If it has defective drywall, then I am out the money for the inspection. But our Realtor tells me we would be able to renig on the contract. Right?. DEFECTIVE DRYWALL DISCLOSURE AND INSPECTION CONTINGENCY. This Addendum is to the Sales Contract (“Contract”) entered into between. Many firms are requiring the Chinese/Defective Drywall Addendum to Contract be used in all transactions regardless of the age of the house.

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Not all wallboard from China has this problem, so the xenophobia and union-ophilia above are at best unhelpful. You are correct that not all Chinese wallboard has problems, and there have been a number of other defective products from other countries including the U.

In addition, strontium was found at levels of 2, to 2, ppm in the imported drywall and to 1, ppm in the U. Material Data sheets are mandatory on the jobsites, these tell the workers what they are installing and the contents of the material and come directly from the manufacturer. A settlement has been announced with Knauf Plasterboard Tianjin Co. Uncle Sam knows about this problem in many states but must be hard of hearing because no action has been taken.

Most of the defective Chinese drywall was bought in bulk by contractors and was not sold at major national home improvement chains.

It also includes components such as electrical and plumbing that may not be functioning or need repair. This statement basically covers every feature and important element of the home. Our article on Toxic Chinese Drywall has been updated to include the recently announced EPA test results that found eleveated levels of sulphur and strontium in samples of imported drywall.


When in doubt, try contacting the drywall manufacturer directly. If a home was built between and when Florida was experiencing building material shortages, some homes were built or renovated using defective drywall imported from or manufactured in China.


Tips for Today’s Homeowner Sign up for our Tips for Today’s Homeowner newsletter and stay updated on how to improve your home! Is the georgia pacific tuffrock drywall made in Canada toxic? He said it smelled like paint to him?????

Tainted Chinese Drywall in Florida is a problem for homeowners, builders, and Realtors®

It also allows the buyer to set a limit he may want to spend to make the needed correction. I have lost all faith in the morals of China. But, it is expected that new studies will be chiense by November that could lead to a product recall. This form was never provided or included on our contract.

Other elements iron, aluminum, magnesium, phosphorus, strontium and gases carbon disulfide, carbonyl sulfide associated with the problem material are better indicators. These disclosures should begin at the time a listing agreement is executed between the seller and the real estate brokerage firm. Cape Coral and Fort Myers were among the hottest places in America, receiving national attention!

  IEC 61800-1 PDF

Two organic compounds usually associated with acrylic paint were detected in the imported drywall but not found in U.

Toxic Chinese Drywall: Is It in Your Home?

A bit of caution should be taken chunese any age home than may have had some renovation done that required the use of drywall between through One of the first signs of Chinese drywall is a strong sulfur smell, similar to the smell of rotten eggs. During the housing boom, some States were experiencing building material shortages. Have here been any reports from Tennessee?

October 10th, at 9: Expert Advice on Improving Your Home. Its just another Love Canal story.

Chinese Drywall | Realtor Ron W

Notify me of new comments via email. With all of the legal issues facing licensees, disclosures are intended to protect the buyer, the seller, and the agent.

This policy is assignable to potential buyers and can provide the peace of mind that makes it possible to sell a home. I would start by finding out if your house has their drywall in it, and go from there. Also, check the copper in your home. These are merely estimates, and once the HUD-1 settlement statement is prepared by the closing agent and lender, both seller and buyer should review these items for accuracy.

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