Enterprise API Examples · Tutorials. See Also: Tutorial for Running Examples. CFEngine Manual. Table of Contents. Table of Contents. CFEngine CFEngine is a configuration management system that provides a framework for.

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Event logs are the Windows counterpart to syslog from Unix.

By default, only promise not repaired and generic error events are logged to avoid flooding the Event Log. The result of this is that if the autoapt. Now, go to your terminal e.

CFEngine Reference

With this script you can do more than just add packages too – you can uninstall them. I don’t see any documentation for it and don’t see anywhere in the code cfenginf an apt-get remove is called.

On the down side it uses Ruby, isn’t as easy to install on Sarge and is less well known. A promise is a declaration of intent.

You can download both from here:. Well one common job for automating is to ensure that you have particular packages installed upon all your clients.


Windows special variablesPrevious: On the server side, Windows Server and newer is supported.

CFEngine master Documentation – Home

Those are some major changes from what was available before. How do you remove packages with this script? For example, services prone to security issues or errors can easily be given a disabled state. This will return to the command prompt.

Testing policies locallyUp: The Windows version of CFEngine Enterprise defines hard classes to pinpoint the exact version of Windows that it is running on, the service pack version and if it’s a server or workstation. For example see the copy action in this sample file. Posted by legooolas The following event ids are defined in CFEngine Enterprise, allowing categorisation of the log message based on its type. It should generate no output, which indicates correct syntax and license. No, they were made a while back – but I forgot to update the code here.

Sorry you are correct, please see the updated code here: Posted by Steve As you get familiar with CFEngine, you’ll probably start shortening this command to this ctengine. The autoapt files were originally taken from this site and updated to conform to the documentation. Exit the “Insert” mode by pressing the “esc” button. I’ve not seen that error before, but I think I can see where it comes from. Bundles allow related promises to be grouped together, as illustrated in the steps that follow.


Now exit “Insert” mode by pressing “esc”.

CFEngine 3.7 Manual

Yeah the sample file is just that – a sample. CFE Enterprise supports all of this, but we will just cover the basics in this document. I think that it will become much more popular when it becomes more mature – and then I can use cfengine to install it.

Note that if DomainController is defined, then WinServer is also defined, for natural reasons.

Policies contain eocumentationwhich are collections of promises. Also note the registryvalue function which can be used to read out value data from the registry and act upon it.

This is convergence — CFEngine is ensuring the desired state.

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