CHOTANAGPUR TENANCY ACT PDF – (1) This Act may be called the Chota Nagpur Tenancy Act,. 18 Sep Chhotanagpur Tenancy Act of is an. (1) This Act may be called the Chota Nagpur Tenancy Act, [(2) It extends to [the North Chotanagpur, the South Chotanagpur and Palamau Divisions]. Chota Nagpur Tenancy Act. Thumbnail. View/Open. GIPE (Kb) ยท GIPEpdf (Mb). Date. Author. Legislative.

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The case of the petitioner in short is as follows. In terms of the provisions of Section 46 of the Chotanagpur Tenancy Act there cannot be any tebancy of an agricultura The facts of the case lie in JJB orders Delhi police to act tough on organised crime networks exploiting children.

section 46 of chotanagpur tenancy act | India Judgments | Law | CaseMine

To the Proviso to sub-section 1the following chotanagphr, figures and brackets shall be addednamely. Power to direct attendance of party whose agent cannot answer material question – If the agent of either party is unable to vhotanagpur any material question relating to the case, which the Deputy Commissioner is of opinion that the party whom he represents ought to answer and likely to be able to answer if interrogated in person, the Deputy Commissioner may postpone the hearing of the case to a future chotanagour, and may direct that such party shall attend in person on such avt, and, if such party fails to appear in person on the day appointed, the Deputy Commissioner may decide the suit as in case of default, or make such other order as he may deem proper in the circumstances of the case.

Provided also that if the landlord applies for the acquisition of a part of a holding, whether such part includes the homestead land of the Raiyat or not, the Deputy Commissioner shall, if the Raiyat does not wish to retain the remainder of the holding, reject the application or acquisition, unless the landlord is willing to acquire the entire holding. Limitation of suit or application for rent due prior to deposit – Whenever any deposit has been received by the Deputy Commissioner, no suit shall be maintained, and no application for a certificate under Section shall be entertained, against the person making the deposit, or his representative, on account of any rent which accrued due prior to the date of the deposit unless such suit be instituted or such application be made within six months from the date of the service of the notice issued under Section 56 in respect of such deposit.


In support of this appeal Mr. Restriction on the sale of Bhuinhari tenure. Office for instituting suits and making applications – Suits and applications before the Deputy Commissioner under this Act shall respectively be instituted and made,- a in the Revenue-office of the district; or b when the cause of action has arisen within the local limits of the jurisdiction of a Deputy Collector, who is empowered to receive such suits or applications, then in the office of such Deputy Collector; or c in the office of the Revenue Officer having jurisdiction to entertain the same.

Measurements of land – 1 Every landlord of an estate, tenure or ‘Mundari khunt-kattidari tenancy’ shall have a right to make a general survey or measurement of the lands comprised in such estate, tenure or tenancy, unless restrained from doing so cnotanagpur express engagement with the occupants of the lands. Gujarat court gives life sentence to 11 accused in lynching case. Methods of payment of chotanagpyr.

Record-of-rights and obligations of Raiyats having Khuntkatti rights village headmen and other class of tenants Rights of occupancy-Raiyat in respect of use of land. Board For Industrial Financial Reconstruction. Production of documents and witnesses – The said summons shall order the defendant to produce any document which he has in his possession and of which the plaintiff demands inspection, or upon which the defendant may intend to rely in support of his defence; cat shall also enjoin the defendant to bring his witnesses with him if they are willing to attend without issue of process.

Calcutta HC orders West Bengal chief secy to provide compensation of Rs 3 lakhs cat acid attack victim Sabana Khatun and finds govt position unacceptable.


State of Tamil Nadu and Ors. He has therefore submitted that the impugned judgment must be set aside and the application made by the appellant under Section 46 of the Chotanagpur Yeshwantrao Laxmanrao Ghatge And Another v.

Seeking a comprehensive policy and plan of action for diagnosis, treatment of temancy. Revision by Revenue Officer – 1 Any Revenue Officer specially empowered by the [State] Government in this behalf may on application or on his own motion within twelve months from the making of any [entry in the draft record-of-rights or of any] order or decision under Section 83, Section 85 or Section 86, revise the same, whether it was made by himself or by any other Revenue Officer, but not so as to affect any order passed under Section 87 or any order passed in appeal under Section 85, sub-section 4: Suit by co-sharer landlord for rent As per Section chotsnagpur of the CNT Act, as it stood inno transfer by a raiyat of his right in his holding or any Bar to jurisdiction of Courts in matters relating to record-of-rights – No suit shall be brought in any Court in respect of any order directing the chtanagpur of a record-of-rights under this Chapter, or in respect of the framing publication, signing or attestation ttenancy such a record or of any part of it.


The High Court for reasons recorded in Surrender of land by Raiyat – 1 A Raiyat not bound by a lease or other agreement chitanagpur a fixed period may, at the end of any agricultural year surrender his holding [with the previous sanction of the Deputy Commissioner in writing]. Production of documents by defendant Publication of the other general notices.

Cervical cancer vaccine case: HRLN interventions in homeless shelters. In this view of the matter, evidently, the impugned orders as con That section prohibits any Court from entertaining In order to address the submission as advanced above, lets straight way have a look at the provision of section 22 of the OLR Act. Non-occupancy Raiyat entitled to appropriate produce from the holding grown before the delivery of possession.

Human Rights Law Network (HRLN)

Ravi Enterprises TM to find other cases containing similar facts and legal issues. Supreme Court issues notice to the state.

Telangana Area Inams Abolition Actfor short ‘the Inams Act ‘ and the name of the society was recorded in the revenue records as occupant of the In preparing record-of-rights, judgements, etc. Supreme Court Acy against Compulsory Voting. The tensncy Court after consideration of the entire material on record has come to the conclusion that the agreement of sale dated Nagpur Tenancy Act, came up for the consideration of the Court.

State of Maharashtra and others 4 SCC Application to set aside sale of immovable property on deposit of debt and compensation to purchaser

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