Costus afer is an evergreen Perennial growing to 4 m (13ft) by 4 m (13ft) at a fast rate. It is hardy to zone (UK) The flowers are pollinated by Insects. Suitable. The stem, seeds and rhizome contain several steroidal sapogenins, of which diosgenin is the most important one. The rhizome yields % diosgenin. Costus afer is commonly used as a medicinal plant throughout tropical Africa. An infusion of the inflorescence is taken to treat tachycardia. The same infusion or.

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Citation in scholarly articles. View at Google Scholar J. Inhibitory effect of methanol extracts from different parts of C.

However, ethyl acetate and methanol leaf extracts, with mixed inhibitory activities on these enzymes, may be more suitable for the management of diabetes. Handbook of African medicinal plants. Distribution of bioactive components in the different parts of Costus afer. The kidney of the control group was normal showing numerous renal tubules and interstitial tissues [ Figure 3a ]. The liver holds a unique position in the human body due to its gastrointestinal connections and varied functions.

In Ethiopia Costus afer is harvested on a large scale from the wild for medicinal purposes, resulting in diminishing numbers. Samples of leaf, stem, and afre of Costus afer A.

Costus – Wikipedia

The decoction of the stem or powdered fruits is used as cough medicine. Phytochemical studies of C. The shaded floor of the rainforest or lowland secondary forest[ ]. Considering the complexity of herbal medicines, it is now necessary to evaluate their safety before the clinical use. The same extract showed moderate local anaesthetic activity in guinea pig skin test, and contracted the guinea pig ileum in a concentration-dependent manner.


Though aqueous leaf extract of C. Its IC 50 values, 5.

The TPC of each extract was determined using Folin-Ciocalteu reagent aefr catechin used as the standard [ 11 ]. The present study tested the hypothesis that Costus aferan antihyperglycemic medicinal plant, possesses inhibitory activity against carbohydrate hydrolyzing enzymes. You can unsubscribe at anytime. A yellow solution indicated the presence of flavonoids.

Appearance of orange colour indicates the presence of alkaloids. Different plant parts are used in the treatment of a wide range of illnesses or conditions such as cough, nausea, arthritis, sore throat, epileptic attacks, worms and haemorrhoids, jaundice, urethral discharges, venereal diseases, colic, tachycardia, stomach discomforts, malaria, eye conditions, diarrhoea, and leprosy.

Volume 5, Families S—Z, Addenda. The rhizome is occasionally used as a spice or flavouring. Aefr should be noted that the aqueous extract of rhizomes was more effective than the aqueous extracts of the two other parts of the plant indicating that inhibitors of this enzyme may be more concentrated in this plant part. The saponin fraction from the rhizomes and the methanolic leaf extract showed significant abortifacient activity in rats. Extracts with suitable IC 50 values were selected for the inhibition kinetics study.

Evaluation of the nephrotoxicity of complex mixtures containing organics and metals: Costus afer occurs in moist localities in forest and forest edges, up to m altitude. In spite of various studies conducted on multiple species of C.

Controlled kinetics of carbohydrate digestion and monosaccharide absorption could be of great value in the management of conditions such as diabetes. Inflorescence a very compact, terminal, conical spike 2. Williams – Costa Rica Costus subbiflorus K. Rhizome pulp is applied to abscesses, ulcers and Guinea worm to mature them. The best therapeutic approach for diabetic complications will be targeting both glucose metabolism and the mechanisms of diabetes-induced oxidative stress.


Costus afer Aluka – Costus afer Ker Gawl. The leaf essential oil of Costus afer Ker-Gawl from Nigeria. The toxic effect of aqueous extract of C. Spiral ginger or Ginger Lily Costus afer is a tropical perennial herb known as a ckstus plant in tropical Africa.

The methanol extract of the cosyus showed significant topical anti-inflammatory activity in croton aldehyde-induced mouse ear oedema. Body weight, signs of toxicity and mortality were observed for 24 h and daily for 14 consecutive days. Costus afer Costus pictus x – 57k – jpg f9.

Costus afer

Rhizome pulp is applied to abscesses and ulcers to heal them, applied to teeth to cure toothache and mixed with water to treat diarrhea and amoebic dysentery. On the 28 th night, the costu were fasted and on the 29 th day they were sacrificed under ether anesthesia and their livers and kidneys were harvested. You will receive a range of benefits including: They were housed in standard cages at room temperature and average humidity. The last compound showed an ability to potentiate in vitro cisplatin cytotoxicity in a human colon cancer cell line[ ].

Evidence-Based Complementary and Alternative Medicine

Scientia Horticulturae 47 1—2: The present study revealed another possible mechanism of Costus afer on diabetes, based on glycolytic enzyme inhibition and antioxidant properties. Flowers are bisexual and zygomorphic [ 7 ]. Frothing which afeer on warming was taken as preliminary evidence for the presence of saponins. Ethyl acetate rhizome and methanol leaf extracts exhibited the best inhibitory activity against -amylase and -glucosidase IC Citation in news articles.

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