ILS-CON. ILS™ Control Center. USER MANUAL. Page 2. ILS-CON User Manual. 2 Legend™ R. DMX-. to create a profile for this fixture the Chauvet Legend DMR-ILS, PDF manual can be downloaded and I can create the profile for you. Chauvet | DMX Omega I | Instruction manual | Chauvet DMX Omega I Legend R Legend RX Legend 8bit Legend 16bit Legend .

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The ORB features a traditional theatrical layout, including ten playback faders capable of functioning as playbacks or submasters. It has numerous preset patterns.

Select the [Yes] button to confirm the operation. Using specially designed applications, these devices provide remote monitor and remote control functionality. This equipment generates, uses, and can radiate radio frequency energy and, if not installed and used in accordance with the instruction manual, may cause harmful interference to radio communications.

Chauvet ILS-CON User Manual: Appendix; Ca-8 Compatible Fixtures; Dmx Primer; Fixture Linking

This console is ideal for users who wish to playback in a traditional theatrical format, with a pre-built cue stack. The Update Options window will appear: The Master Fader allows you to override the programmed dimmer level.

If the fixture data in the programmer is then recorded into a cue, submaster or UDK, the desk will record the palette reference rather than the actual parameter value.

If you have more than one fixture manusl a number of 1, this patch will patch all of these fixtures together starting with the first alphabetically by manufacturer eg Dimmer 1 atthen AlphaSpot HPE 1150r atthen Mac 1 atetc. Like Fade view, the fixture wheels can be used to adjust the timing of a parameter.

When you power on the desk, the desk will run through its power up routine and after a short while you will be presented with the desk software in its default configuration. Groups The desks provide user definable groups.

The window is colour coded to make identification of programmed stacks and chases easier. Number of bids and bid amounts may be slightly out of date. Legfnd Number, content flags that indicate the attributes that are programmed in the palette and a name. After selecting the required fixtures, the parameter fade times can be adjusted using the control wheels, in the same way as the output values, or they can be edited directly in manuak Output Window.


Select the drive which corresponds to the device you have stored the fixture type legens. To record mankal data to a User Defined Key, enter the following command: However, the Patch Wizard makes the assumption that your rig has been patched sequentially and can be slower for complicated patch entry.

The UNDO key undoes the last command entered. When copying bear in mind that only the tracking changes stored within that cue will be copied.

The cues programmed in the cue stack are legdnd in numerical order. Enter the correct Day, Month and Year in the fields provided and then confirm by selecting the [OK] button. Built-in performance features like separate color and gobo wheels, ultrasmooth dimming and adjustab Press the [Save Show] button on the monitor. The second row of data manuao the output when the cue is played back. To do this, enter the syntax: Pressing the CLEAR key once clears all the commands in the command line except for the fixture selection.

Help to Create a Profile | ADJ Forums

Default Times This button determines what happens to the parameter fade and delay times after the specified data has been recorded. Most people use 2. The fixture s will change to the colour they were in when the palette was stored. Naming a Macro Each macro can have its own name associated with it. It features motorized zoom for short-throw or long-throw applications and dual rotating pris The default mode for the trackball is for On-Screen navigation and in this mode the two outer buttons above the trackball have their LEDs lit to indicate this mode.

If the fixture data in the programmer is then recorded into a cue or UDK, the desk will record the palette reference number rather than the actual parameter values. Setup a name for the wireless network which you’ll recognise we use “Zero 88” and choose a wireless channel.


If the fixture has more than three controllable parameters for the selected attribute, pressing the POS key will select the next group of parameters. To use the Patch Wizard, press the [Patch Wizard] button on the monitor.

Enter the required DMX address in the Address field provided or press the [Next Address] button to automatically pick up the next available patch address in the selected universe. Shots The Shots modifier determines how many times the chase will run after being triggered. Screens with a serial connection will not work via a USB-Serial converter. Intimidator Spot le If [Default Times] is selected the button turns green and after the data has been recorded the fade and delay times are reset to their default values as defined in Desk Setup.

Selecting a user fixture type and setting the number of that type in the fixture schedule is performed in the same way as for any of the normal fixture types already present in the fixture library on the desk.

The relevant fixtures will be determined by the [Tagged Fixtures] and [Selected Fixtures] buttons. Once the end of the cue stack is reached, the first cue will be selected as the next memory, resulting in a loop. Gaps in numbers are indicated by a vertical line between their channel numbers.

A blank cue is referred to as Cue 0 zero.

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Lock — Lock the console to prevent changes happening. Moving Head Moving Head Cursor keys and an internal trackball on the front panel allow you to move around the monitor. The system will look something like this: Submasters do not support delay times.

Delay times can be entered into the above syntaxes after the word TIME.

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