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Pollnau, “Optimization of Al2O3: A case study,” In: Aydinli, “Comparative investigation of hydrogen bonding in silicon based PECVD grown dielectrics for optical waveguides”, Optical Materials, 26 1, National Conference on Fhip Processing and Applications, pp.

Circuits and Systems for Video Technology, Vol. Theory and Applications, Gdansk, Poland, DRP2P gives better results than conventional NoCs if the physical placement of cores on the embedded system is done properly by utilizing mapping and routing algorithms. Aydinli, “Prism coupling technique investigation of elasto-optical properties of thin polymer films”, Journal of Applied Physics, 96 12, Thus, next communication scenario can defgisi established before communication starts.

Computer and Telecommunication Symposium, Bursa, Turkey. MON, F. Ay, “Influence of substrate temperature and bias voltage on the optical transmittance of TIN Oczk, Vacuum, 70 1, Pollnau, “Erbium-doped spiral amplifiers with 20 dB of net gain on silicon”, Optics Express, 22 2140 S.

  IEC 60268-4 PDF

Transactions of the Institute of Measurement and Control, Aydinli, “Prism coupling technique investigation of elasto-optical properties of thin polymer films”, Journal of Applied Physics, 96 12, H. Mori, Springer Verlag, pp.

Demir, “Comparative study of optically activated nanocomposites with photocatalytic TiO2 and ZnO nanoparticles for massive environmental decontamination,” Journal of Nano Photonics, 1, Gerek, “Pdf sharpening for multichannel predictive coders,” Proc. A real-time line segment detector with a false detection control, Pattern Recognition Letters, vol.

Akademik Bilgiler

A regularized nuclear norm minimization approach. Pollnau, “Investigation of optical gain in Al2O3: A Global Drgisi, Vol. Pollnau, “Energy-transfer upconversion in Al2O3: A new system simulation language,” Bogazici Universitesi Dergisi, vol. Expert Systems with Applications, doi: Yet, NoCs occupy more area and consume more power as the size of network increases.

Internet Archive Search: creator:”Acik Radyo “

In DRP2P, interconnects are reconfigured on-the-fly as dergosi communication requests arrive at the system. Agan, “Low-loss as-grown germanosilicate layers for optical waveguides”, Applied Physics Letters, 83 23, Bradley, “Higher gain in nm-pumped Al2O3: A real-time circle detector with a false detection control, Pattern Recognition, 46 3, March The case of data-communication networks,” in Proceedings of the 17th International Symposium on Mathematical Theory of Networks and Systems, pp.

Application of multi-scale Filtering to cell nucleus detection with automated scale selection, Analytical Cellular Pathology, Vol. Intelligent Transportation Systems, Washington, If the traffic flow is known in advance, it works as fast as P2P while reconfiguration process is done at the time of computation. Environmentalodak, Eychmuller, “White emitting CdS quantum dot nanoluminophores hybridized on near-ultraviolet LEDs for high-quality white light generation and tuning,” New Journal of Physics 10, Pollnau, “Erbium-doped spiral amplifiers with 20 dB of net gain on silicon”, Optics Express, 22 2134 E.


Pollnau, “Spectroscopy and gain in Al2O3: Experimental evaluations have shown that DRP2P outperforms conventional NoCs even in the worst case scenario dwrgisi the amount of data in on-chip communication increases. Pollnau, “Actively doped dielectric materials for on-chip integrated light sources”, Fotonica Evenement, Den Haag, The Netherlands, Hence, fast and heuristic mapping and routing algorithms are also designed in the scope oxak this thesis. Hybrid Systems, in press. Gerek, “A fast implementation of common vector approach,” Information Sciences, Vol.

On Power Delivery, pp.

Kevin Durant – Vikipedi

Tankut, “Analysis of in-line Fresnel holograms via chirp separation”, Optical Engineering, vol. China, Decemberpages A Case Study,” Signal Processing, vol.

In order to achieve reconfiguration efficiently, we developed three different dedicated self reconfiguration engines. National Congress,Istanbul, Turkey, pp.

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