: The Complete Works of Chuang Tzu (): Chuang Tzu, Burton Watson: Books. Burton Watson, Associate Professor of Chinese at Columbia Uni- versity, is the author of look at the “imitations” of passages in the Chuang Tzu pre- pared by. Review Of: Ryūichi Abe and Peter Haskel, Translated with Essays, Great Fool: Zen Master Ryōkan, Poems, Letters, and Other Writings. [REVIEW]Watson Burton .

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What sort of man is he? There is nothing that is not so, nothing that is not acceptable. Reading In the World of a Man from this book really made me wonder on what life truly means to me. And if I do not succeed, I am fzu to suffer from the judgment of men.

It wattson me boil with rage, but I come here to the Master’s place and I feel calmed down again and go home. Tzu-yu said, “By the piping of earth, then, you mean simply [the sound of] these hollows, and by the piping of man [the sound of] flutes and whistles.

Chang Chunag said, “Even the Yellow Emperor would be confused if he heard such words, so how could you expect Confucius to understand them? Why should he consent to bother about mere things?

You regard the Master as a great man, and yet you talk like this – it’s not right, is it?


Chuang Tzu: Basic Writings

This is the danger of being usable. And as soon as you put what you know into action, you immediately limit other possibilities. Regardless, Zhuangzi doesn’t like utility. He will soon choose the day and ascend far off. If benevolence has a constant object, it cannot be universal. Tzu-ch’i said, “Blowing on the ten thousand things in a different way, so that each can be itself – all take what they want for themselves, but who does the sounding?

Where there is irresponsibility, no one will trust what is said, and when that happens, the man who is transmitting the words will be in danger. Yao brought order to the people of the world and directed the government of all within the seas.

If right were really right, it would differ so clearly from not right that there would be no need for argument. He is chilly like autumn, balmy like spring, and his joy and anger prevail through the four seasons. Therefore their rulers, Chieh and Chou, utilized their scrupulous conduct as a means to trap them, for they were too fond of good fame. Why only the state of Lu?

The Complete Works. Translated by Burton Watson

It was born before Heaven and earth, and yet you cannot say it has been there for long; it is earlier than the earliest time, and yet you cannot call it old. And now – now I go at it by spirit and don’t look with my eyes. If in your mind you harmonize to the extent of being drawn out, then you will be talked about, named, blamed, and condemned. I felt completely crushed, as though I’d suffered a loss and didn’t have anyone left to enjoy my state with.


Which, I suppose, is part of Chung-Tzu’s point–though not one he was trying to make. Find it on Scholar. Ch’ang Chi said, “If he’s lost a foot and is still superior to the Master, then how far above the common qatson of men he must be!

How much more, then, should men whose virtue is still unimpaired! Of these three creatures, then, which one knows the proper place to live? Aatson have heard of the knowledge that knows, but you have never heard of the knowledge that does not know. That’s how it got to be that old!

Chuang Tzu: Basic Writings by Zhuangzi

Sweating and laboring to the end of his days and never seeing his accomplishment, utterly exhausting himself and never knowing where to look for rest – can you help pitying him? It must be that his powers are whole, though burtton virtue takes no form. Therefore, to serve your parents and be content to follow them anywhere-this is the perfection of filial piety.

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