The Consumer Chemicals and Containers Regulations, (CCCR, ) under the Canada Consumer Product Safety Act (CCPSA)) help. CCCR, – INTRODUCTION. Using the Health Canada Reference Manual for the. Consumer Chemicals and Containers Regulations, Requirements of. We are happy to see that more and more Canadian E-liquid Manufacturers (even some outside of Canada) are opting to follow the Consumer.

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The CCCR, statements are the minimum that a manufacturer is required to put on a label. Since the space available on the front of the container limits the amount of labelling that can be placed there, the specific hazard statements, positive and negative instructions, and the first aid statement are allowed to be placed on any part ccr the display surface.

If the product can bond skin with skin, then the hazard exists and the time it takes for the bonding to occur is less relevant.

CCCR 2001: Canadian Consumer Label Review

Do not get on skin or clothing. Only acute toxicity test data using the product or layer on animals are acceptable. The ccct in parentheses that follow the item numbers indicate the item number of the standard in the French language table.

Without the tube, the spray is a mist and the product qualifies for the exemption of paragraph 40 2 a. Unlike corrosive 20001, the irritant hazard does not warrant the use of a symbol, due to the reversible nature of health effects upon exposure.

Estimation of the toxicity of the product as a whole in such cases may significantly misrepresent the hazard when the upper layer that separates, or supernatant layer, will be accessible as a distinct mixture or solution and may be so ingested by cccr child.

However, manufacturers and importers are to be discouraged from deliberately over-stating the hazards posed by a product.

For complex mixtures, such as pine oil, the generic name may be used. Products should be examined on a case-by-case basis to ascertain whether this false impression has been created.


However, if a product contains ingredients in addition to the substance of special concern that would make the product more hazardous, then the product must be classified into the higher sub-category see subsection 4 3. The following table provides information on the toxic effect of substances included in the list of substances of special concern:.

Where there is more than one hazard symbol, they should be placed in a row parallel to the base of the container and centred on the main display panel.

Professional judgement is allowed to ascertain whether the product meets the criteria without actually testing the product, on the following condition: The acid reserve is required for products with a pH ccvr 1 to 3; the alkali reserve for products with vccr pH of 11 to This review of more recent exposure data concluded that MEKP would more accurately be classified in the sub-category “toxic” for ingestion LC 50 and LD 50 values.

This objective will have been met by the signal word and primary hazard statement for toxicity, corrosivity or flammability that already ccct on the main display panel. Legislation governing the labelling of shipping containers and transportation vehicles containing various types of dangerous goods falls under the jurisdiction of the Transportation of Dangerous Goods Act, administered by Transport Canada.

Hazard warnings must remain legible throughout the lifetime of the product, and not fade, run, rub off or peel off under normal use. Human experience with a product is the best indicator of its potential hazard, in view of the variability in response to materials between individuals and between species.

Finally, it gives cccf for administering immediate first aid to the victim. Products represented for use to keep eyeglasses clean perform a function essential in enabling the lenses of the eyeglasses to correct vision.

Frequently Asked Questions – Consumer Chemicals and Containers Regulations, –

A product cccr fall within more than one hazard category, based on its inherent hazards. Once aspirated, small amounts of certain substances can significantly injure the lung. Paragraph 33 a gives preference to classifying a product based on human experience data with the whole product as used by the consumer. The empty container must cccr filled with the product and tested in the same manner as a container that is full at the time of sale.


The hazardous ingredients must be listed in descending order of proportion. There are 72 points to an inch. Additivity formulas — LD 50 or LC 50 of mixtures. Ingestion of methanol may also cause nec-rosis and hemorrhaging in the brain. However, if other substances are present that do contribute to the inhalation toxicity of the ccr, such as 1,2,4-trimethylbenzene, then the product must be classified using the reported toxicological data for those substances.

CCCR 2001 & Health Canada Product Recalls

Human data may be used to show that the product meets or does not meet a classification criterion. Generally, companies have the tests done every 10 years or so but cccg not required by law.

A submission to Health Canada to request an exception from prohibition must clearly show the following:. The 0201 amount tolerated to allow the use of this exception will actually vary significantly based on the intended use going from a few drops for a quick skin bonding adhesive to few hundred millilitres for a fuel additive.

Manufacturers and importers are responsible in product liability law for properly assessing the risks of each product and formulation that they sell. This means that once the Crown prosecutor has proved that the accused imported a consumer chemical product that could only be imported as authorized by a regulation, the accused has the onus of proving the defence that an exception or exemption in the regulation applies to the accused and, hence, ccccr the importation of the product in question was legal.

On the other hand, a substance with an SVC of the same order of magnitude as the LC 50 would 201 not reach the lethal concentration. The hazard symbol must, when the main display panel has the area set out in column 1 of the table to this section, have a diameter at least 0201 large as that set out in column 2.

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