M iss T AH E R S H AB B IR H U S S AIN of class XII – B ______ in the _ CH E Chemistry Project on STUDY OF ADULTERANTS IN FOOD I. CHEMISTRY PROJECT Submitted For Exam AISSCE TOPIC OF THE PROJECT FOOD ADULTERATION Department Of Chemistry. (chemistry project- ‘to study adulterants on food’). Date of Submission: (i). NAME- AZIZUR RAHMAN. CLASS- `12th ‘B’. ROLL No- Admn. No-.

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I would also like to express my gratit ude to t he lab assistant M rs. Turmeric is used in mustard and some cereal preparations.

Chemistry Project For class 12 cbse on Food Adulteration

Safron is another commodity that attracts fraudsters like the honey beckoning the bees! Add 5ml of water and a few drops of dil.

Here adulterant is starch used to give it thick, rich texture. Chemistry Project Food Adulteration Documents. Ice cream is manufactured in extremely cold chamber where fat is hardened adulteratioh several harmful substances are added.

InConAgra Foods pled guilty to federal criminal charges that one of its units illegally sprayed water on stored grain to increase its weight andvalue. It gives positive test, hence is adulterated.

Chemistry Project For class 12 cbse on Food Adulteration

Indian Public School Year: Therefore, one should be advised to addulteration wet cans or bottles before they are opened and to wipe clean surfaces with which the mouth will have direct contact. H2SO4acet ic acid, conc. Consumers are invariably advised by well meaning pundits that they should go for branded foods marketed by established food manufacturers but it is like asking people to eat cake if bread is not afordable!


Green chillies, green peas and other vegetables: Incbbse portions of China’s milk supply were found to have been contaminated with melamine.

Many of these appear to be innocuous, but there is danger that the continued use of food preserved by these agents may be injurious. Shirley Zachariahfor her vital support, guidance and encouragement – without w hich t his project would not have come forth.

Appearance of red colour in t he acid cbsr indicates presence of argemone oil. Any jellies, which are coloured so as to simulate fner ones.

Salt is the classic preservative, but is seldom classifed as an adulterant. Red chilli powder is mixed wit h brick pow der and pepper is mixed w it h dried papaya seeds.

The safety of canned or bottled carbonated beverages, including carbonated bottled water and soft drinks is questionable nowadays. The Chemistry Investigatory Project Adulteration in food stuff class 12 cbse Then we had reports of fruits, particularly mangoes, being ripened with calcium carbide and now, there are reports of fsh being made to cclass fresh with formalin.

Starch greatly reduces the nutritional value of the ingredient. Here adulterant is Metanil Yellow and Kesari Dal Added to enhance the yellow colour of a food substance. However, water on the outside of beverage cans or bottles might also be contaminated. In confectionery, dangerous colours, such as chrome yellow, prussian blue, copper and arsenic compounds are employed.

Shook it well and observed the result. In t he past few decades, adulterat ion of food has foof one of adulgeration he serious problems.

for my dear juniors. enjoy.: c.b.s.e class 12th project work on chemistry free download

Water that has been adequately chlorinated, by using the minimum recommended water treatment standard provide protection against viral and bacterial waterborne diseases. Consumption of adulterated food causes serious diseases like cancer, diarrhoea, ast hma, ulcers, etc.


Published on Apr View 35 Download HCl and observed the result. Adult erat ion of brick Add small am ount of given Brick pow der set t les pow der in chilli red chilli pow der in a beaker at t he bot t om w hile pow der cont aining w at er. It is not possible to ensure w holesome food only on visual examination w hen the toxic contaminants are present in ppm level. Adulteration should be checked properly in common food items so as to save people from its bad effects.

Adult erat ion of To small amount of oil in a No red colour argemone oil in edible t est t ube, add few drops of observed oils conc.

In areas where chlorinated tap water is not available or where hygiene and sanitation are poor, one is advised that only the following might be safe to drink: Adult erat ion of dyes Heat 1mL of fat w it h a Appearance of pink in fat mixt ure of 1mL of conc. Droplets of oil floating on the surface of unused acetic anhydride indicates t he presence of wax or hydrocarbons. An easy example of food adulteration is vanaspati ghee in desi ghee. Pure sugar dissolves in water but insoluble impurit ies do not dissolve.

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