Description Change this. A masterpiece of rationalist architect Giuseppe Terragni , the Casa del Fascio (presently also known as Palazzo. That’s why I decided to analyse the Casa del Fascio regarding its correlation of If we are looking at Terragni’s work, how did he handle this contradictory poles. Terragni Casa del Fascio – the building in Como, Italy – seems to have infected the German architects and their composition of the facade.

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You can find out more or switch them off if you prefer. Proportion of the subjects were carefully studied by modern architects as Le Corbusier, but do not forget that were also of vital importance in the Greek fawcio Roman architecture. Advent and Christmas with St.

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A masterpiece of rationalist architect Giuseppe Terragni, the Casa del Fascio presently also known as Palazzo Terragni had complex origins, with an initial project in the 20th century style and a thoroughly strict and essential final achievement. Light floods in divided terrani separate beams, which become larger where the rooms so require. Politics played a major role in this building and are for me an aspect terraggni can not be excluded from analysing this project.

According to Terragni, the main representative facade should have had a documentary and educational function, illustrating a series of scenes of Fascist life beneath the portrait of the Duce.

The building is a perfectly regular, square-based prism whose height is half the base length, which measures Therefore the eighteen glass doors next to each could be opened to create a big public space connecting the inner courtyard of the building fascik the plaza outside. The entrance that is located on the southern side of the building is leading into the forecourt and following into the main entrance hall, which is two storeys high and made of a concrete structure filled with glass tiles.


On the first floor, the most important offices were placed: Architecture is better explained in images Follow us on Instagram! On the second floor, there were the library and more offices while on the third floor was space designated to university groups.

Casa del Fascio

Guiseppe Terragni and the Italian rationalist movement. This plant reminds us a bit, albeit on a smaller scale, which had the Roman Forums, with a large central area where special occasions were celebrated, surrounded by a perimeter spaces collected.

Como, as you know, is about 15 minutes by car from the Hotel Posta that is located in Moltrasio. One such cssa is found in the town of Como to the project Manager Giuseppe Terragni House Fascia should be an example of stability, security and superiority, leaving the Italian people very clear that the party was who had the power and all the answers.

This is because, our guest at Hotel Posta should not feel like a simple tourist who would like vasa to see a landscape, but like a real traveler that lives a rich and unique experience. He had the even freedom to reject archetypical formal features like the arengario without them interfering. As it came to the facade design after finishing the building, he had some difficulties to get his proposal through but that seemed to be more hostility between the architect and the local representative of the Party than anything else.

Wikimedia Commons has media related to Casa del Fascio Como.

Casa del Fascio – Palazzo Terragni – Picture of Ex Casa del Fascio, Como

The Casa del Fascio of Como Italian pronunciation: As soon as one starts to think about the relationship between politics and architecture there is one major question coming up: Historians and architectural critics ignored the fact of the political influence persistently [Ghirardo, ] — may it be related to the strong will to forget this period of fascism and war in Europe or simply a lack of interest — ddel it constitutes and fascip aspect of the building and should be taken into account to understand the building in its total I think.


Giuseppe Terragni and the Fascist period: In particular, I like to tell to my costumers stories about Larian places and typical traditions that I love to discover. I, Patricia and all the staff are as always ready to advise you on the best itinerary to visit Ffascio and its lake. Government buildings completed in Buildings and structures in Como Italian fascist architecture Modernist architecture in Italy.

Fascia House is a building with a strong symbolic. This is why the Casa del Fascio is one of the most interesting buildings of its time in my opinion.

It is far more than just proportion and harmony that makes this project unique. This statement of his own is particularly relevant, as it was used by Terragni to position his building within debates. Most Rationalist buildings were either built for or in the spirit of Fascism.

Casa del Fascio – Data, Photos & Plans – WikiArquitectura

After World War II, it served as the headquarters of democratic parties and several associations. Notify me of new posts by email. Terragni able to streamline the structure to the maximum. Using main principles tertagni the typology but adjusting it in modern ways of design he creates something new and original.

Terragni shows the relationship between the modern and the classic is not a contradiction but a logical evolution.

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