX line. PABX limitations in general can cause some functions of the fax machine not to work correctly. Chapter 7 Operation from extension telephones If you answer a fax call on an extension or an external telephone plugged into the correct socket on the machine, you can make your machine take the call by using the Fax Receive Code.

When you press the Fax Receive Intelliifax l 5 1 l 9 1 for New Zealandthe machine starts brothr receive the fax. Dialling and storing numbers How to Dial Manual dialling Press all of the digits of the fax number. Storing One-Touch Dial numbers Your machine has 5 One-Touch keys where you can store 10 fax or phone numbers for automatic dialling.

To access numbers 6 to 10, hold down Shift as you press the One-Touch key. Press Menu, 2, 3, 1.

Brother Fax Machine User Guide |

Press the One-Touch key where you want to store a number. Chapter 8 Setting up Groups for broadcasting If you regularly want to send the same fax message to many fax numbers you can set up a Group.

Groups are intellifsx on a One-Touch key or a Speed-Dial number. Each group uses up a One-Touch key or a Speed-Dial location. Remote fax options You can use only one remote fax option at a time.

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