Learn CF in a Week is a OpenSource ColdFusion training course that teaches people everything they need to know to be a ColdFusion developer. In this tutorial we will be aiming to accomplish the following: We’re going to download and install Adobe ColdFusion 8, and create a. Using ColdFusion Variables. ColdFusion variable is created by assigning a value to it.

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This tutorial series was originally written inand may be out of date. Here are some newer tutorials you might like to check out: The time will eventually come when you need to work with a database for a website.

Using a database greatly enhances your ability to add and remove content, and all in all it requires less work to set up.

Take this website for example. With its many articles without the use of a database a separate web page would have to be made for each and every article. Sure you could automate things with SSI but you would still have to make a separate page for each article.

With a database this is different, you can simply make a single page to view all of your articles. How to do this tutoorial be explained in this article. There are 3 main programming languages used tjtorial access databases.

This article will show you how to use ColdFusion cml access a database from a website and use it to display information. ColdFusion was created as a commercial product by the Allaire Corporation. As a commercial product it has some features different from other Server Side Scripting Languages.

The first major difference is that ColdFusion scripts do not have to display their source code like every other scripting language, it is possible to run encrypted versions of the scripts. This allows for individuals to sell their own scripts without fear of piracy, however it tutoial the side effect of stemming the flow of free open source CF scripts for use by the learning webmaster.

The second major difference is that ColdFusion costs money. A server side scripting language works with an interpreter. Depending on the extension of the filename to be served. So to use these languages you need to install them on your server.


However most NT hosting packages do already include ColdFusion so for the person who does not own their own server this pricing difference will not have much affect. The database is the backend of any CF website. For the purposes of this tutorial we will be using Microsoft Access. Microsoft Access is a relational database which means you can relate the tables to one another. Now this article assumes you know how to work a database and are familiar with basic terms such as Field, Row, and Table.

SQL is the bridge between the frontend of your website and the backend. In this article you will be shown how to construct and use basic SQL statements which can be applied to any server side scripting language, not only CF.

To do this first upload the database file and then tell your server administrator you need a DSN set up with XXXX name using Microsoft Access Drivers, and tell them the location of the database file.

For starters name all of your CF files with a. ColdFusion is a lot like HTML in that it uses tags to define many functions, this may make it easier to learn. Look at the following Example:. Now lets examine it. This tag can be put anywhere in a webpage, it can be put in the middle of an HTML tag it does not matter, what this does if tell the CF interpreter that you are going to display a variable.

Or you can simply put a double when you need to use a pound sign for another purpose. SQL is a very straightforward language. Look at the following statement:. Suppose you had a database of all your friends, you would name the table Friends and name the form fields Name, Height, Weight, and Sex. Now look at the next statement:.

ColdFusion Tutorial: Part I Article — SitePoint

What this statement would do is return all your male friends. The word LIKE is a search clause. See Table 1 for other search clauses. In addition you can include a wildcard for these criteria expressions.

When creating your Database there are some things you should know. First of all never include a space in your field names. This will cause problems later. Finally you must correctly specify the field datatype.


Cold Fusion Tutorials

What follows is a list of datatypes and what is commonly used to input into them. There are some notes on the above table. First of all The autonumber datatype is perfect for numbering articles. Everytime a new article is added it will simply generate an ID for it which can be used cdml a variety of purposes since each article will have a unique ID.

Learn CF in a Week

The second note is that the memo datatype does have a limit, however it is so large you will likely never reach it. Now that you know the basics of what you need to create a database integrated website it is time to put everything together. Create a Database named Friends, and a table within cfmp named Friends. Create the following Fields and Datatypes:. Then fill in the appropriate values for a number of people. Now we have the database, lets make a website for it. First lets make a page that lets people search the database.

Now lets examine the above. Any part of the SQL statement can be substituted with a variable passed from a previous page as I did with the sex variable. Then notice the CFOUTPUT tags have a query argument, this tells it that xfml is drawing info from a query and also sometimes you will use multiple queries on one page, this tells it which query to use. Finally notice what is in the More Info column.

This is a link to another tutoriao that also passes the Tutorkal as an argument. Lets take a look at that page now. This time for the output I do not put it in a table since each ID is unique and I know only one row will be returned.

Then I list the variables as before with one exception. For the comment variable I include the ParagraphFormat function. You should now be tutprial to create a fully database integrated ColdFusion website. Stay tuned for my next article which will cover advanced intermediate coding techniques and more advanced SQL.

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