Description, classification, synonyms, distribution map and images of Caranx crysos – Blue runner. Kingdom: Animalia. Taxonomic Rank: Species. Synonym(s): Caranx fusus Geoffroy Saint-Hilaire, Common Name(s): blue runner [English]. The Blue Runner, Caranx crysos. Illustration by Diana Rome Peebles Courtesy of Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission, Division of Marine.

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Sur la presence d’un Ateleopidae Melanogloea veritralis Barnard, ?

The upper jaw contains an irregular series of outer canines with an inner band of small, regularly spaced teeth, while the lower jaw contains a single band of small teeth. Importance of zooplankton in the diets of Blue Runner Caranx crysos near offshore petroleum platforms in the Northern Gulf of Mexico. It is considered a fairly low-quality table fish[9] and larger specimens are known to carry the ciguatera toxin in their flesh, with several cases reported from the Virgin Islands.

Fin colour also varies, with all fins ranging from to dusky or hyaline to olive green. The blue runner normally moves either in small schools or as solitary individuals, [9] although large aggregations of up to 10, individuals are known in unusual circumstances.


Complete Guide to Saltwater Fishing.

Blue runner

Eggs, larvae and young stages. The blue runner’s larval stage has been extensively described, carqnx distinguishing features including a slightly shallower body than other larval Caranxand a heavily pigmented head and body.

McKenney et al, Blue runner are easily attracted to any large underwater or floating device, either natural or man made. Boletim do Instituto de Pesca. These names are considered invalid junior synonyms under ICZN rules. The availability of fisheries statistics for the species is variable throughout its range, with the Americas having separate statistics kept for the species, while in Africa and Europe it is lumped in with other carangids in statistics.

Mitchill inbased on a specimen taken from the waters of New York BayUSA which was designated to be the holotype.

IUCN Red List of Threatened Species

Caribbean Coral Reef Fishery Resources A second edition of The biology, ecology, exploitation, and management of Caribbean reef fishes: You can continue searching for Caranx crysos on one of these Web sites:. American Journal of Tropical Health and Medicine. Monografia dei Carangini viventi nel Mediterraneo Pisces, Perciformes.

Pisces Carangidae e ai suoi rapporti con le forme affini.

The anal fin consists of 2 anteriorly detached spines followed by 1 spine and cryzos to 21 soft rays. Integrated Taxonomic Information System. I,Leptocardi, Ciclostomi, Selaci, pp.


Caranx pisquetus Cuvier, in Cuv. Blue runner is also of high importance to recreational crrysos, with anglers often taking the species both for food and to use as bait. As an incentive, ten percent of all donations will go to purchase spears, markers and other lionfish removal needs. Retrieved 13 November Scientific synonyms and common names Caranx crysos Mitchill, Synonyms: The blue runner is a fast-swimming predator which primarily takes small benthic fishes as prey in inshore waters.

Early development and larval distribution of the Carangid Fish Caranx crysos Mitchill.

Images Caranx crysos map. The blue runner is classified within the genus Caranxone of a number of groups known as the jacks or trevallies.

Bulletin of Marine Science. Other less commonly used names include ‘bluestripe jack’, ‘Egyptian scad’, ‘hardtail jack’, ‘hardnose’, ‘white back cavalli’, ‘yellow tail cavalli’, as well as a variety of broad names such as ‘mackerel’, ‘runner’ and ‘crevalle’. Fisheries, Reefs, and Offshore Development. Eastern Central Atlantic Vol 1.

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