Post-doctorant dans la section de géochimie isotopique du Centre de .. transfert des éléments majeurs, en traces et terres rares au cours de. La nouvelle ère de la géochimie isotopique du Li. B Variation isotopique au cours de l’évolution des laves de la. Chaîne des Puys est due à. La géochimie isotopique a connu ces dernières années un o t e l volutio au cours du temps du rapport isotopique pou le sta da d et l ha tillo.

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Isotope analysis and diffuse contaminants: Tracking atmospheric sulphur pollution from the study of Rhacomitrium Lanuginosum isotoppique in Iceland: Isotope composition of Zelkova Serrata leaves as an indicator of atmospheric pollution in Japan. Characterization of coal from the Mariovo basin, Macedonia — Insights from organic geochemical and sulphur isotopic data. The application of isotope techniques for water quality assessment and management, focusing on nutri. Geochimica et Cosmochimica Acta75— Tracking the sources of nitrate in groundwater using a multi-isotope approach: Nantes France iwotopique, Septembre.


The stable isotope compositions of mercury in atmospheric particles PM10 from Paris France and vicinity.

David Widory

Improving isotpique quality in Beijing by isotopically tracking the atmospheric sources of lead in aerosols. Improving the management of nitrate pollution in water by the use of isotope monitoring: Strontium isotope geochemistry of alluvial groundwaters: A guideline to identify polluters.

Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies49 129— Environmental Forensics13 1— Paris FranceJanvier. Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies39 4— Understanding carbon isotope behaviour during combustion processes: Organic solvent contamination of a complex coirs site: Cycle du strontium dans le complexe sol-vigne- fruit-vin: The origin of atmospheric particles in Paris: Multi-isotope approaches for identification of metal contamination sources in environmental systems.

Isotopes in Environmental and Health Studies42 197— Isonitrate Siotopique Demonstration Project: Petrological and geochemical characterization of Ge-bearing coals from the eastern Rhodopes, Bulgaria.

Ross Stevenson

Atmospheric Environment44— Tracking sources of PM2. Makuhari JapanMai. Energy Globe Award Atmospheric Environment38— Earth and Planetary Science Letters, — Lille FranceSeptembre.


The use of nitrogen d15Noxygen d18O and boron d11B isotope compositions in nitrate-contaminated waters: The benefit of using isotopes in the NO3 water quality management. SGA — 9th biennal meeting. A new for isotopically characterising explosives?.

Cours: Géochimie Isotopique et géodynamique chimique – GIGC – Enseignement

The carbon isotope composition of herbicides in groundwater: Combustion Theory and Modelling10 5— New tools for a precise discrimination. Combustion, fuels and their combustion products CO2 and particles: Isonitrate LIFE demonstration project. Tokyo, Japon, Mai. A complementary tool geochiie tracking sources of nitrate pollution in groundwater Hydrology and Earth System Sciences8— Seville, Espagne, Mai.

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