Documents Similar To CINI Manual. Industrial Insulation Manual. Uploaded by. Haris Prawoto. Standard Specification for Hot Insulation (Piping & Equipment). This SPECIFICATION is based on the CINI Handbook “Insulation for Industries”, English. Version, dated 1st October (also known as the ” edition”). This section is based on the Committee Insulation Netherlands. Industry (CINI) Manual “Insulation for Industries”. DACE fol- lows the CINI standard as much as.

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The Principal may also include an agent or consultant, authorised to act for the Principal. Depending upon the service application the design, construction, inspection, More information. What is Static Electricity? Alternatives shall be submitted to the Principal for approval and shall be supported by references e. Start display at page:.

Atmospheric site conditions e. The requirements for pipe material and installation in sewer and drainage collection systems. The information set forth in these publications is provided ihsulation users for their consideration and decision to implement.

Table of Contents Page: In hot insulation applications blankets shall only be used for shapes for which pre-formed pipe sections are not available. As an alternative the following solution may be applied: Tentative sizes must be allocated to each structural More information. The mechanical vertical and horizontal loads should be obtained from the pipe support drawings e.

Flanges, gaskets, bolting Valves Associations involved in generating Codes for piping Design Engineering: This is of particular importance where DEPs may not cover every requirement or diversity of condition at each locality.

For flammable products, insulation collars of Cellular Glass shall be applied near flanges in order to prevent product from entering the insulation system.

Basic premixed chemicals for in-situ moulded foam shall be produced freshly and used within the Manufacturer’s advised shelf life of the product, taking into account all transportation and storage time spans. Waterproofing Showers and Bathrooms Guide August 1 Waterproofing Showers and Bathrooms Guide The purpose of this guide is to provide guidance on how a shower area or wet room can be successfully waterproofed and tiled with the products available More information.


The layer thickness shall be identical to the line insulation and shall be staggered see Appendix A minimum of two layers of cellular glass shall be applied.

CINI – International Standard for Industrial Insulation

The top metal sheet shall overlap the bottom metal sheet and the top part of the EPDM foil shall overlap the bottom part and shall be bonded together. If insulation is necessary, e. The responsibility of the engineer is. Method b shall only be used for items that need to be removed for shutdowns e.

Where multi-layering is necessary, longitudinal and circumferential joints shall all be staggered. The phenomenon of CUI is often underestimated, as it will occur years after completion of a project. Insulation adjacent to flanges in piping and equipment shall be terminated to allow removal of bolts without damage to that insulation.

To use this website, you must agree to our Privacy Policyincluding cookie policy. The CINI Manual deals with hot, cold and cryogenic insulation systems on pipelines and fittings, equipment and storage tanks. Tests shall be carried out in accordance with the applicable test methods.

The manual is used as a basis for compiling a qualitative reliable insulation specification. Typical drawings of non-contact insulation manuxl been added. Otherwise the Main Contractor shall design an industies which shall take into account mxnual avoidance of condensation and heat losses.

Alternatively, mattresses may fit in complicated configurations, but water ingress shall be avoided. A typical removable insulation cover for pumps is shown in Appendix Insulation with e.

Before the insulation is applied, the surface to be insulated shall be clean and dry. All metal surfaces under insulation shall be suitably protected with a complete paint system in accordance with DEP Gen.


For multi-layer systems, the half-pipe sections shall be factory-bonded into one integral unit. The information in the CINI Manual is updated on an annual basis and adapted to the new developments in the market. The CINI Manual is a standard for insulation companies, industrial companies, their staff and consultants to inxulation optimal quality of insulation systems.

Dip tank operations involving flammable More information. The adhesives shall withstand dor stresses and strains, accommodate contraction within the foam and remain effective within the required temperature range. Part V lists the publications referenced in this DEP.

Fixed costs, such as scaffolding and metal surface preparation cost, shall not be included. The work covered under this section consists of the furnishing of all necessary labor, supervision, materials, equipment, and services to completely execute the.

These specifications may be used in whole or in part by any party without. Stilling Well Recommendations White Paper June 24, Stilling Well Recommendations This document describes general requirements for stilling wells used for radar tank gauging applications.

Cini :: CINI manual “Insulation in Industry”

The shade structure contractor shall be responsible for the design, engineering, fabrication, and supply of the work specified herein. The metal jacket mould shall be installed with overlaps of at least 50 mm over the preformed spacers with temporary bands; vapour barrier jacketing shall be installed with bands and with all joints and overlaps sealed.

For temperatures lower than the maximum ambient temperature a primary vapour barrier shall be applied. Over the last years of model boiler making the only real change in construction methods has been the change over from rivets and caulking.

In many More information. The word should indicates a recommendation.

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