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CEH V6 Classroom Slides and Topic – VulPoint

Writing Virus Codes Module Can I get it? Covert Hacking Module Credit Card Frauds Module Assembly Language Tutorial Module We’ve been told by corporate to do a sociial inspection of your disaster recovery procedures.

Computer Forensics and Incident Handling Module How to Steal Passwords Module This is John, from Department X.

Reproduction is Strictly Prohibited Office Workers Desppite havingg the best firewall, intrusion-detection and antivirus systems, technology has to offer, you are still hit with security breaches One reason for this may be lack of motivation among workers Hackers can attempt social engineering attack on office workers to extract sensitive data such as: G l Hacking Module 5: VoIP Hacking Module CEHv6 Module 04 Google Hacking Routers, cable Modems and Firewalls Module Buffer Overflows Module Module 00 – Introducti Penetration Testing Module Internet Content Filtering Techniques Module Hacking Laws Module 3: They’re located just a few miles away and I think that if I can give them a quick tour of our facilitiesquick tour of our facilities, it should it should be enough to push them over the edge and get them to sign up.


Data Loss Prevention Module Jessica, she was an easyy targget for social engineering. Firewall Technologies Module Social Engineering Module M d l Will you please provide them to me? Session Hijacking Module We were trying to expose what Microsoft was doing,” said a fiery Ellison when repporters asked reppeatedlyy about the detective agency’s attempts at buying garbage.

Your department has 10 minutes to show me how you would recover from a Website crash. Viruses and Worms Module CEHv6 Module 01 Introd In a panic, he adds that if he misses the deadline on a big advertising project, his boss might fire him. It can be divided: I know this is short notice, but I have a group of perspective clients out in the car that I’ve been trying for months to get to outtsource th theiir secur itity t traiiniing needs to us. Footprinting Module Soical H ki M d l 4: George, our Finance Manager, Authorization asked that I engineerijg up the audit reports.

I’m with the external auditors Arthur Sanderson.


Ethical Hacking and Countermeasures v6 Exam code: Creating Security Policies Module I have forgotten my password. Phi hi Phishing Module Case Studies Module Hacking and Cheating Online Games Module We received a call that the computer room was getting too warm and need to check your HVAC system.

Seems someone hacked into their Website a while back, which is one of the reasons they’re considering our company. CEHv6 Module 02 Hackin Last night we had a system crash herecrash here, and we are checking for the lost and we are checking for the lost data.

Web Application Vulnerabilities Module Physical Security Module System Hacking Module 8: Privacy on the Internet Module Software Piracy and Warez Module Hacking Web Servers Eocial CEHv7 Module 19 Penetr Smashing the Stack for Fun and Profit Module Economic Espionage Module Introduction to Ethical Hacking Module 2:

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