Beginners guide to mikroC programming for PIC microcontrollers. Students are advised to follow this course step by step so that they understand it very well. We’ll cover this in First section; Download and Install MikroC Pro! This course is designed to introduce the PIC Microcontroller hardware and programming. At one moment I decided to move to Mikro C pro compiler. Of course, how to convince clients for MikroC Pro is very challenging job, which I am facing even now.

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How To Use MikroC Pro For PIC16FA Microcontroller? | EngineersGarage

I would like to share my experiences with readers. As our natural habits, we do not want to purchase license due to small project size. This worked well for 4 months. When after the break I wanted to use MPLAB again on my same machine, it was giving lot of errors and not operating for ciurs projects.

One reason, I thought could be that my trial period was over. I removed completely and re-installed fresh installation. At one moment I decided to move to Coours C pro compiler. Of course, how to convince clients for MikroC Pro is very challenging job, which I am facing even now. It is demo 6. You create your own working directory to save your work. For example I created c: I hope, you understand why I am saying it is a cross compiler. This wizard is going to help for adding project files.


Fig 2 shows mikdoc screen. It is not a good idea to save your own project in the examples folder of compiler. It is easy to learn and easily available in the market. Names of ports are different. Datasheet of P16FA shows that it is working on 20 Mhz frequency.

Fig 6 shows selection of microcontroller P16FA. Fig 6 selection of microcontroller P16FA. C and some header file if required or any library file. Cross complier will use all these files to create HEX file.

How To Use MikroC Pro For PIC16F877A Microcontroller?

Compiler is asking name of source code file, and here. C extension is required.

Now my led,c will become part of LED project. Click on the Next button. Due to libraries, you will get a lot corus inbuilt functions from MikroC compiler.

Click to Next button. This shows you are free to type your code here.

compiler-mikroc-pro-for-pic – MikroElektronika

As LED is output device we are displaying means giving voltage courd it. Fig 12 shows code for LED displaying. This build option is compiling code and shows error also.


If you have done some syntax based error, compiler shows in different window. You can take help of Google uncle. This high-density System-in-Package SiP integrates controller, power switches, and support components. Skip to main content. Our student or novice projects can be executed by 2k HEX file size. Project settings for Project Name and target selection 5 Fig 4 shows how to browse for saving your project. Include libraries options in the project creation.

Whole code is like this: Log in or register to post comments reads. Log in or register to post comments. Interface GPS with Arduino.

Interface SD Card with Arduino. SPI Module of Arduino. Virgin Galactic — Commercial Space Flight. What is Web Browser. Choosing Motor For Robots. Choosing Battery for Robots. Mikgoc based GPS receiver.

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