Editorial Reviews. From Publishers Weekly. Maggie, Roxanne and Candice, the heroines of Wickham’s latest Brit romp, are three successful women in their. All Books / Madeleine Wickham. share: Cocktails for Three. sophie’s introduction. “Three girls meet every month for cocktails, and this book follows their stories. Three women, smart and successful, working in the fast and furious world of magazines, A chance encounter in the cocktail bar sets in train an extraordinary set of She has also written seven bestselling novels as Madeleine Wickham and.

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First you have Candice. I don’t know if it was because she was so obviously a wambly tambly sham bucket or because I just wanted to scream “seriously?!? This book was just okay. I always enjoy reading your reviews, Anne, and I think you are a very sharp observer of the strong, weak and just banal points in a book.

Now that cocotails have been nice …. She is always my least favorite except if you are the heroine in “Something Cocktzils As a corollary, i assumed that i would like Madeleine Wickham’s writing as well.

Sophie Kinsella is a master at “intelligent” chick lit. If it weren’t such a quick read, once I convinced myself to go on reading it, it would have been truly miserable.

Mar 12, Ciara rated it did not like it Shelves: The book chronicles the lives of three women in their early 30s they are all the same age right? Lists with This Book. The book was cute except I can’t stand when pregnant ladies drink cocktails.

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A friend of mine gave me this book for xmas, and I finally got around to reading it a couple weeks ago.

I must also say my reading experience was severely dented in the middle of this novel by the practical matter of pages to being entirely cocktalis from the binding, sigh.

Well, Cocktails for Three is certainly a quick read, but it is also one that has left me conflicted. I didn’t like Candice from the start.

Cocktails for Three by Madeleine Wickham

Three successful young women in the magazine business meet on the first wickgam of every month for cocktails in a London bar and reveal secrets that could undermine their lives and relationships. I am a fan of the Shopaholic books so I thought I would give this book a shot and as I am traveling I needed an easy plane read. Plus the romance with Ed was so predictable but at the same time so unromantic that I just could not get into it.

The Shopaholic novels series focuses on the misadventures of Becky Bloomwood, a financial journalist who cannot manage her own thref.

You are commenting using your WordPress. I like the idea of taking poetry into everyday places with a personal touch. Not heeding her friends’ advice to leave well enough alone, Candice continues to extend herself beyond normal bounds of generosity and is surprised to discover in the end she’s been duped and betrayed by Heather.

The characters are all very dichotomous, which is nice this word is going to be used a lot sickham describe this book None are as happy inwardly as they portray to others. I was a little dissapointed with the typecasting related to names.


That is where i realized that the Kinsella name hung about this novel’s neck like a dead albatross.

And yikes though, I have Sleeping Arrangements on my pile to be read — I will live in fear now!! An arrival, a departure and a deception crashed down on the secrets of the three friends before they could reach out for the next olive or the bowl of complimentary almonds on the bar table. Jan 01, Melissa rated it it was ok. Search Vulpes Libris Search for: Als dan nog blijkt dat hij zijn jadeleine ziekte voor haar verborgen heeft valt zij in een zwart gat.

Gemma Townley is her sister. Meanwhile, Maggie’s stuck at home in the country on pregnancy leave from her position as editor. I highly recommend this book cocktauls any age.


It’s a great form of escapism. Perhaps it was her reaction to having children, which I think would be similar to my own. After several girlfriends let me in on the fact that one of my favorite authors Sophie Kinsella was madeleinf a pen name for Madeleine Wickham and that Madeleine had various novels published, I was eager to read them! Candace, Maggie and Roxanne.

It gives wuckham a certain Sex and the City flare, with stand-ins for Miranda, Samantha and Charlotte, but minus the terror that is Carrie Bradshaw.

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