‘Compulsively gripping Tudor murder mysteries As a plot with a clutch of steel pulls you through dramatic twists and turns and vivid, knowledgeable, widely. Revelation: A Matthew Shardlake Tudor Mystery [C. J. Sansom] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The Matthew Shardlake Tudor Mystery. Revelation is a historical mystery novel by British author C. J. Sansom. It is Sansom’s fifth novel, and the fourth in the Matthew Shardlake Series. Set in .

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The historical aspects of the time are very sansok done, and I got a great sense of the religious tensions and fear that must have pervaded London and King Henry VIII got nuttier and nuttier. Life becomes very dangerous at times for our hero and there are numerous very gruesome murders!

The other great appeal of these books, apart from the cast of regular characters, is the richness of Sansom’s historical research. Shardlake pledges to Dorothy that he will find Roger’s killer and bring him to justice. Another great read in the Shardlake series.

Preview — Revelation by C. The dialogue is, naturally enough, not of the time, but flavored with a sense of the time.

Morse in doublet and hose

Guy Malton, Matthew takes on a case more dangerous than any he has taken on before. Gruesome deaths the like of which they have never seen. This is an excellent addition to the series — intelligent, thoughtful and well written — a superior historical mystery. His peculiar and desperate behaviour having landed him in The Bedlam, Shardlake is appointed to the boys case and he must solve the riddle of this young man’s mind before the conservative powers would have him burned or some such other grisly fate.

This one and book two are both set in London and are my favourites of the four I have read so far. Meanwhile, we see our favourite barrister once again emeshed in politics — a dangerous place where he least wants to be – reveltion he and his sidekick Barak pursue a violent killer through murder after murder.

A serial killer is using versus in the Book of Revelations to carry out his killings. So, no, pouty lips and following dumb celebrities is not new at all. This story is much darker than the previous volumes, with a serial killer stalking victims and torturing them according to his interpretation of verses in the book of Revelation. Meaning the reader can read the series at leisure, very handy considering how large these books are getting. Sansom is an excellent writer, and his book are immensely satisfying.


As always with the Shardlake novels, there is an incredible sense of time and place.

Revelation (Sansom novel) – Wikipedia

Matthew Shardlake, meanwhile, is working on the case of a sajsom boy, a religious maniac locked in the Bedlam hospital for the insane. Everything is tied up and you get the answers to all the questions raised. Book four in my favorite historical mystery series. Crime fiction CJ Sansom reviews. Only today I was reading about a young woman who had used a lip sucking device to create the pout of a celebrity whose name escapes me.

Not strictly necessary, but the read is richer for taking them in order. Life becomes very The fourth installment in this excellent series and it is easily worth five stars. The second mystery involves Shardlake’s young client Adam, a boy who used to be cheerful, strong, and healthy, who has turned to obsessive prayer and tuned out the rest of the world. But in the Sixteenth Century, a time of intense religious fervour, some can only fathom it as demonic possession.

Mathew’s good friend, another lawyer, is found killed and left in a fountain near their quarters and Mathew has promised his wife that he will find the killer. Cranmer wants the murderer found quickly and without alerting the king, as he fears the killings are a way to influence Henry to return to the old ways.

Opat je imenovan za dekana, znalo se da je jedan od Revelarion ljudi koji je ubrzao njegovo zatvaranje.

Revelation by C. J. Sansom | : Books

Overall, the author has taken on a challenging set of themes – the murders take place against, and are interwoven with, a background of religious persecution and failure to understand the nature of madness. On returning home later one evening he discovers a body in the fountain, this is It is the end of winter in and Henry is wooing Catherine Parr with the intention of making her his sixth wife. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. Shardlake has agrees to take on the case of a lad who has been diagnosed as mad and who is in the asylum called Bedlam.


With this installment in the Matthew Shardlake series, I think I can safely say that CJ Sansom has taken his place as my second favorite modern author Sharon Kay Penman being my favorite. Powell rated it really liked it. Nicely paced too, with an excellent climax as the events unfold at the end.

As with Dissolution, the other book from this series that I’ve read, the history in this story is much stronger than the mystery. So, we are now up to Catherine Parr. You, the reader, will be kept guessing all the way. The chase is on, and Shardlake, with a familiar cast of characters, solves the mystery with hard work and intellect.

Sansom presents characters representing the diversity of religious though in mid sixteenth century England. In a race against time, Matthew and his trusted accomplice Jack Barak are on the trail of the killer. You feel drenched in Tudor culture.

Matthew, yet again, is going to be dragged into these great events.

The killer believes he’s following a Biblical order to murder seven people to bring about the end times as foretold in Revelationbut the only victim we feel connected to is Shardlake’s good friend. The “serial killer in Tudor England” approach was interesting, but ultimately didn’t interest me.

The political mystery involves a serial killer who is staging each murder to look like a scene from the book of Revelations–gruesome indeed. Brought before Archbishop Cramer, Matthew learns this is not the first such killing.


This time Matthew Shardlake is recalled for a mission by Thomas Cramer. Which is great sometimes because jet lag has really screwed me over this week and left me exhausted and yet unable to sleep at suitable hours.

In this novel, Shardlake takes on the mysteries and politics of religion. Too much romance and a lame drama at that He leads us through 16th-century London as confidently as if he lived there himself and even without the helpful endpaper maps, the reader can immediately visualise the muddy streets, the revflation along the South Bank and the ancient City walls.

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