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Posted in IRC Logs at 7: Enter the IRC channel now. Posted in EuropeLawMicrosoftPatents at 7: Vultures of intellectual monopolies seek to turn a dying business model into one of racketeering.

Bill Gates has his own patent-trolling firm [ 12 ], but it is still a lot younger although growing. Microsoft continues to show that it is devising a new business model where software patents are near the centre. The Dublin-based new startup has assumed the responsibility for the existing customer base, acquired all rights to SLP Services and licensed related intellectual property from Microsoft.

It will cineleera to provide, expand and grow the service to independent software vendors ISVs and developers. Microsoft said on Tuesday that it is spinning out as a separate business a two-year-old icnelerra that licenses its software-protection technologies to other companies.

In the past two years, Microsoft has signed up companies to use cinnelerra software activation and licensing technologies, including its own eHome unit.


But it decided creating an independent company was the way to go. The new venture, dubbed InishTech, will be based in Ireland. Microsoft will retain a stake in the company as well as an observer seat on its board of directors. Microsoft also plans to be a customer of the company. Microsoft thinks it has a plan. The FFII has just spotted the following:. The industry-based driving force behind the EPLA comes from the pro-software patent group as a way to ensuring that their software or potential software patents are fully enforceable across Europe.

This needs to be stopped. The EPO is not doing its job [ 12 ]. The issue of bundling is one which we previously discussed with external references in [ 123456 ]. Suffice to say, there is plenty of hard evidence to back this conviction e.

None of this has changed recently. There is more pretending for sure, but then again, from planning in the Halloween Documents, Microsoft has already moved on to suing Linux directly no use or need for intermediates like SCO anymore.

This kompaakt to politics too. Linux is the most prominent free operating system and is both cost-effective and versatile. Microsoft could do well with its own version of Linux. As argued in the following videoMicrosoft is used to crushing threat, so to expect anything but bullying would be almost unthinkable. De la Cruz noted that a few projects from the Interoperability Lab have been put into commercial use and kompakkt many more could be developed out of the facility. Some people in the Philippines are already fooled by this poisonous olive branch.

Perhaps they do not pay attention to contemporary abuse like whisper kompak and they do so at their own peril. The Mono trap uses disinformation to spread itself, leading to more dissatisfied users. To quote some of the pertinent details:. There is a strong push to get Banshee in as dinelerra default media player in Ubuntu. As near as I can tell, the whole cinelerrq really got going from an apebox. Let me be clear on my position: Mindshare is very important; it is why all that shovelware pays to have their crappy applications on the WinXP OEM desktop.


Yesterday we found an example of a person who may have to leave Ubuntu because of Mono. GNOME is negatively affected too. I know that Microsoft is opposed to the existence of Linux. That have said so, often and stridently. They have since apologized, sort of, but the damage is done. Other companies did not follow suit, including Red Hat and Canonical. I respect them for this as much as I detest Novell for selling us down the drain. Mono is not only a reminder of cineleerra sellout, but its legal status is far from settled.

Microsoft takes the position that their agreement only covers Novell and not other distributions. I do not care. Nothing that comes from Microsoft can be for our good and benefit. They are dedicated to our destruction and downfall. Mono has infected Gnome. I switched to Kubuntu and am happy with it. Now Moonlight is infecting Linux. Canonical is compromising its principles in the use of them and in my using their products I am forced to compromise my own values. Will Ubuntu or Canonical listen to its users?

Will it also listen to the warning signs from Microsoft?

Net to market, known as Mono and being driven by Novell, and one of the attributes of the agreement we made with Novell is that the intellectual property associated with that is available to Novell customers.

Posted in MicrosoftSecurityVista 7Windows at 5: Microsoft unable to handle security; excludes third-party security vendors rather than assist them.

I T IS well understood that Microsoft keeps a lot of the flaws in its software secret and it patches them secretly too [ 123 ]. On paper at least, this number is said to be the worst ever. Vista 7 will not be secure either. Microsoft Corp is getting ready to unveil a long-anticipated free anti-virus service for PCs that will compete with products sold by Symantec Corp and McAfee Inc. This is likely only to reduce security.

Meaning of “cutten” in the German dictionary

It harms independent companies and thus slows down development. Internet Explorer 6 monoculture, for example, had a chilling effect on the Web. Only competition drives progress. Posted in News Roundup at 4: Highlights include conversation about cloud computing, Linux on the desktop, ODF, and the growth of the Linux community.

Libguestfs is a library for accessing and modifying guest vms and can be used for making batch configuration changes to guests, viewing and editing files inside guests, getting disk statistics, migrating between virtualization systems, performing partial guest backups and clones, cloning guests and changing system information of Linux and Windows guests among other things. Do you know someone who hates every commercial operating system with a passion that borders on the manic?

Do they own a fleet of laptops, netbooks, and desktop PCs all loaded up with different Linux distros? If so, your holiday shopping just got a heck of a lot easier. Active Media Products just released the perfect gift for Linux nerds young and old. A real Linux computer offers up endless options. No problem, ordinary wifi is fine, though a bit more trouble, and I can set up VoIP for free.


Using any standard Linux distribution is the way to go; then you have access to the distro repositories and thousands of applications, and all of the flexibility and power of a real Linux, instead of a kompaot, non-functional excuse of a Linux. And more choice in the marketplace. In times cinelerrs economic turmoil, when companies large lompakt small are looking for ways to cut costs, open source solutions like Ubuntu which is free can be the answer to many computing needs across an increasingly broad spectrum.


Well, the laptop has been running Ubuntu Studio 9. It is also interesting looking because it makes use of Conky, which is a free software system monitor for the X Window System. Trusted Computer Solutions, Inc.

Security Blanket is a system lock-down and security management tool that enables systems administrators to automatically configure and enhance the security level for Operating Systems OS including Red Hat Enterprise Linux versions 4 and 5, Solaris version 10, CentOS versions 4 and 5, Fedora version 10 and Oracle Enterprise Linux versions 4 and 5.

This conforms to the Xinerama manual page and fixes cineelrra interaction problem with Compiz when there is more than one X screen. After eight release candidates and a rather short development cycle, Linus Torvalds has released Linux version 2.

As with its predecessors on the main development line of Linux, it introduces a host of innovations.

There are, however, also plenty of changes elsewhere, for example faster booting, more efficient compression algorithms and hundreds of new and improved drivers. There are a couple of ways to get Audacity 1. I could grab the source tarball and build from sources. I could look for a backport. I could install a different Linux version that has it. I opted for installing a new Linux because it also gives me the opportunity ccinelerra check out a different distro.

I have two hard drives with something like a gazillionbytes of storage, so I used GParted to create a gigabyte partition for the new installation. Microcore is a version of Tinycore that has no graphical environment. It looks like a reasonably useful text based minimal operating system that you could use to build your own version on. You could add in utilities like antivirus, etc… to suit your needs. Fedora 11 includes updated graphical user interfaces, with Gnome 2.

When I first loaded it up, I was worried that they had reached their pinnacle and Mint 7 would be their first step down as kompqkt distro does after a while.

Some just sooner than others. Klmpakt I am one of those who went to Debian after using Ubuntu, Kubuntu to be exact. In my case I did a complete reinstall from scratch.

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