Feuchtgebiete [Charlotte Roche] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Feuchtgebiete (Wetlands in German) [Charlotte Roche] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Hard to Find book. View credits, reviews, tracks and shop for the Audiobook CD release of Feuchtgebiete on Discogs.

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I ended up checking the book out and staying up late to finish it.

Charlotte Roche – Feuchtgebiete

Helen can’t stand the obsession with hygiene – she not only doesn’t wash her hands after peeing, she doesn’t even wipe and this is by far the least extreme of her practices. In all their wondrous dexterity.

She abhors personal hygiene and enjoys many of feuchtgbeiete bodily fluids which are secreted or excreted from it, be it mucuspusearwaxsmegmablood including menstrual bloodsweator tearsbut also feuctgebiete spermall of which she ” recycles ” by putting them into her mouth and swallowing them.

Chaelotte like eating my smegma; I like when sperm is drying on my skin and when it peels off; Fucking is one of my hobbies. Thus having successfully extended her stay, she waits in vain for her miracle to happen: So far, so good. I’m not against a loathsome lead — heck, I just finished a great book about a pedophile — but I am against a loathsome lead that is this contrived. It is definitely not your average story, and it was certainly NOT what I was expecting.

Those hygiene-crazed folks out there who use toilet seat covers and who use a paper towel to turn the handle of public restroom doors had better not read this book. In a series of interviews Roche explained that cleanliness and above all pedantic care for their own bodies, including the use of artificial scents such as perfumehave been inculcated upon women for ages; that this obstructs their—not just sexual—self-realisation; and that the fear of harmful ” bacteria ” has been vastly exaggerated.


Boundary crossing and explicit content alone isn’t enough to get me excited and so I was left with two hundred pages of internal monologue by a character who acts and talks like she’s a six year old hitting puberty early. But it’s not enough to make a good novel. Overall, I found the writing refreshingly good and while this story had no plot, it really didn’t need on.

I listened to this in German as an audiobook and was thankful that it wasn’t likely anyone overhearing would understand.

Just a moment while we sign you in to your Goodreads account. You’ve ever wanted to read a classic – I am not implying by any means that Wetlands is a classic; far from it.

Generally, Wetlands touches upon a number of taboo topics not only in the sexual arena but also those that can be found in the society at large, particularly in dysfunctional families. And maybe there is bravery in screaming that out to a world that is so keen to keep a guard up.

The plot of Wetlands is quickly told: Why didn’t we ever see Laura do feucytgebiete in ‘Little House on the Prairie? Nun ja, Provokationen sind in der Literatur nicht neu, von daher hat Charlotte Roche damit keine neuen Wege charlote. Mar 29, Isa rated it really liked it. It’s about our relationship with our environment, and our relationship with our past, and leaving that past behind.


I can’t even – Ok. As to the beginning: This book isn’t terrible, this book is fantastic. Any woman can use explicit language to write a bunch of “gross” stuff about her body And I didn’t even care.

Charlotte Roche – Feuchtgebiete – Fred German Channel

A sensation it does, even perhaps a needed one, but Roche left home in and founded with three female friends the garage rock group The Dubinskis. It becomes apparent that Helen is traumatized, following a childhood experience when her mother tried to commit suicide, although her narration may be charlottd. It was crass, bizarre, filthy and amusing. I liked it very much indeed. I’ve never read anything like this and I wouldn’t like to read more, I think I only found this interesting because it’s the first of its type that I’ve read.

I say this because of how protag Helen, having described all these acts of And, mischievously, she also likes to have other people taste her “delicatessens” without knowing.

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