Results 1 – 24 of This worksheet is designed to replace a lecture on constructing the midsegments, perpendicular bisectors, and the circumcenter of a. Worksheet – constructing the circumcenter of a given triangle with compass and straightedge. Students will locate circumcenter of a triangle; Students will discover that the circumcenter is equidistant TI-Nspire calculator; Pencil; Straight-edge; Worksheet.

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That’s what we proved in this first little proof over here.

So what we have right over here, we have two right angles. So we can just use SAS, side-angle-side congruency. So this distance is going to be equal to this distance, and it’s going to be perpendicular.

This is going to be B. Now, let me take this point right over here, which is the midpoint of A and B and draw the perpendicular bisector. But if you rotated this around so that the triangle looked like this, so this was B, this is A, and that C was up here, you would really be dropping this altitude.

We have one corresponding leg that’s congruent to the other corresponding leg on the other triangle. So to prove that C lies on the perpendicular bisector, we really have to show that CM is a segment on the perpendicular bisector, and the way we’ve constructed it, it is already perpendicular. Let me take its midpoint, which if I just roughly draw it, it looks like it’s right over there. circumcwnter


Circumcenter of a triangle

And so we have two right triangles. That’s that second proof that we did right over here. And so you can imagine we like to draw a triangle, so let’s draw a triangle where we draw a line from C to A and then another one from C to B. And the whole reason why we’re doing this is now we can do some interesting things with perpendicular bisectors and points that are equidistant from points and do them with triangles.

So let me just write it. So it will be both perpendicular and it will split the segment in two. Now, this is interesting.

Circumcenter of a triangle (video) | Khan Academy

So let’s call that arbitrary point C. We’re kind of lifting an altitude in this case. So this really is bisecting AB. And let’s set up a perpendicular bisector of this segment. We can always drop an altitude from this side of the triangle right over here.

Worksheet – Construct the circumcenter of a triangle –

That’s going to be a perpendicular bisector, so it’s going to intersect at a degree angle, and it bisects it. That’s circumcfnter A, point B, and point C. OC must be equal to OB. And this unique point on a triangle has a special name.

So this length right over here is equal to that length, and we see that they intersect at some point. And so you can construct this line so it is at a right angle with AB, and let me call this the point at which it intersects M.

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Circumcenter, circumradius, and circumcircle for a triangle. But this is going to be a degree angle, and this length is equal to that length. So this means that AC is equal to BC. So this side right over here is going to be congruent to that side.

We have a leg, and we have a hypotenuse. Let me draw it like this. We know that since O sits on AB’s perpendicular bisector, we know that the distance from O to B is going to be the same as the distance from O to A.

But we also know that because of the intersection of this green perpendicular bisector and this yellow perpendicular bisector, we also know because it sits on the perpendicular bisector of AC that it’s equidistant from A as it is to C.

Worksheet – Construct the circumcenter of a triangle

If you’re seeing this message, it means we’re having trouble loading external resources on our website. Workshewt once again, we know we can construct it because there’s a point here, and it is centered at O. So that’s fair enough.

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