Gymnastic Strength Training® Online Programs. We are excited to help you create your new life of strength and excellence. Our system of training takes students. In , Christopher Sommer (the founder of Gymnastic Bodies) At any rate, Sommer’s book, Building the Gymnastic Body, was the first. An Interview with Coach Christopher Sommer T-Nation recently sat down with Christopher Sommer, a gymnastic coach who’s responsible for building many of Straight arm work basically means moving the body without the advantage of.

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Why not learn from the source? You know that spicy stuff every guy under 30 squeezes onto his food? Stu McGill would be great to have on the podcast. The stretches that are paired with each exercise as active rest are amazing. Being the proverbial fat slob on the couch and I really hate it and would like to know how that type of person can start doing gymnastic strength building the baby steps just like the coach said.

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The Secrets of Gymnastic Strength Training

Coach Sommer is the best in the field, excellent choice. Can it just be done at home? Do you have to put barbell training on hold for this program or can you incorporate it with barbell work? For 3 years I have been recovering from a shoulder, chest, abdominal and glute injury from doing a deadlifts.


Kelly Starrett and Stuart McGill worry about load tbe flexion extension and are both extremely credible sources who show you can do most movements including sports with a stiff spine so, why would we need to do Jefferson curls? Thanks to Brian Oberkirch for the inspiration.

Building The Gymnastic Body: The Science of Gymnastics Strength Training by Christopher Sommer

Once serious injuries arise and lead to permanent structural changes, the rules change as well. I appreciate the opportunity. Refresh and try again. Books by Christopher Sommer. At the beginning and intermediate levels of GST there is really no difference between in the approach between the genders.

Maybe Charles Poliquin will know him or his work. Notify me of new comments via email. When you walk into a room, do people think you’re riding a stork? So would the fundamentals be the best place to start? I absolutely love your podcast. Also amazing how much shoulder extension affects the component parts e. This effective program is for them. There are very knowledgeable, highly respected people out there who would seemingly disagree.

Kind of like learning gymnastics from John Wayne. Before few months I started implementing in my life the approach of vegan body building and the results are really interesting. Strength without balance, agility, coordination and explosiveness is strength that’s athletically unusable.

  DIN EN 12193 PDF

The ability to generate maximum contraction is another of the components which makes gymnastics bodyweight conditioning so effective. Very informative interview— already looking forward to part two!

Christooher that is tight and screams you really need the mobility work. Did I need Foundation? Where was this information 10 and 15 years ago? If you are attempting this movement I suggest you are not just searching on youtube!

But remember, for gymnasts, it’s important to build explosiveness and strength without large gains in mass, as this would have a serious impact of our relative strength-to-weight ratio.

The quality of food you eat? Like Liked by 4 people.

For the competitive athlete or the real life athlete military, police, firemen, etc. Quick example of one of my newest patients: Please let me know if it is in any of the bundles on the site. With that said, the forums do have some useful stuff for workarounds. Hi Mary, Depends upon how severe your mobility deficits are.

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