B&W’s flagship CM9 is the pick of an impressive new range. Back to the days when Bowers and Wilkins simply called itself B&W, the but now there are four stereo pairs, of which this £1, per pair CM9 is the largest. B&W CM9 Speakers (Pair) from Superfi. Good looking and great Bowers and Wilkins’ CM9 speakers are stylish high performance free standing speakers.

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The designers have opted for a narrow enclosure, achieved by using two small diameter bass units in parallel instead of a single larger one. Missing, again, one last bit of openness and that little feeling of bb&w which we can reach out and touch her. The fourth model, the CM9, is the top-dog in the CM range and xm9 the largest model. Music I began my evaluation, as I usually do, with two-channel music and just the CM9s driven full range.

Yamaha RX V 5. Something I did not think would be possible, but somehow managed it. It is quite transparent, though, and should be used with clean-sounding electronics, if you don’t want to excite the slight residual boxiness identified above. This is palpably a very accurate loudspeaker with a full, but well contained bass and a treble quality that has come some way from the occasionally thin, edgy quality of ccm9 earlier generations of metal dome tweeters.

The amp seemed under powered for the task, but I think it had more to do with the maximum output you can get from the CM9’s. But it had limited trouser-flapping ability and needed a lot of power to have any useful output. This was a really nice house, but holy shit this is the worst room I’ve ever been in for audio. The result is a loudspeaker that is obviously smooth and in control, but is also capable of delivering real surprises when the occasion demands, one of which was playing a CD of wind h&w, a new Naxos title called Passaggiwhich is scheduled for review in choice cuts next month.


It has the most extended bass and given a suitable amplifier, will play the loudest.

All user reviews for the B&W CM9

Vanatoo’s new speaker, The Transparent Zero review is up! The sound of the tweeter is under ck9 although I regret a little bit of openness and detail in this frequency.

The full-range CM9 speakers have a number of common features. Our members also liked: Our Verdict Refined floorstander hits almost all the right spots on the button. Skip to main content.

This tweeter makes high frequency noise, and the midrange doubles as a bullet proof vest. Holiday Sales Were the Strongest in Years. You also get carpetpiercing spikes and hard, round-section feet as an alternative, with enough adjustment available in each case to take care of uneven flooring. Paradigm Prestige 75F Loudspeaker Review.

B&W CM9 Theatre review | What Hi-Fi?

Too bad, it will not be me and suddenly, -1 for the service. Ratings and Reviews Write a review. If I &bw to talk about finishing, I can say it is very spectacular. Hence the range now extends to two compact two-ways, two floorstanders, two centre speakers and a subwoofer. We haven’t see the response plot, but most of it probably lies below the line, between 0 and -3dB, with the output holding within 2dB over a ten degree vertical arc and 60 degrees horizontally.


Recommended System Finder – Just in time for the Holidays! The speaker did not like especially when I got up and walked b&e the room. When it comes down to it, the investment he made in speakers can be seen but not heard. But I could see this model to 2, euros a pair, new on the net.

We crossed the sub extra low keeping it confined to the world of rumbles and vibrations. I listened for hours without fatigue.

Bowers & Wilkins CM9 – £1, – Loudspeakers

You remember how I said the room was shit, here is the proof. The CM9 doesn’t need to be driven hard to perform well and it will cope with more power for longer should it be required and when the amplifier allows. The quality of CM Series g&w units has made it possible to use minimalist crossovers throughout the whole range. Against Hint of colouration in some amplifier hook-ups Some transparency that requires clean-sounding electronics. This room is still putting out above dB at ms between Hz and 4K.

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