From the author of the bestselling The Dangerous Book for Boys The Great Khan is dead—and his vast empire, forged through raw courage, tactical. The 4th novel in the bestselling Conqueror series, continuing the life and adventures of the mighty Khan dynasty. Genghis Khan is dead, but his legend and his. Empire of Silver (Conqueror) [Conn Iggulden] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. From the author of the bestselling The Dangerous Book for.

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I have written for as long as I can remember: What I iggullden like about these books is that, whilst Genghis and his cut-throat crew go about the business of hacking to pieces all who stand in their way, there is at least a grim sense of honour about them.

This attempt fails and once Ogedai is confirmed, he sends his brother to conquer the south. Though it seems a dated idea now, I began teaching when boys were told only girls were good at English, despite the great names that must spring to mind after that statement. Succession Now that Genghis is dead who will rule and what are the rights of passage to become the Great Khan of the Mongol nation? Want to Read saving…. Iggulden makes good use of everyday details from food, drink, clothes, ailver and shamanism to build a world and give us access to it.

Genghis’s tough and canny heir, Ogedai, is on the verge of being proclaimed the new Khan. It takes precious time, that we really don’t have these days.

Ogedai is the new Khan, but only If I had read this book as a standalone, without its three predecessors, I think that I may have awarded it five stars. This was also my first foray into Audible, so I had to adjust to be voice, pace, etc. In a spectacular twist ending, as Chagatai is rallying his armies to finally take his fathers throne, he feels a brief sharp sting in his neck. While Ogedai builds a Mongol capital from the ground up, establishing a centre for Empir Genghis Khan is dead.

I struggled in each part to grasp where exactly we were starting from. The Field of Swords, Emperor: The Blood of Gods. So we enter this book with no expectations really and for this book doesn’t really have a central character in order to show so many important perspectives such as Ogedei the new KhanHasar and Hachiun and Temuge the 3 surviving brothers of GenghisSubodai legendary general and Genghis’s 2 other surviving sons, Tolui and Chagatai.


However, this was still enjoyable. His vast empire hangs in the balance, an empire he forged with raw courage, guile, tactical brilliance, unswerving dedication to his people, and the force of his own indomitable will. Write a customer review. He also majorly expanded the mongol empire in china, Iran, central Asia and even Europe.

It is still a superb read, and I commend it to you. His story is quite interesting.

I love just about anything by David Gemmell, or Peter F. So once you find an author who can so creatively rouse your interest and get you invested into researching it’s a brilliant thing.

Empire of Silver (novel) – Wikipedia

Ended too soon empirf a little unresolved. It would have been interesting to know how everybody had reached their current state and the price paid for success or failure but while I will go back and read those other novels at som Would I have bothered to start reading this book if I had realised it was book 4 of a series? There are events that took place during his reign that truly did shape the world, such as, the invasion of Russia.

Just as his army sees destined to conquer most of Europe they turn around and go home. The story concentrates on that transitional period between Genghis and Kublai as the remaining brothers, sons and grandsons fight and connive for the succession.

This book was A LOT of fun! Share your thoughts with other customers.

Alexa Actionable Analytics for the Web. Of course i would. The radical solution is beyond anything that you can imagine, but Iggulden makes it totally believable. Also the book had us further into Chin territory and coming across the Sung Dynasty, yet the majority of the book was then conquering Europe. Only the death of the Khan and the fact that his heir was in the front lines and needed to return to claim his birthright prevented the likelihood of most of Europe becoming part of the Mongol empire.


Amazon Second Chance Pass it on, trade it in, give it a second life. Would i recommend this series? He was latter rebuked by the Pope. By my hand striking far, you will not be Khan” This is the fourth book in the Conqueror series by Conn Iggulden. Often times when I read long novels I tend to skim over some sections, but Iggulden’s writing has me hanging on every word This series did that and MORE!

Anticlimactic ending but the bulk of the book is excellent, and I should really check if the book I pick up at random is the fourth book in a series before I get pages in.

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Family squabbles over who inherits what are about vast lands and wealth but all the same are still family squabbles. The pace of this story is fast but not to the point where events become confusing. This does an excellent job of evoking a world where our own history was made.

Surely there is another book coming about Kublai Khan, the grandson of Ghengis. This is the fourth book that I have read in his Conquerer series which revolves around the formation of the Mongol nation and its subsequent conquering of most of the known world. Jul 12, Terri rated it liked it Shelves: Normally, I am opposed to learning anything from the books that I read as I highly prize my state of ignorance about most things, especially history.

I didn’t think I would be in it for the long haul, but this was the fourth book in the series and I have bought the fifth and last installment. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read.

Conn Iggulden is a master of using nuggets of history to weave a dramatic story. The opinions are my own. With the main character changing from Genghis to his sons, then his grandsons reinvigorates the series with the fresh personalities.

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