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Cercando Alaska

Characters are loosely based on alsska high school experiences, including smoking cigarettes in the woods instead of going to class.

He concludes that the labyrinth was a person’s suffering and that humans must try to cercanndo their way out. Many comment on the relatable high school characters and situations as well as more complex ideas such as how topics like grief are handled.

Pudge and Colonel want to find out the answers to certain questions surrounding Alaska’s death, but in reality, they are enduring their own labyrinths of suffering, a concept central to the novel.

Looking for Alaska – Wikipedia

LewisAydinand Powell — March: On the last day of school, Takumi confesses in a note that he was the last person to see Alaska, and he let her go as well. However, Alaska later admits that she told on Marya and Paul to the dean, Mr. Starnes, to save herself from being punished.

Retrieved 6 December Archived from the original on Further paperback releases of the book also have the candle removed. Looking for Alaska was defended by the school district because they felt it dealt with themes relevant to students of this age, such as death, drinking cercxndo driving, and peer pressure. Retrieved 15 September Alaska sets Pudge up with a Romanian classmate, Lara.


The school’s spokesman argued that two pages of the novel included enough explicit content to ban the novel. Looking for Alaska first edition cover.

He also condemns the way that groups of parents underestimate the intelligence of teenagers and their ability to analyze literature. This page was last edited on 28 Decemberat By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. A week later, after another ‘celebration’, an freen Alaska and Pudge spend the night in each other’s presence, when suddenly Alaska receives a phone call which causes her to go into hysterics.

Reviews of Looking for Alaska are generally positive.

In MarchThe Knoxville Journal reported that a parent of a year-old Karns High School student objected to the book’s placement on the Honors and Advanced Placement classes’ required reading lists for Knox County high schools on the grounds that its sex scene and its use of vreen rendered it pornography.

Alaska and Pudge grow closer and he begins to fall in love with her, although she insists on keeping their relationship platonic because she has a boyfriend that she insists she loves.

How will I ever get out of this labyrinth! The two pranks that occur in the book are fercando to pranks that Green pulled at his high school.

Cercando Alaska : John Green :

McCaughrean — The White Darkness Green — Looking for Alaska Pudge finds Alaska’s copy of The General in His Labyrinth with the labyrinth quote underlined and notices the words “straight and fast” written in the margins.

As he explains, “I myself was once a guy from Florida who was obsessed with the dying words of famous people and then left home to attend a boarding school in Alabama. After the challenge, students were given an alternate book for any parents who were not comfortable with their children reading the book. Ultimately, Miles is able to come to the conclusion that Alaska would forgive him for any fault of his in her death and thus his grief is resolved in a healthy way.


An Interview with John Green.

Retrieved 30 October The gang celebrates a series of pranks by drinking and partying, and an inebriated Alaska confides about her mother’s death from an aneurysm when she was eight years old.

Retrieved 26 June Weberscreenwriters for Temple Hill Entertainment who had worked on adaptations for The Fault in Our Stars and Paper Townswould be writing and executive producing for the film. Myers — Monster Further controversy came from the cover art.

Despite the teachers providing an alternate book, parents still argued for it to be removed from curriculum due to its inappropriate content such as offensive language, sexually explicit content, including a scene described as “pornographic”, and references to homosexuality, drugs, alcohol, and smoking. During the week of July 29,Looking for Alaska broke into the New York Times best seller list at number ten in Children’s Paperback, weeks more than seven years after it was released.

The New York Times. Sedgwick — Midwinterblood Looking For Alaska was challenged by parents for its sexual content and moral disagreements with the novel. In in Marion County, Kentucky, parents have urged schools to drop it from the curriculum, referring cercnado it as influencing students “to experiment with pornography, sex, drugs, alcohol and profanity.

Almond — Kit’s Wilderness Retrieved from ” https: Retrieved 5 December Because this investigation turns into something that is used to deal with jihn harsh reality of losing Alaska, it leads to Pudge finding his way through his own personal labyrinth of suffering and finding deeper meaning to his life.

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