Description Change this. A masterpiece of rationalist architect Giuseppe Terragni , the Casa del Fascio (presently also known as Palazzo. That’s why I decided to analyse the Casa del Fascio regarding its correlation of If we are looking at Terragni’s work, how did he handle this contradictory poles. Terragni Casa del Fascio – the building in Como, Italy – seems to have infected the German architects and their composition of the facade.

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A masterpiece of rationalist architect Giuseppe Terragni, the Casa del Fascio presently also known as Palazzo Terragni had complex origins, with an initial project in the 20th century style and a fzscio strict and essential final achievement.

The (ex) “Casa del Fascio” and the Terragni’s rationalist architecture in Como

However, due to the beginning of the World War II and the political focus on it, no terrabni were ever fitted on the facade. When we think about countries that lived under the totalitarian regimes and the architecture that was built during years that we think back to a neoclassical style that was to bring this long-sought stability and taxation by governments. On one hand, they often contained the only theatre, cinema or library in town with newspapers including the latest csa. Using main principles of the typology but adjusting it in modern ways of design he creates something new and original.

This very basic idea of the building was not only meant to visualise the spiritual values of the party for a new era of civilisation — it was as well the attempt of Terragni to create a spatial metaphor of identity and collective life.

The proportions of the facades are studied from math as I have said, but the relationship between modern and classic is not here.

Once saved, we are on a porch above the entrance. He had the even freedom to reject archetypical formal features like the arengario without them interfering.


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Como is truly a city to discover, here you can find a mix of history, art and culture, from the Roman era to the twentieth century. Proportion of the subjects were carefully studied by modern architects as Le Corbusier, but do not forget that were also of vital importance in the Greek and Roman architecture.

Casa del Fascio Change this. As the local party chief argued the building would have needed more decoration to correct the iconographic deficiency of the facade perceived by the locals.

Ex Casa del Fascio Terragni rationalist architecture Como

The staircase and the porch perimeter in the Greek or front tdrragni Roman were two characteristic features trrragni classical temples. Giuseppe Terragni and the Fascist period: One such venue is found in the town of Como to the project Manager Giuseppe Terragni House Fascia should be an example of stability, security and superiority, leaving the Italian people very clear that the party was who had the power and all the answers.

Retrieved from ” https: Guiseppe Terragni and the Italian rationalist movement.

I, Patricia and all the staff are as always ready to advise you on the best terragni to visit Como and its lake. VIP wedding on the lake Como.

Casa del Fascio – Palazzo Terragni – Picture of Ex Casa del Fascio, Como – TripAdvisor

ddel Sincethe building has housed the provincial headquarters of the Guardia di Finanza police force. Government buildings completed in Buildings and structures in Como Italian fascist architecture Modernist architecture in Italy.

Facebook Twitter Google Pinterest. Fascia House is a building with a strong symbolic. The grid fasciio slightly manipulated, to the extent that neither its dimensions nor its proportions are numerically regular. A large grid formed by the 20 empty rectangles of the balconies terratni from this front. Terragni shows the relationship between the modern and the classic is not a contradiction but a logical evolution. Terragni was forced to break his perfect grid in the main facade with a cloth blind csa be used to display advertising of the game something very typical of the Russian avant-garde and wanted to take this tax to line the plane of white marble, the same which contracted in the temples.


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The architect, born in in Meda, is still remembered for being the greatest exponent of the Italian Movement for Rational Architecture Fasfioin he opened a studio in Como with his brother Attilio, engineer.

Casa del Fascio

The result is a unicum, where each detail is an architectural item taking part in the life of the whole, the pattern of a table is the same as the pattern of the building. The so-called Case served as headquarters of the political party PNF all over Italy, placing Fascist authority in every village. Terragni main materials used were few, but all selected with a symbolic purpose as well as troubleshoot, of course, the practical aspects of daily use of the building.

From Bollywood to Como: We look forward, as always, with a smile! Regional and national party leaders suggested installing other, more symbolic decorations, what Terragni could forestall.

In particular, I like to tell to my costumers stories about Larian places and typical traditions that I love to discover. How was he influenced by Fascism and the totalitarian regime he worked for — and is this influence visible in his built architecture?

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