Rear Window has ratings and 38 reviews. Kelly (and the Book Boar) said: Find all of my reviews at: did I not. Rear Window has ratings and 61 reviews. Bev said: This Rear Window collection of stories () by Cornell Woolrich contains stories from and. Cornell Woolrich’s “Rear Window” First-person narrator. Hal Jefferies tells the story of his discovering and solving a murder by watching out his rear window.

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First posted on my blog My Reader’s Block. If you’ve seen the movie, then you’ve got the basic plot.

rear window: Woolrich story

But why should they worry? A quick Internet search informs me that the first self-sustaining nuclear reaction was achieved in December ofby Enrico Fermi, at the University of Chicago.

The characters are fleshed out and it’s more interesting seeing everything from Jeffries’s point of view out the window. The edition I have was published in and includes four other “short novels. Many are simply not available anymore, maybe will be, but any collection you can find at present will be absorbing. My first through and through read of the year, a A detective novella which I thoroughly enjoyed. However, new collections of his short stories were issued in the early s.

Was most definitely missing. Jul 11, Vivian rated it really liked it. Somebody erar the Phone. It’s all about your good reads tally and it’s not about how many books you can SAY you’ve read!

Why don’t people narrate fiction like this, now? Wooldich good a detective as his friend Boyne. Drei davon erleben wir aus der Perspektive des Kriminellen und zwei aus der Sicht des Beobachters.


The Story Of Who Owns ‘Rear Window’ Mirrors A Cornell Woolrich Tale

These books are of a wide variety, not all are crime: Although Woolrich had published six ‘jazz-age’ novels, concerned with the party-antics and romances of the beautiful young things on the fringes of American society, between andhe was unable to establish himself as a serious writer. But what’re ya gonna do. Some peeping Tom sees something and jumps to all sorts of conclusions.

Kudos to Cornell Woolrich for being able to pack such a wallop into such a little package and kudos to the Master of Suspense for giving it life on the big screen. Woolrich’s novels written between and are considered his principal legacy. Only read this if you don’t have neighbors who seem to know too much about you. His attention is drawn to the house of a couple, an out-of-job husband and a sick wife, after he first witnesses a change in their daily routine. For me, it was impossible to separate the movie from the story, a Rear Window is my all-time favorite Hitchcock movie, so when I discovered it had been based on a short story, I knew I had to read it.

I’m not sure how I’d feel if these blurbs hadn’t spoiled things for me, but I wi The edition I have was published in and includes four other “short novels.

I picked this up because the story that one of my favorite movies is based on, Rear Window, is included.

An usually active person, he has no interest in reading and so alleviates the boredom by, in effect, spying on his neighbours, few of whom seem to believe in drawing the curtains or pulling down their blinds.

Still, Coornell felt she was a roundly-developed character within that context. I recommend reading this fine short story by noir master Woolrich in conjunction with seeing the film by the master of suspense Hitchcock, No. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up.


I think this book was spoiled for me because the blurbs on the back that described each story gave me enough information to figure out the ending long before I actually got to it. Four Novellas of Fear.

This short story is not even close to the awesomeness of the movie. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. Apparently this is one cornelp Woolrich’s more frequently printed stories because I have read it in a few collections.

It’s easy to see why Hitchcock was so enamoured of his work, as somebody not enamoured of Hitchcock there wasn’t much chance that I’d be overly thrilled with these stories either.

Rear Window

Of course, a certain couple was very much still a part of the story. It’s a quick read and pretty suspenseful, if a little dated. It was a very visual story, but the description fell short.

I’ve given you all I have to give. I’m equally impressed with John Michael Hayes’s screenplay adaptation that creates a love interest and a spunky nurse that have more personality than the valet portrayed here. What do you mean, what happened?! Cornell Woolrich is probably best known as the guy who wrote the story that became Rear Window and possibly, to a lesser extent, the guy who wrote The Phantom Lady.

But he turns to see you, his only witness, calling him. rea

I just re-read “Rear Window,” the first story in this collection.

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