Cancionero Rumbero now online. It’s not perfect but it is the best we can do at the moment, and hopefully with your help it will get better. volume; Manuscript. In 77, 79;SPC Note esclavos pg 6 of catalog # 43, 50 Cancionero Rumbero. unpublished, University of Georgia, New York, , Web . Cancionero rumbero. n.d. (accessed October 29, ). Canizares, Raúl. Walking with the Night: The Afro-Cuban World.

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Cancionerorumbero Blogspot : El Cancionero Rumbero

Here is a playlist of eumbero in which El Goyo appears: It appears in the cancionero under the song “Sambale” from Rapsodia Rumbera. Photo from John Mason’s “Orin Oricha”. I am especially interested in getting complete lyrics to entire CD’s so if any one wants to help fill in those gaps that would be especially appreciated.

In the early 40’s Gregorio’s father, Isidoro, went into business for himself as a “botellero,” rising early each morning, going through the streets of Havana with a cart, “pregonando” and buying empty bottles from residents to resell at bottle collection companies.

A e, a e Ye, yoro, koro, gue mio Coro: A, a, a E, a E bele bi le bele be Coro: This CD also contains what is probably the first version of “Oyelos de nuevo,” a song written to dispel rumors that the group had broken up, and that they have recorded at several other points in their career. I always looked forward to your post, because I knew I’d get some more invaluable info. Eulogio el Amaliano, en situ. The version of “Ta contento el pueblo” is different from that on Puchito So up it all goes, to youtube.


Nice to be in touch again. No vayas a la rumba. In he gathered the greats of the genre in the studio to tell the history of rumba from the bandos de calle and the coros de clave through guarapachagueo and rumba-rap in the CD ” La Rumba es Cubana” Abdala UN-CD Papin y sus rumberos 1.

That Cd has many of the different forms of Afro-Cuban folkloric music.

¡Vamos a guarachar!: Orlando “Puntilla” Rios: Ibbae

When I saw the quote of the Manolo Ortega thing about “gustosamente regalamos” I started thinkin that rang a bell, then it came to me. Manda tus correciones por el “comments.

Y entonces ya en el plano de la cosa profesional y eso Something to work on When registering the song, Silvestre kept the text changes that had been made, so the song would make sense when performed in a son style: Koro ya, Oya nKoro Koro, gue mio.

Te aseguro yo Side 2: Eni o baba solo yu. A a a Coro: There are a lot more lyrics out there so it would be great if anybody has any to include please feel free to send them in. Newer Post Older Post Home. La reforma agraria – “Los Matanceros” 3. Wednesday, August 13, Orlando “Puntilla” Rios: About This Site Barry Patricio patricio. Users browsing this forum: El as de la rumba. Like I said, it ain’t perfect. More recently, in the early ‘s, Puntilla renewed contacts with rumberos of Havana for two new albums featuring pure rumba:.

Puntilla’s role in the rumbero and santero world has always been wide, but he also played a part on the Latin Jazz scene: Board index All times are UTC. He also has 3 CDs planned, for which he says he needs “apoyo material.


¡Vamos a guarachar!

Que era la ahijada del bodeguero prima hermana del viandero y comadre del carnicero Bele bele bele bele Coro: Que te pasa, hermano 3. Diles que yo soy Coro: Silvestre tells the story of how he cancionro a professional musician, and in doing so gives us a rare glimpse into the world of rumberos in Havana in the early ‘s, the rivalries that existed among them, and how those rivalries sometimes played out in “puyas,” songs that directly or indirectly challenged or insulted particular individuals.

Unfortunately, no other discographic information was included. Posted by Barry at Posted by Barry at 9: Posted by Barry at 4: De la Habana a Nueva York You can see which albums are included by looking at the “labels” on the right. Contributors Barry Philip Pasmanick patricio. He was one of the greats.

I remember you from years ago on the rec afro-latin newsgroup I bought my first folkloric CD based on I believe, your or Bill W. Bueno, pues ya a coger este cancionwro que ser conocido por la gente en el barrio como rumbero y eso. You’ll find most of the lyrics of this album on the Cancionero Rumbero blog. I still consider it my favorite. Please add your corrections under “comments.

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