Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Author and journalist Camilla Chafer writes for newspapers, magazines and websites throughout the world. She is also the. Illicit Magic: Book 1, Stella Mayweather Series (Volume 1) [Camilla Chafer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. More than three hundred. Illicit Magic (Stella Mayweather, book 1) by Camilla Chafer – book cover, description, publication history.

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As stated earlier the character builds were in depth and the reader was given the opportunity to explore the motivations and insights into them while still leaving room for development. I was so glad to find out that the ending of this book wasn’t really the ending of the story. The writing was easy to get into but there were a few slow spots where I got a bit bored. Adn then it happens.

This improved at just over half-way through with camillla introduction of a sexy love interest, and the mystery surrounding him. I have discovered authors I camillla have never read otherwise because I saw a free book and thought “Eh, if I don’t like it at least I am not out any money for it!

With her parents taken from her at a very early age, Stella Mayweather has spent most of her young life bounced around from foster home to foster home.

Illicit Magic (Book 1, Stella Mayweather Series)

YA lovers who wish to transition to older characters than teens. I would read more if given the opportunity. I know that’s vague, but no spoilers! But since she doesn’t know what’s “wrong” with her all type of weird things and calamities happen around her.


Moreover, when she meets Robert Bartholomew, his wife Eleanor and illlcit son, Marc, she feels uncomfortable. But mostly I want to know about sweet and sexy, Evan!

Illicit Magic (Stella Mayweather, book 1) by Camilla Chafer

She’s willing to do as he asks of her, yet never once did she imagine finding herself attracted to him. Read to Review giveaway. Although her first kiss appears to come quite sudden there will be an explanation why later in the book. They escape and fly to America.

This group of witches wants to train Stella in her magic, and keep her safe from witch hunters.

Illicit Magic

Stella figures the woman is nuts and then the nice lady poofs herself into Stella’s room. Dead to the World. I would recommend this book to adult readers it has sexual situations who like the YA paranormal romance genre, and readers of regular paranormal romance, although this isn’t a YA book, it has that feel. Stella MayweatherBook 1 Category: I thought I might giver the second book a chance anyways just to see if it got any better, but it didn’t.

She meets other like her – and have various gifts. She runs to her flat, and while there, a woman knocks on her door telling her to come with her NOW. Woman are are being burned alive on supposed accounts of their being witches. She’s saved by a mysterious new friend who whisks her away to America. Want to Read saving….


But first, she’ll need to stay alive long enough in order to achieve it. Every one of them is unique and most of them grew on me pretty fast. This book starts off a little slow for me and I have to admit Chaffr didn’t feel a connection to the heroine in the beginning.

Also by This Author. In I have to admit–free books are one of the great perks of owning an e-reader.

And her original thoughts on people, like Robert, can be so off About Publish Join Sign In. I really wanted to get into this book chxfer i just couldnt reviewed 20 days after purchase. She’s spent her life in London’s foster care system, constantly being carted from one home to another since strange things seemed to happen around her.

I couldn’t put it down. Overall, an enjoyable read, and I would consider reading the sequel. Evan, oh Evan, I hope you are okay, and that yoou go after her!

Besides leaving everything behind because it is in their ‘best interest’ is the caimlla plot line ever. In this series View all Book 3.

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