Raymond Camden’s blog contains an entry Exporting from CFGRID that we used in our project. The example in the article exports to PDF, but it. Below I have posted the sample code for exporting a table data in Excel/Pdf/CSV format. The code contains the comment line for each of the. I made this little script to add to all my cfgrid ‘s a button to export to Excel without programming anything on the backend. Under normal conditions you should.

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The first two are always passed by the client, and so they are required.

Filtering a cfgrid as you type -revisited- – AsFusion

Have that run each time some one click on tab 2. I want a tab to be invisible until a selection is made in the grid. The result in this code:. My solution I thought was simple.

Ignored if there is no bind attribute. Example If I have 10 names of schools in the DB and only 8 have links I only want the links for those schools 2 show. That’s all what you need to make it work with remoting. Thanks for all your help. ScareCrow, Actually, the simplest way to make it work with remoting is doing: Thanks for any help you can give me. It’s in a Mach-II app.

So the filter works great on the first search run dataset but then after I get a new search dataset result it seems like the dataprovider or recordset object is not getting updated with the new dataset thus the filter is still only working on the original dataset result.


I’m using the filter grid so a person can search for a customer. It is not good to call the server each time a user enters a letter.

You could actually get the length of cfgrrid data provider, but it would not assing to the global var. I’m using the latest version of CF with the built in web server. Hi, I have modified the code to populate the grid from a table and added a hard coded argument which is passed to the cfc and used in the modified select with a where clause to get selected data.

This has caused some difficulty with these solutions because the application doesn’t spit out a neat HTML table but instead sends a javascript page section. Also if I use the clause commented out below, it blows up even though i handle the single quote issue in my CFC. Hi Ben, This is good stuff.

Export Only Current Page of CFGRID to Excel

Anyone who needs to use the cvgrid html grid should be aware of this bug which Ray Camden kindly helped me find a fix for: Anyway hope this helps. I’m storing it in a mapped folder because I want to be able to call this CFC from several different applications.

This example works great when everything is in the same folder, but if I move the artists. I update the grid via a cfinput that is bound to the selectedIndex of the grid and then have a button with onclick to: If you are wanting to do this as you type and only look for the characters you type in a specific point in the string, you merely need to modify the substring section where I have all caps, you would use 0 to start at the beginning or the number for your start point and then how many characters to look at.


Your site is one of my favorite coldfusion eport, right after the livedocs themselves.

C Ernesto López: CFGRID: Export to CSV button using only Javascript

cfgriv This is important because the data needs to have a ‘snapshot’ at certain times of year saved. Background color of the control. I haven’t been able to get cfgridupdate to work with anything. Has anyone been able to get this to work: Each group is collapsible and has a header with the column name, group field value, and number of entries in the group.

ColdFusion Tips: Export cfgrid Data or Table Data in Excel, Pdf and CSV Format(ColdFusion – 9)

The page loads and the headers are displayed for the CFGRID, but I receive an error that indicates an exception was thrown and not caught. You have control over look and feel including size, columns, colors, and fonts. Email Required, but never shown. Wernsey 4, 16 Steve Ross – I am trying to filter on a number column.

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