BUZ 73 L. V. 7 A. Ω. TO AB. CSA2. Maximum Ratings. Parameter. Symbol. Values. Unit. Continuous drain current. TC = 28 °C. ID. 7. A. BUZ73 from Motorola Solutions, Inc.. Find the PDF Datasheet, Specifications and Distributor Information. BUZ73 Datasheet, BUZ73 PDF, BUZ73 Data sheet, BUZ73 manual, BUZ73 pdf, BUZ73, datenblatt, Electronics BUZ73, alldatasheet, free, datasheet, Datasheets, .

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The transistor re- mains non-conductive. The assembly language source file is on this page. The information in this data book describes the type of component and shall datazheet be considered as assured characteristics. D En dataeheet mcanique, le roulement mcanique est un composant mcanique utilis pour le guidage en rotation ou en translation. Approx, weight 2 g Dimensions in mm Absolute maximum ratings Drain-source voltage Drain-gate voltage, f? The values of the dc voltage between gate-source and drain-source, as well as the measuring fre- quency are specified.

This letter has no fixed meaning, with the following exceptions: You may use vatasheet information provided here for personal and educational purposes but you may not republish or use this information for any commercial purpose without explicit permission. DS onthis results in a lower resistance value.

Optimum design and trend-setting new discoveries in MOS technology resulted in new power transistors with hitherto unknown switching characteristics. Mounting instructions 29 7. The specified gate-source voltage V GS is set. The string of resistors across the top of the board are series connected to make a Ohm 2 watt resistor. This again results in extremely low R DS on values. Generally, the drain-source on-state resistance R DS on is measured in the saturation range.

Within this range, all values of I D and V DS are permitted, if they do not thermally overload the transistor.


Catalogue roulement snr pdf

If it is necessary to bend the leads by hand, the lead must be held with pliers between the bending point and the header without causing bkz73. Search the history of over billion web pages on the Internet. The circuit consists of a power supply, a capacitor back-up circuit, a Atmel ATtiny12 microcontroller as a timer, and solid state realy circuit to switch the AC voltage in the doorbell circuit.

Catalogue roulement snr pdf Test circuits according to DINsheet 6, and IEC G The temperature values for the specified parameters, stated in the data sheets, are to be ad- hered to during the respective measurements.

Absolute maximum datawheet The limits stated in the data sheets are absolute limit values. Silicon diox- ide isolates the gate from the epitaxial layer beneath it, and from the aluminum source metal- lization. The hole diameter in the heat sink may be between 3. The nuz73 R G is the gate resistance resulting from the internal structure of the transistor.

Should the source connection potential be located above the one of the drain connection, the transistor buz3 function as a bipolar diode; i. Type designation code 10 1. A value greater than the gate threshold voltage results in a low-resistive drain- source path. While on the subject of electrostatic discharge and reliability, this is a good point to mention that the BUZ MOSFFET needs to be handled carefully in order to avoid damaging it or reducing its reliability through electrostatic discharge.

Pulse width is para- meter. T 6 The transistor begins to function as a Miller integrator, with the maximum Miller capacitance. Satasheet 13 Technical Information 14 1.

When the drain- source voltage is negative, however, current can flow from source to drain through the PN di- ode. The heart of the circuit is the ATtiny12 programmed to time 24 hour cycles.

This results in a mounting force of max. This makes it easy to buuz73 the timer’s cycle at any time by merely reaching up and pressing the button on the top of the box cover removed for the photograph.


Buz73 datasheet pdf

Use of information presented on this site for personal, nonprofit educational and noncommercial use is encouraged, but unless explicitly stated with respect to particular material, the material itself may datzsheet be republished or used directly for commercial purposes. The simple user interface dataseet comprised of a resync button to synchronize the timer, a bypass switch to bypass the timer if desired, and two status indicator LEDs. The hole has to be levelled down. The guz73 of the dc voltage between gate-source and drain-source connections, as well as the measuring frequency are specified.

Dick Cappels’ project pages http: A gate-source voltage value which is smaller than the gate threshold voltage results in a highly resistive drain- source path.

By con- necting several thousand individual transistors in parallel on one chip, excellent utilization of the silicon is possible. The general handling regulations for electrostatically critical semiconductors must be adhered to.

The bell transformer, the doorbell datashete, and the doorbell are not in the enclosure – they are built into the house. The drain connection is conductively connected to mounting flange.

(PDF) BUZ73 Datasheet download

Calle Manuel Zambrano, y Panamer. The inversion layer that forms the channel in the P region beneath the gate electrode, continues in form of an enhancement zone in the epitaxial layer beneath the whole gate surface.

The mounting hole in the mounting plate has to be levelled down; the maximum diameter is 3. Surface Position shiny blackened vertical 0.

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