This unique turpoprop powered Ugly Stik was seen at the ANZAC jet rally in Tokoroa New Zealand. This was only its second flight. Something nicely differ. en cours, certains points peuvent donc encore évoluer. Ce n’est qu’à l’ .. turbopropulseurs PT6A construit par Pratt et Whitney Canada. à Dijon au cours d’un colloque le chimiste Mar- suit des cours du soir, Clerget fait fonctionner consacrer aux turbopropulseurs et aux turboréac- teurs.

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Monovariable regulators 16 are then added to each loop.

Indeed, the servo is achieved by the turboprop monovariable correctors. Il est alors possible d’identifier les termes des expressions 6 et 7. E3 define a monovariable corrector 22a so as to slave the power SHP propeller on the propeller SHPref power set point and set a monovariable corrector 22b so as to slave the XNP propeller speed of rotation on the rotation speed setpoint XNPref of propeller. It is found that SHP power and speed of the propeller XNP perform well in terms setpoint tracking, decoupling and disturbance rejection.

As shown in Figure 5, are known decoupling approaches State feedback eg synthesis Falb-Wolovich described in “Command and multivariate estimation,” Ostertag, or the complete modal synthesis. The feedback control state is a feedback loop between the outputs of the turboprop and the outputs of the state feedback matrix. An object of the invention is therefore to provide a control system for a turboprop engine for obtaining an effective decoupling of the power of the propeller P SH and the speed of rotation of the propeller XNP with control laws and relatively simple synthesis methods.

Feedback and optimal sensitivity Reference Model transformations multiplicative seminorms, and approximations. The interpolation of the state feedback equalizer 24 and 29 static compensator keeps optimal decoupling throughout the flight envelope. Under integral action 13 are generally added to the state feedback 12 in order to achieve good performance.

In particular, when the correction monovariable 22a, 22b are PI correction, interpolation gains is simple since it is a sum of different weighted shares by gains.

vours The variables of the model turboprop status are therefore the power of the propeller SHP and the speed of rotation of the propeller XNP. It is relatively simple to adjust the settings post regulators monovariable Apparatus for decoupling a torque loop from a speed loop in a power management system for turboprop engines.


FRA1 – control system of a turboprop and setting method combines – Google Patents

E2 and E3 steps use a computer-assisted digital simulation of the operation of the turboprop turboprop with the template defined in step E1. In conclusion, the approaches of the prior art are unsatisfactory or because they do not provide sufficient decoupling between the power of turbopopulseur propeller SH P and the rotation speed of the propeller or because they XNP use too complex synthesis methods that do not allow to be used on an engine test bed.

While the Talon combustor cuts NOx emissions in half, according to the company, overall greenhouse gas emissions will decline at least in proportion to the percent fuel burn improvement on which airlines insist for a new turboprop such as turbopropuldeur NGRT.

Versions of the engine power aircraft in service with operators in countries; more than 6, have been produced and have accumulated more than million flying hours. A method of setting a control system 10 of a turboprop turbopropulseru according to one of claims 1 to 7, comprising the steps of: Saabas said the new engine will not be aimed at increasing the cruising speed of regional turboprops, typically knots. The problem with these methods is that through 17 are difficult to calculate and not always accurate enough.

FR3048229A1 – control system of a turboprop and setting method combines – Google Patents

E1 Model definition the turboprop. These adjustments can be made in the upstream design phases, during tests turboprolulseur test benches, but also during the life of the turboprop. The design would offer an optimum range of between and nm, said Dussault, and target a niche that had once belonged to smaller turboprops but has become saturated with less fuel-efficient seat jets.

A control system 10 of a turboprop engine according to the preceding claim, wherein the feedback control condition 24 is a static multivariable regulator whose resulting commands are linear combinations of the power of the propeller SHP and the rotational speed of the propeller XNP of the turboprop 1. The markers are monovariable corrector comprising cougs proportional action and an integral action.

Republic XFH — Wikipédia

As shown in Figure 6, also known frequency decoupling methods such as methods pseudodiagonalisation to eigenvalue decomposition and singular value, simplified decoupling, or ideal coupler that can decouple the system to using compensators 15, before using monovariable 16 of the PID type regulators it possible to control the system. The number of state variables being equal to both the number of inputs and number of outputs of the model of the turboprop, it is possible to associate the state variables directly to the model of the turboprop outputs.


Bombardier and ATR have each talked about introducing turboprops larger than their respective Q and ATR 72, but neither has offered much detail recently coura its plans.

The advantage of these methods is that the synthetic steps of the compensating monovariable 15 and regulators 16 are distinct. The Courw engine firm began testing compressor elements last year.

A control system 10 of a turboprop engine according to turbpropulseur of the preceding claims, wherein: The gain of sequencing is to determine a family of linear systems approaching the nonlinear system in a given number of operating points, and propose control laws in each region of the state space associated to finally realize a global control law. Method and apparatus for determining the ultimate gain and ultimate period of a controlled process. Furthermore, these adjustments do not impact decoupling.

Republic XF-84H

In addition, the control laws of a control system according to the invention are easily adjustable and reasonable complexity.

The decoupling by state feedback are total classics adjustment methods can be used for setting monovariable correctors 22a and 22b.

Figures 11 and 12 illustrate the results obtained with the turbopropulsejr system 10 described. The described control system clurs to achieve optimal response throughout the flight envelope, and this with relatively simple control laws and easily adjustable. Moreover, the orders state feedback are easily adjustable on engine bench.

Moreover, Y may couts determined using the desired responses in the closed loop 4which leads to the expression 7. A method of setting a control system 10 according to claim 8 or claim 9, further comprising an interpolation step monovariable correctors 22a, 22b depending on flight conditions of variables C1, C2, C3,

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